The girls were separately shown images of humanoid entities corresponding to various morphologies. Both pointed out the one commonly known as Type 3: tall, slender and with long hair. After the interview was over, we asked them to take us to where the events occurred, heading there for a brief analysis of the location and to take a few photographs, some of which are shown here.

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While the facts reported herein have not occurred simultaneously with the UFO phenomenon in this small section of the Province of Corrientes, both the manifestations of lights and high-strangeness incidents such as entity sightings appear to take place with a certain parallelism or temporality.

Provincial Route No. 5, links the city of Corrientes with San Luis del Palmar and other towns of the interior. During this first phase of the journey, we collected reports from people who have seen everything from incandescent spheres (1 and 2) ) hanging on the side of the road and “flying fluorescent tubes” (3) to helmeted figures (4) and very tall figures leaping through the undergrowth, as was told to us during this same visit, where “field laborers of that property” had seen very tall figures moving “in leaps and bounds” several nights earlier.

The details gleaned from a survey of this case at the time, shortly after it occurred, do not allow us reach a thorough conclusion as to the type of phenomenon faced by these young women, and whether it is indirectly related to the presence of lights in the area. Furthermore, alternative analyses have been put forward, such as the one proposed by Scott Corrales and the holographic theory (5), which could explain the sudden apparition in part, but the fact is that this incident has added new veins that create even further questions on the true nature of the manifestations, which occur in this location recurrently at given periods of time.


(1) On the evening of August 21, 1997, a group of journalists traveling along Route 5 to the locality of San Luis del Palmar before the town’s religious festivities saw an “antenna light” in the distance before reaching the police check point (some 6-7 kilometers distant from the city). A little bit further along, they could see the light was beyond the police checkpoint by 100 meters and at a height of 20 meters, over what must have been a lagoon in the area. The light did not blink and remained static. However, upon returning in the early morning hours, the light was no longer there – Federación Correntina de Ovnilogía (1997): Case: Red Sphere. Corrientes, 21 August (unpublished).

(2) Eyewitness G. Acevedo, 35, a policeman, was in the back yard of his home in the Parque Cadenas neighborhood outside Corrientes , 500 meters from Route No. 5. At 21:35 hours he saw three luminous spheres forming a static triangle in the sky, which later took off at speed toward the NE and turned off – in his own words – like a TV set. López, Eduardo (2001) Case: Acevedo. Own research., Red Mensajero, Corrientes, 06 January (unpublished).

(3) At 06:30 a.m., witness J.C.R., a policeman, was in the back of a pickup truck with a colleague, driving along Route 5 toward Corrientes, when in the vicinity of Sapucay, his colleague was startled by an antenna light some 200 meters distant from the road. It suddenly turned into something resembling a fluorescent tube that accompanied them for the following 2 km before vanishing. López, Eduardo (2001) Case: Flying fluorescent tube. Own research., Red Mensajero, Corrientes, 29 May (unpublished).

(4) A renowned doctor at the San Juan Clinic of the city of Corrientes, who requested anonymity, told researcher Francisco Villagrán that toward 1982 or 1983 she was returning home at sunset, driving her car from San Luis del Plamar along Route 5, when she was able to see – at an unspecified point on the road, along the side of the road and in the wilderness – a towering, 2 meter tall figure that appeared to be dressed in an astronaut’s helmet and suit. This captured her attention, but what surprised her more so was that the being moved quickly some meters sideways, but not walking, but rather in a way suggestive of sliding in the air. Frightened by the unusual sighting, she sped away from the site. Villagrán, Francisco (1983) Case: Dra. G. I. Own research. Corrientes (unpublished).

(5) Analyzing the Paso Lovera case within the context of the numerous animals found in 2002 in Argentina with strange mutilation marks, Scott Corrales proposes in his article Holograms and High Strangeness, published in the U.S.A.’s Fate Magazine that the events surrounding the mutilations and sightings could have been related to the use of sophisticated holographic projectors.

[Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology with thanks to Pablo Omastott, Guillermo Gimenez and Investigadores de Campo Unidos]

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