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Returning to my argument, you can see how most people associated facts without even planning to do so in most cases, which to my understanding could be more or less explained as follows:

Cases defined as Lobizón or Lobisomem – 90%

(discarding 10% of false accounts)

Cases defined as Chupacabras – 70%

(other predatory species, natural deaths, etc., 30%)

Cases defined as cattle mutilations (worldwide) – 60%

(other predatory species, carrion animals, natural death, etc. 40%)

Cases involving mutilations/strange lights – 80%

(Luminous phenomena, ET stories, etc. – 20%)

All of these cases are produced by herds of Megatherium and/or adult specimens, which could even be estimated by the varying amount of prey in disparate areas and conditions. In one place we find 2 chickens and 150 in another; 1 cow in a given situation and 30 in another. The explanation is still pending until the species is known and identified, and let us say that for the moment, they are forced or wandering in their own “modus operandi”. This species, which has managed to adapt and display extreme survival skills, is confirmed by the paleontological background information on territorial expansion, to which we would have to add an evident evolution of evasive and predatory intelligence beyond what we know of omnivorous mammals that exist in our classifications, as well as the explanation of the astonishing attack method directly related to the fluid they release – a highly toxic one that stuns/immobilizes their prey, with an odor often described as a mixture of ammonia and sulfur, leaving phosphate traces that endure for many days over the mutilated carcasses, hindering the action of other carrion animals. It is also possible that another member [of the same species] may return to feed from it.

With a height of 2.30 meters (7.5 feet) in an upright position and an estimated weight of 500 kilograms in an adult specimen, accompanied by a deafening howl, it is understandable – when faced with such intimidation – to think in wolfmen, lobizones, or similar things, unsuitable for the faint of heart. Moreover, if the sighting involves juveniles in a quadrupedal position, they may be associated with ape-dogs, pig-dogs or other legends, as I have described in my 2009 book, available for download on PDF from my website (www.luisjorgesalinas.blogspot.com).

The wrongheaded search for a carnivorous predator to blame, the lack of scientific knowledge due to a policy against “open-mindedness”, lack of interpretation of the various eyewitness ccounts, the various journalistic headlines and names that seemingly describe different species, myths, mythmakers, skeptics on the subject and a host of other reasons have caused most people to disbelieve everything and everyone. I will hold true to my word to my dying day, and I believe in the hundreds of eyewitness reports, and will endeavor to obtain evidence that defies the “extinction theory of American Megafauna.”

Luis Jorge Salinas – Independent Researcher, Explorer, Author

Consultant for the Gran Simio Project, Spain

Mar del Plata – Argentina

Article continues:  http://inexplicata.blogspot.ca/


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