My abduction experience, Red Rock, Wigan, UK October 1991.

Details were condensed for the newspaper, a lot more occurred.

As I drove slowly along the road, I suddenly saw a wall of fog in front of me and was surprised that it started so suddenly. I drove into the fog and immediately heard a very high pitched whining sound. The sound was gaining in intensity, to the extent that it was hurting my ears. I was unable to see anything. By this time, the sound was overpowering and I reached for the car radio to see if it was turned on, but it was not. My ears were hurting by this time and I was fast becoming disorientated.

In desperation I pulled the wires out of the car radio just in case it was coming from there and I thought I had turned off the walkie-talkie, but the sound continued. “At this stage, everything got confused and the next thing I remember was driving out of the fog to a totally clear road and the sound had stopped. Another strange thing was that this road is usually quite busy with other cars, but I never saw one. I drove home feeling sick, with my left ear and left side of my face burning.

On my arrival home, my wife noticed that the left side of my face appeared to have been sunburned. I don’t know what caused this but I felt ill.” Even now, Bill remembers with clarity the events that followed this encounter. “My wife was in the kitchen waiting for me (when I got home) and when she looked at me her eyes opened wide. She could see I was in a bad way. She said, “What the hell’s happened to you? Where did you go for those thirty minutes?” I did not know what she was talking about, as far as I knew Id been talking to her none-stop, on the walkie-talkies. “I went into the bathroom and saw the sun tan down one side of my face. At the same time I started vomiting, bad, it was clear liquid. As if something had been pumped inside me.

It was very unpleasant. I then realized that my left ear was bleeding, something damaged my ear, and now I cannot hear very well in that ear. “I had to go to bed. I fell asleep for hours. When I finally woke up, I felt like I was dying. I had panic attacks for no reasons. If I went in a confined space, I started panicking – it was horrible. Even today, my fear of being trapped is indescribable

“I went to see a trained medical hypnotist and was regressed. It came out that I had been abducted. What happened was that as I had been driving along the whole lock, stock and barrel went up in the air. The car, everything went up into a ship, a spaceship! And after the “greys” did certain various “checks” on my person, they put me down in exactly the same position. There were none- human looking creatures, a lot of them. What I remember most about it was that there was a human looking being with them who was very tall, about forty-five/fifty is, with grey hair, powerful, very well built, a very healthy looking person, he had total control over the “greys”

He was the boss. He came to me after the creatures had examined me and spoke to me in perfect English. Clear, concise, inflection-free English. I saw that there was a lot more human beings as well. There was a girl next to me, a young girl, she said she came from Parbold/Dalton, or somewhere near there. She was terrified and in a very fearful state.” This was the only regression session Bill underwent, but it helped him come to terms with what happened to him that night. Now there is no doubt in his mind that he was abducted by aliens and taken aboard, to use his own words, “A spaceship”. Nor does he now believe it was an isolated incident. Like many abductees he now believes he has had experiences ranging from his childhood right up to the present day.


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