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By TJ Thurmond Morris
Alien to our minds is that space that is in-between dimensions and in-between universes. There is a place that exists in the outer universes we call the xenoverse. This place in space is on the outer rims of what we now know to be real. There lies that which is disproportionate to what we call reality. 
There is poetry in all that exists in our worlds of reality, illusions, and delusions. There are parts of all of us that are as real as all that we can experience as perception with our natural given senses. We are all sentient intelligent beings of the humanoid kind here on the planet we call earth. We are all a part of that which is called the Gaia experience in the world of that which is called the “Game of Life”. 
We who come and go from this world are considered alien to this planet. The word alien in the world of the paranormal simply means foreign and not of this working world on this planet. The world of alien age is simply a period of time that someone or something exists. This is a time when one officially assumes rights and responsibilities while in a body-mind-spirit. In spite of what we may think, it is hard to be alive and whole while here in this world, which has various dimensions, which are real and unreal. We create our own illusions and delusions inside our own minds, which are housed in, side our brain and central nervous system.
The central energy that flows inward and outward is called our essence and to many this is our spirit and synergy that keeps us alive in the ebb and flow of our own realistic lives.
Now many people who are not aware of the aliens on this planet never see them or their occasional alien spacecraft not of this planet or of this world.
We shall call the planet the earth as the present home planet and for some this is all they know or remember in their inner core where their eternal essence is kept.
The future deals with our journey from one world into another as in one dimension and into another. Some call this the right of passage as in when we are born into this working world and when we leave another right of passage into the next world or level of existence. This is where we learn that there is a level of in-between that exists and we are in it.
There had to be a beginning and this is where we are all created in that which is the essence or that which science calls the “God Particle“ at least for the present time. We have the smallest minute particles inside what we call atoms. There are the neutrons, protons, and electrons and we shall soon find out in space that there is more to the atomic power and nuclear power that we are presently so in awe over in what we call science. It is a known fact that the academic world of which we call science was originated from the study of philosophy and science therefore is the creation of our human thoughts from which we obtained from our ancestors. We are all a living testimony to our past energy inside that which is created from nothing to something in ways of our own inner and outer thoughts of what we call our reality.
There is the study of metaphysics, which is also studied in universities and can be found at a well-respected Harvard University, which one can prove by simply using an Internet Browser such as Google to locate the world of higher academic studies and that of which we presently deal with exoteric and esoteric studies. We are going to learn in the future that there is more to this working world and our own selves than presently meets the eyes. In other words we are going to begin learning and accepting that of which we in the past had no working world of understanding of and that is where the creations are spinning together inside that which is called the Xenoverse.
The Xenoverse is a vast area that can be experienced but only metaphysically in between the metaverse and the omniverse.
We shall learn about this Xenoverse but only through what we presently recognize as metaphysics and the stepchild of metaphysics known as quantum physics. There was much in the beginning of creation that allowed the energy to become something of a creation of experience before there was the beginning of which we call the word. The word was in the beginning in this world and without the word, we have no formal way of communication as sentient intelligent beings. It is a part of the equation that is a rhyme of “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” We simply are sharing that which is the inner and the outer in words of this working world of which there has been no prior exaltations and exacerbations by our ancestors on this planet or in our present existing world of what we call reality. Therefore, there are people like me that learn to fit into what we call the normalcy of this working world until such time that we are needed to share our understanding of that which is inside us all as the unknown and alien xenoverse.
The best way to share that, which has not been known in the past of the Xenoverse, is to first place it in proportion inside our working world with words inside our own personal minds. This Xenoverse is a part of all that exists in the inner and outer worlds of our minds but not everyone has access to the various levels and dimensions of our working brains and existence inside the central core of who we are as individuals that are made and created as a collection of small molecules that are bunched together with a purpose for existence in this space we call ourselves as an individual unit.
Our ancestors on this planet have left us various ways to think about how to explain our unit as individual beings called people of earth who have inherited a planet from those who from the heavens came. Many now believe in those who are from heaven and we refer to these heavenly beings as Gods. We also have the Christian way to believe that is different from our Pagan ancestors beliefs as the Christian way is to believe in one God and we become monotheistic in our belief systems. This stems from one ruling ancestor who had a vision of a cross, which was the symbol of the Christians who existed thousands of years ago in what we presently call earth time. This part of the world we adapted too in order to be saved as one group of people who wanted to please those above who we in the past assumed created all of us or at least those we call our ancestors.
There are many of us on earth who have reverted to the ancestor’s way of believing as Pagans and others who simply do not know what to believe when it comes to religions or more importantly faith. Faith is one of the most important ingredients of our essence and in that regard, it is our very essence.
Faith is that which flows as the magick inside our essence and is our guiding force. To some the knowledge of our energy that can never die is called eternal. This means that those who recognize energy also recognizes that energy is inside us all and we are virtual walking batteries that can be recharged as long as we take care of our units until such time they decay due to longevity on earth and we age until such time that we are put out of existence or we simply die from old age. This is our passing into the unknown or that which we call the Xenoverse, which is the in-between into that other place; we call the outer omnipresence’s.
Some will have us believe that the omnipotent is all that exists outside of us and this is what we are all created of and shall return to which is where our souls are kept. We are said to be linked to our souls, which is the eternal creation and our own beginning in the Guf of Souls. 
One must have what we call faith in words and how the faith in energy we call, essence is attached or imprinted on our very own body-mind-spirits or units. It takes a level of understanding to claim that which is imprinted on us all as our normalcy and that which is considered paranormal. That which is paranormal is now harder to grasp inside our minds for we have nothing to compare it too as working models. Therefore, some of us find it harder to understand that which is known as the Xenoverse because all the working energy in words in alien to us and meaningless. It is as if we first learn to eat, sleep, and defecate our waste material from our own units as babies. We are simply doing what comes naturally while we allow our brains to encounter experiences while we grow here on this planet with those who shall care for us until we are old enough to take care of ourselves.
We who have come before to this planet are called Avatars who all work for those we call the Ascended Masters. In the ancient of days we had them walk on this planet we call earth, which is part of the Gaia process in the larger picture. These beings are like Gods to us because they have learned the power of the Xenoverse and have been given the power over that which stays and goes form this planet or form we call home. There is much too some beings who have come and gone before in what is nature or who some call our home planet Mother Earth. We are simply a part of a larger eco system that is housed inside the galaxy, which is only one planet in one galaxy inside one universe.
The beings that have come and went from this world over eons we learned from our ancestors are referred to as Gods. Some of those whom are their descendants are called Demi Gods in our ancestor’s way of writing on this planet. We have many stories, tales, myths and legends of these beings including some in what we regard as our most sacred text we call the Bible, Quran, Nag Hammadi Texts, Bag Avad Gita, Triptika, and so on and so forth when it comes to the written word we call sacred. Those who came before to this planet and left their impressions of how those who lived before them survived on this planet and we call this our cultural heritage now, which was written down by our ancestors, kept our sacred texts of this planet. The history of our ancestors out of respect to their way of life many of us adapted as our own way of life while we are here on this planet. This is simply how it was done in the past and this past time becomes our working model for us to mimic and to recreate in our own lives. To an extent, this is good as it has kept our species alive and well on planet earth but not so important that it allowed us thoughts of the creative process to include all that could be found in the unknown of our minds, which is alien, or Xeno to us. Therefore, those who ventured away from the ancestors thoughts as written knowledge were considered different or living outside that which we called normal.
The worlds of those who are alien are simply those who can reach a part of themselves that can become a part of their own essence and inspiration. This is the magic and the magick of which we all are blessed with as the core of our beginning that is attached to that which is the most mystical wonderful part of life. We have to reach inside and look for our deepest attachment in our inner core of where we are when we are sleeping and not aware of this world. We are in touch with our creators when we allow this essence as the original creation to flow inside us all and become that, which is inspired to seek out that which is alien to us all.
This connection to that which is alien is what is in us all and I will use an analogy for those who have never died or left this planet. Those of us who have died and came back to life are usually left with an inner knowledge and when we try to explain a new feeling of energy, it comes out as our epiphany or new beginning. Some call this an awakening to the new us or the inner alien essence inside us all. It is not new but to those who have been programmed and hypnotized to think about only that which they are taught in their culture as traditions in society are not aware of any other part of their own selves much less an inner core attachment to their outer soul.
This is a part of our lifetime profession and progression while we are here on earth. Some of us who have come before and are allowed to remember our past life or past lives on earth and in other worlds are kept esoteric and are not allowed to share what we know with others who are own their own spiritual paths to enlightenment. We use the term enlightenment because this world in the in-between is a working world which is on the road or pathway to self discovery so that we too can become those who can come and go from other planets in the futures as those who are considered alien and as Gods to walk the future planets in the space and place of that which the forever eternal expansion.
It is time for this working world to wake up all those who are not aware of all that exists outside that which has been programmed in the past and those who have studied the past esoteric work and metaphysics are some who are aware of those who are called the teachers and guides not only of this world but of other worlds and places that exist in other dimensions in time. 
Time as we know it only exists on this planet and we are about to learn of other places and spaces in what we call portals and dimensions. We are going to learn about what we call time travel. The analogy I spoke of is as we are each our own energy and we each have our own perceptions and point of views at the core of who we are which may be considered to some their conscience. Some believe due to our past training in symbols. It is easy to imagine our conscience in this dualistic world of both positive and negative energy as that which we call angels and devils. Angels are the good spirit in us all and devils are the bad spirits in us all. We all have both and we can either learn to share our spirit in an upward spiral, which we call positive and angelic or we can travel in a downward spiral we, call negative and devilish.
We are seen in other levels as energy that can resemble the DNA pattern where those who understand the meaning see our genome at certain levels. We can also see ourselves in the larger part of our world as equal to that of a force of spirit in wind we call our essence that is shaped inside of us like a funnel or tornado. We can imagine what a tornado looks like at least most of us can. This force begins in a place in space when the conditions are right. It is this essence in us that we are here to learn to control to make the conditions just right in our own central core to become that of creators of our own future, which resembles the forces of an ascension spiral of energy, that travel up through our very unit. This energy is controllable.
We learn this while we are here and is the creative process that allows our own inspiration to work towards our own passions in this life before we expire our or batteries run down in our own units we call a body-mind-spirit.
The future will be that which will explain away that which is unknown in our future in science and philosophy. Once there was only philosophy and that which was not material and we soon learned to separate that which was material from that which was not material. We have the ethereal, which is just as important to our world as that which is material. We are learning that which we cannot understand is alien to us or is called Xeno.
The Xenoverse is just as important to us as that which is called the Universe. We who are of the Mystical, Magickal Mysteries of this universe love to visit the Akashic Field which is where much of the source allows us to find that of the unknown which we regard as Metaphysics of the Xeno Kind!
Join me on my Esoteric Metaphysical Spiritual Path as we enjoy the journey we call life into the unknown of this universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. 
Life is about the Journey and not the Destination. My life will begin to share that which shall become known as the Ascension Center Path for the Awakened Souls of Eternity. Stay tuned and something wonderful will happen!

The Great Awakening and Expansion of our Omniverse expands continually and what makes us think that we are the only universe, dimension, level, or quadrant in this eternal expansion of infinity that allows other more advanced humanoid sentient intelligent species to exist? The question far outweighs all philosophical, scientific, and theosophical mind sets that can be configured. We using mathematics  as algorithms cannot even imagine what lies outside the infinite possibilities or our own minds equations. Take one mind and configure the infinite possibilities of one thought and then take the number of  close to seven billion minds on this one planet alone and share that thought with those who desire to study Quantum Physics. Below is an innocent’s study description for others who create with their young minds. This person took what I created and added their view for others on another website admitting they took what others had already created on the Internet and this is how he shares the future perceptions of what I began with my own personal knowing sharing over the last ten years since I was fifty earth years.



The Brief  Descriptions collection of our Internet as of MAY 1, 2011. From the original TJ words in this working world.
 Space and Time, Rules of Physics
 Parallel Universes, i.e. different flavors of space and time, different rules of physics,
Includes “other” dimensions, i.e. spiritual (rules of physics, space and time are irrelevant), pocket dimensions
 Includes planes of existence including but not limited to what is defined as a “dimension”, i.e. the after-life, spiritual hell
The Outside:
“The void of the voids”, “The space between spaces”, “One-way exit”, “It is what it is”, said to be the gap the sits between Universes, Multiverses, Metaverses and Xenoverses. Part of the Omniverse. 
Higher/lower super dimensions. Runs “vertically” across Universe, Multiverse, and Metaverse but excluding the Outside.
End of Infinity, Infinite dimensions, Hyper-Universes, “All that there is and there is not”, “the heaven of heavens” 
Imaginative Characters are only limited by our own imaginations. Some of our humanoids on earth take what I share as intelligence and expound on it in their own worlds. There are
Physical beings like Galactic and the Celestials can only exist at the Metaverse
Level.  Conceptual abstract beings perceived by human soul such as Death and Eternity can exist at the Xenoversal level.   
Hyper-Universes are like “levels” in the Omniverse (as a building with infinite floors) while a Xenoverse (and the lower hierarchies) is “a section” in Omniverse (again as a building with infinite number of sections). Therefore, each level of Hyper Universe has infinite number of Xenoverses while each Xenoverse has infinite levels of Hyper Universes. Beings like Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth, Fulcrum and TOAA operates are the Trans-Super Universal/Trans-Xenoversal or partial-Omniversal (there is no absolute as you will find out) level where they reside in a particular “level” of an infinite vertical hierarchy of universes and dimensions. This means they can move from one Hyper Universe and/or Xenoverse to another.
There are infinite number of beings that are more powerful (some are infinitely more powerful) than the four entities mentioned in the higher Hyper Universes. Moving on to the next higher Hyper-Universe would greatly diminish a power of a being doing so. As it moves upwards to the next level, its power diminishes further up to point where that being is simply annihilated/dissolved by the energies of that higher Hyper Universe. E.g. if TOAA is to move three levels above his current Hyper-Universe, his power level will become like that of a normal human being. If he moves up further (level 4), he will be unstable and will slowly disintegrate. At level five, he will perish instantly.  This also holds true the other way around, e.g. a low power level being such as a human being is brought downwards on the lower Hyper-Universe (granted that a human being has the technology to do this), that human being becomes powerful and can even become as powerful as the TOAA way down further…. to a point where the human being simply cannot go down further because his power level can no longer be accommodated by the next lower Hyper-Universe. Therefore, there are infinite numbers of beings in the infinite number of higher Hyper-Universes that simply cannot go down at TOAA’s Hyper-Universe due to their immense powers, which cannot be accommodated. Imagine that…
Lastly, there is no entity or being that can reside everywhere in the Omniverse. Although beings from all Hyper-Universes can “exit” to The Outside, it is a one-way trip and there is
No return. Going to “The Outside” is like seeing the destruction of the Omniverse; hence, it is like there is nothing to return to. Consequently, nothing is known about “The Outside” other than as a one-way exit… It is what it is…
And this is all we have to begin this new world as of MAY 1, 2011 with TJ and all her terrestrial and non-terrestrial friends of the humanoid sentient intelligent species.
So where will The EVENT lead us all? Ask TJ!

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