Alien Abductees Fear Repeat Visits

Roger Marsh
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Alien abductees in three states say they fear future visitations. Credit: File illustration.  


Witnesses in three states reported alien abduction activity and the fear of future repeat visits, according to holiday weekend testimony from Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

An April 23, 2011, report from North Dakota describes repeated visits of “reptilian-like creatures” in MUFON Case # 28791. Two male household members have watched the creatures on weekly visits for about a year.

“The creatures are short, whiter than white, long tail, looked like it had a cat-faced mouth,” the witness stated. “The creature had real pointed legs, walking on the two back legs. When you try to hit or touch the creatures, you are stunned and cannot move, until the creature has moved past. No noise!”

Sometimes it appears that more than one creature is in the home at one time.

“They come to the house on Wednesday afternoons and stay until Thursday night. Sometimes we can hear boxes drug across the floor but when I get up and check, there is nothing. This week I found weeds and grass from the outside bushes by the back door, on the patio deck. There was NO reason for that to be there!”

An April 24, 2011, report from Iowa describes a lifetime of abduction activity in MUFON Case # 28801. The witness is not sure what all of this is leading to.

“I started to have physical evidence such as burns, needle holes, bloody noses, bruises etc.,” the witness stated. “I would become paralyzed and couldn’t scream or move or do nothing. I woke one time to them around my bed, but for some reason I laid back down and went to sleep. I finally told my wife at the time about what was going on…..and she knew. She had been having nightmares of them coming in and taking me.”

The witness has a feeling that the abduction is going to happen prior to the event.

“I can tell when this is going to happen…..almost a sixth sense to it. I don’t want to sleep, I hear a humming outside my house, etc. etc. My girlfriend now has it happen to her, but will not talk about it. she has seen them take me….and have taken her.”

A former Catholic missionary from California responded to the Iowa report on April 24, 2011, with some advice in MUFON Case # 28805.

“An elderly lady once reported her becoming involved in the church but having the same issue, and when she said the words, ‘Oh, Jesus help me,’ they left her alone. Go speak to a priest, or Christian pastor. Preferably a priest (exorcisms and all that,) but know that God is there for you if you call out his name.”

An April 23, 2011, report from Pennsylvania describes an event from April 21, 2000, when the witness was just 4 years old in MUFON Case # 28793.

“I was about 4 years old, asleep in my parent’s bed,” the witness stated. “I woke up for no reason, and time seemed to pause. There was a bright light, and a tall, brown life form came into the room. It was speaking a different language but, for some reason, I could understand it. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, since i was only a kid.”

The witness was then moved to a new location.

“The next thing i knew, I was in a bright, round room. There were other kids in the room, also. They did something with me, and I blacked out. I remember them saying something about ‘coming back in 12 Earth years, to see how ‘it’ was doing and working out.’ I still don’t know what ‘it’ is.”

The witness describes the surroundings and eventual return to home.

“I remember a long, dirty hallway, and then, I was in the room again but standing up. They used this scanner thing on me, which kind of felt like a ton of tiny little bugs were crawling on me. I blacked out once again, but this time, I woke up standing in my parent’s room. The light outside disappeared, and time started to go again. I had a bloody nose, but I was too terrified at what happened to try to even explain it to my parents.”

The above witness quotes were edited for clarity. Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If MUFON investigates and reports back on these cases, I will release an update. Please report UFO activity to

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