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March 27,
2012ACE – Ascension Center Enlightenment Spiritual Tourism


Topic: Alien ET/UFO Spiritual Places
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Alien ET/UFO Spiritual Places
are many ET UFO spiritual places and clues of ancient astronauts.

Two important people who have written about these places and clues are Erich Von Daniken, the “father of the ancient astronaut theory”, author of Chariots of the Gods and over two dozen books on this theme and Zechariah Sitchin (born 1922) author of books promoting an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts.

There are others as well. Some are now being seen on the Documentary Channel and on Public Broadcasting Systems documentaries. The History Channel has been excellent about covering our Alien UFO Files and various television shows dealing with the super natural and mysteries of our humanoid species on earth. There are now those who are dealing with the spiritual aspects of these immortals who come from space. We shall see more on the 2012 spiritual awakening us in the spiritual community regard as Ascension.

The United States Tourism has increased by sharing their state spiritual and mystical sites that include Stone Monuments that were left by ancient cultures. We as the ET UFO Community are supporting these places as travelers and truth seekers. We are natural explorers and are interested in sharing information via the Internet online of what we know about. Those of us who are joining forced in the spiritual journey of life regard ourselves as Lightworkers.

We also expand the spiritual awakening called the Ascension Center Enlightenment. The ACE is now catching on with the younger generations born to the Baby Boomers of 1946-1966 and their children the X Generation 1967-1987. We then have the latest Y Generation who is asking why we are here. Inquiring minds want to know the true origin of our humanoid species. We shall have to rewrite the history books.

Ascension Center Enlightenment also known in the spiritual world as ACE is the awakening process to our own eternal soul’s progression.

ACE also stands for my mission on earth with others to establish again the truth of the prior Ancient Astronauts that we regard as Extraterrestrials and some call Aliens.

The Ace is an acronym for the Ascension Center Enlightenment to spread the advancement of the spiritual awakening that “Alien Civilizations Exist!”

We have been a part of the prophetic spiritual uplifting and enlightening healing energy of the mind and body using the nervous system and spiritual involvement of the mind.

We assist others to accept that alien civilizations exist. This calling was talked about during the 20th century of the Star People and the Star Babies to come in the 21st century. Some are now being embraced as the Indigo Children. Many are the children of those who are the Baby Boomer Generation who will soon be reaching retirement age. This is another reason the year 2012 is so special. It marks the time when the Baby Boomers officially reach their leisure twilight years. The Baby Boomers are to become the teachers for the seekers. The Baby Boomer Generation years are those who were born 1946 through 1966.

The X Generation of those who would be the inquisitors of the Xenoverse is 1967-1987. Then we have the Y generation are born 1988 through 2008 who asks the question why we are here. We are now here to assists as teachers of this world to welcome in the generation born 2009 through 2029. These children will accept that alien civilization exists and will seek out the proof of all that has been left by all of us who came before. They will travel in space in their lifetimes. They will be those who will understand about rewriting history books for their children. We are here now to set the building blocks in stone for future generations to come 2030-2050 as the Z generation on earth-Gaia.


Vortexes called UPFLOW electric masculine sites have energy flows that may assist humanoids in higher spiritual perspectives. Enhanced prayers or meditations for blending with the Universe, feeling one with the divine, or facing a problem from a Soul level.

Vortexes called inflow magnetic feminine sites have energy flows that help you go inward. The practitioners report meditations that are more successful and prayers of life purposes and how to heal emotional injuries of the past and past lives.

There are Combination Vortexes, which combine aspects of both energies. The truth seeker will experience advanced and in depth spiritual skills and meditations.

Lectures, Texts, Books and Guides are available through Sedona’s bookstores.

Sedona Spiritual Centers assist truth seekers to experience the guided tourist or the experienced practitioner with the pleasures and interests in the power of Sedona’s Vortex sites. Sedona’s potential for lessons in the spiritual renewal and advancement of a body-mind-spirit wholeness and alignment is one of many stone monument sites and vortex portals around the world waiting to be shared by humanoids…

“I am hesitant to talk about my own experiences at Markawasi, but I will say that I was not unmoved personally. I never observed any definitive UFOs, and I did not have an out-of-body experience, but I did feel strange tinges at times. Maybe it was simple vertigo from the high altitude, but one night while part of a group meditation I did observe a strange flash of light and two phantasms (dark, apparently shrouded, short figures standing a few yards behind another member of our group as we sat in a circle focusing our energies)”. Dr. Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.

Markawasi is a landscape of pictographs carved into large stones left by those who from the heavens came. Some call these the aliens, extraterrestrials, ancient astronauts, and Ovni.

The Peruvians have shared that there are many mysterious

Some investigators and researchers have announced that these sights are anomalous phenomena. There are several intellectual researchers discussing theories of these peoples historical folklore.

There is some deciding to investigate the Masma people who lived before the flood spoken of in the Bible.

There is talk about these beings that came, as they are encounters with extraterrestrials and UFOs. The Peruvians refer to these UFO sightings as ovni/ovnis. Many UFO/Ovnis have been sighted from the plateau Markawasi Plateau in Peru. There are stories on the one time ancient inhabitants of the tunnels that lie beneath the Andes Mountains.

The tourism business has picked up in the recent years where visitors come to the Markawasi plateau to visit, take photos and movies, and to experience altered states.

The visitors claim they have out of body and inner consciousness, accompanied by telepathic and clairvoyant abilities, in dream and waking state.

We who are sharing the Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond with TJ shall welcome the ACE Metaphysical School. Stay tuned. 

ACE Metaphyics welcomes collaboration from individuals and organizations in serving the metaphysical & spiritual community. We have Ascension Center Enlightenment (ACE) Metaphysical Institute Groups and Classes around the world. Please contact the Ascension Center or Unity Spiritual Ascension Age nearest your town or city. We are practicing Global Tectonic Economics and will share webinar classes online soon with the founder TJ Thurmond Morris, ACIR .

We encourage sharing, giving and receiving as the complete cycle of universal energy. If you are interested in hosting events or would like to see a specific topic covered, please contact our Group Administrators:
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We offer valuable information and opportunities for unique experiences at reasonable fee to cover expenses of hosting. If you are interested in any event and have 2nd thoughts about attending due to financial distress, please contact the event organizer for barter arrangements. We believe energy exchange brings abundance and we encourage giving as much as receiving. Our core intention is to offer win-win opportunities for everyone in the community while we transform human consciousness.

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