Alien contact UFO orientation is about proving we are advancing as a humanoid sentient intelligent being. It has taken research into life as we know it to understand why some of us have UFO sightings while others are not even aware of alien contact and UFOS. We are all unique individuals. We are also only one being in a global community which is advancing in education and technology. We all have a part in this larger play in stages we call “The Game of Life”.

Obviously life on earth is about advancing in stages. We come here as a newborn having to learn to survive. Some of us learn not only to survive but to thrive on this planet. We must teach our children that survival and thriving on this planet is the main reason for being here on this planet. The goal is to make a life plan for one’s own freewill desires, dreams, passions, and concern for self and others alike.

We who are they chosen to know more about alien contact and UFOS are a part of a global community.

We share our findings of fact and support each other in our UFO sightings that are real as our own observations and perceptions with our many senses. Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla were in contact with their imaginations and made this world a better place because of it. They knew that beings who were alien to the normal way of thinking on this planet were a part of their own minds, and work.

Alien contact UFO orientation is about being ready for anything with an open mind. To not be fast to jumping to conclusions without all the facts. To not judge others who may be having a different life experience than you. Alien contact orientation is about knowing when you are ready to receive more information than you presently have about life in the cosmos.

Find the level of life you are seeking to understand and then raise that level to include what one might think as impossible by keeping an open mind and open heart knowing that anything is possible. I have found in my life that opening up one’s own mind to voicing out loud in prayer your desires to be connected to those above helps. There is a schism of sorts between the science and spiritual community which has grown into something now called spiritual science as we accept that we may not know all there is to know about our own body-mind-spirit connection to our obvious relationship to soul which may be attached to some other part of ourselves like a doppelganger in another location in the cosmos.

Ergo quantum entanglement in physics may also be grasping for truth about us as not just one but two in the sense of consciousness as our immortal energy units.

Alien contact orientation is about a newly formed community in 2015 on planet earth to allow for networking in social media as a community online with links like and

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