Alien Human Agenda – “TAKEN UP” by TJ

We must accentuate the positive while we go forth in peace with intelligence.

The following has been engineered for peace and tranquility in an intelligent place called the working class planet earth.

For future historical documentation we re-emphasize the following for all humanoid intelligence beings who think about role playing games while fighting online in the immortals.

All that we offer is allowed as cyberspace intelligence in games, as well as, virtual warfare games as role playing taken to the next level while on planet earth in reality. Emphasis on the Milky Way Galaxy joining the Andromeda Galaxy in the future which by earth standards is 2.5 in millions and/or billions but in virtual reality is in the present fifth dimension level as the present day to come as of 12-21-2012 on earth in past historical documentation.

Galactic Federation in Alliance with Andromeda Galaxy
Artistic Values of our Human Species.

Artistic Values are also called aesthetic Values. These express pleasure with a person or object.

Artistic Values address the importance of rich values of great importance.

There maybe beauty, good taste, symmetry, and the opposites.

We all hold civilized judgments. As civilized people, we call fall subject to the “ALL” species as the “Critical Mass Mind”.

In our infinite wisdom we all share around the world our collective involvement in the preservation of our art, literature, and music. With these4 creations we all express out own taste with or without proper training with complimentary skill concepts.

Artistic values are often brought into play in forensic events even if only indirectly.

For instance; building all cars for fossilized fuel consumption we were not anticipating the future intent of depleting our fuel resources. Therefore, we are now dealing with alternate fuel sources such as electricity for our automobiles and trains along with other transportation equipment needs.

We may experience betrayal and half truths of what we now consider covert affairs in the ET UFO Community and we desire to have full disclosure of what all our governments around the world have chosen to keep covert and not disclosed to the public.

We have decided that it is no longer in our best interest to keep the information regarding aliens and UFOS and USOS under the secret need to know only cooperation of all foreign and domestic affairs.

When the UFOs of aliens are already in the minds and efforts of the general public this will effect the critical mass mind and what we now also call the global brain of the entire global community.

If everyone is experiencing change and acceptance for the entire world as mysteries of the mystical spot we may regard the future global brain as that which we may experience as serendipity.

This means that many people begin using the same energy and getting the same ideas from that of the global brain or the critical mass mind which drives the entire force and power of the essence we call the energy grid in space and on the planet earth in the vibrations and sound waves we can all receive.

This allows people to receive unlimited thoughts for change and for the imagination to work at it’s best with the overall intent of making the world a better place to live for all.

Free will is without equal on this planet and in space among all the humanoid sentient intelligent being species. The energy of freewill is without equal and is out chosen essence for the creation and of the creation of the “ALL” in the “I AM” of each of us.
One might say that our free will of life is what is inside each of our minds and the essential driving force in all of us which is the power of our origin we call God/Goddess as the source of all creations or as that which is represented as the “ALL” and the “NATURE’S GOD”.

Nature’s God also is involved with the environmental protection which is most important for the entire planet and species to survive. This is why our ancestors all were in tune and engrained with the story of all that came from space and when we all think of the creator we always think above and vertical as up in space. Meaning just about all tribes of people on the earth will raise their finger and point to the sky when asked where we come from or where God is located. This is essential to the understanding of our fellow humankind on the planet we call earth. We are all living here and we call ourselves earthlings in space. This word separates all of us from others who are of the same humanoid species just from other planets in other galaxies in space.

Freedom of Speech is accepted and yet we are all taught to be humble and act as Goodwill Ambassadors for our own specific cultures and planets. This freedom of speech by all can be more important than the foreign national model of national security. We must all learn when to speak and when to listen and when it is time to join into a conversation about the participation in the future of humanity on all planets to be inhabited in the future.

We are now earthlings who will be invited into a planetary conversation about the Galactic Federation and what we can expect to become in the near future over the next fifty years.

We are to be personal and share our professional skills. We shall share our desires, motivations, talents and hope that our usual greed of our species does not come into play.

We are in the First Year of Contact and our own President of the United State is to be tested. This is done as is the same set of values and rules that are understood as informal. The world we know still has gun runners, terrorists cells, and other hoodlums that are to be told how to become future community citizens of space. We must teach them and instruct them in the proper way to share time on earth with other citizens of this planet earth.

We know that the past has been about policing those who did not fit into society and may have done horrible deeds such as killing and murder of another being on the planet. Those who inflict harm on themselves or other beings must be taught how the mind works and what is expected on a working class planet. This is why we always begin teaching all children from the early age of two years old by professionals who are engaged in the planetary instruction for the entire Galactic Federation.

In the past all those in power have been accustomed to secrecy of the conversations held among those who are of the celestial realm or from space.

We now assist in the investigations of all beings no matter what the demographics and logistics. We can utilize the satellites from above for policing the entire planet. Sleeper cells in the world are always suspected. We have global concerns for planetary security.

Scanning all public geographical locations in the future will be part of our casing places for anyone who may pose a threat to harm themselves or others. We are going to share in the future policing of the planet in public places as well as in our local communities at the town, city, region, and state levels. Then we shall address those in charge of each tectonic place on the plates that travel on the surface of the planet. We understand that there are already names given for the Tectonic Plates and we can abide by the use of the names already used and in place.

Value judgments are highly elevated and relevant due to our curiosity. Intelligence relationships are delicate.

We share that when one agency on earth decides to participate in value judgments in the intelligence community it has already shared in the discussion and debate in their own internal operations before their own final vote of what is to be presented as a proposal is voted on in their own tribe and community.

The final vote for the entire planet after close discussion and debate is given on each Tectonic Plate as this will be how the future of the planet will be divided up for equal votes based on supply and demand and the entire population count on the planet based on the demographics and logistics of the Tectonic Plates.

When one agency of a Tectonic Plate Origin is chosen to represent the population on that particular plate we can then share other levels of living within the global commerce that is presently called world trade and commerce one earth. This is to specify a policy change for the Tectonic Plate due to the needs of the many with a representative we shall call the Director of Chief Agent who has been voted in as the spokesperson for that particular Tectonic Plate Division on Earth.

To specify policy change in a species that deals with the past generations decisions may become enhanced in the future due to the needed upgrades for today’s modern times one earth. The new upgrades were scripted and talked about on earth in the past by who others on earth now realize were their own ancestors from space and brought here to the planet earth.

Our success in forensics of our species was enhanced by understanding the nature of our needs by well qualified decision makers who are called the Supreme Allied Council. We have the Galactic Federation of Twelve elected officials who oversee the galaxies and all the space fleets who actually secure the territories.

The Galactic Federation in turn answers to the Supreme Allied Council above for this universe and all others. The Universe has then a Higher Council that answers to the level of the Fifth Dimension and so on and so forth on up the chain of command in the Omniverse.

This is how it has always been done by our forefathers and ancestors in space who are called the humanoids as the sentient intelligent being species. We have empires in space.

When relevant values of conflict in nature occur we assess our priorities which have been determined in the past to save our lives and the role of value judgments gives rise to opulence and ultra Nuevo of those who are elevated due to their longevity in space and in time.

We have those who are of the game of life affairs in the past and some of these would give rise to romance in our cultures of proliferation. We have come to question our feelings and all want to benefit from the survival of our species without causing undue concern and stress of the emotional nature of humanoids.

We all have emotions and feelings as humanoids this is obvious. However we desire to become more diplomatic as ambassadors of goodwill among all our humanoids species and honor the cultural traditions of all planets. We shall learn what we can all benefit from sharing that we all must have both male and female interaction of our species in order to survive.

Therefore we must vouch and concur to concede to our friends and relations and use social networking and friendly interactions with all humanoid species of both male and female of the species regardless of looks and desires. We must learn to upstream our permanency in the galaxies and in the universes.
We must intercede that the procreation of all humanoids as sentient intelligent beings is a permanent arrangement in space.

From there we have decided to discuss among all planets humanoids hot to maintain the survival of all our humanoid clans as one species among all galaxies among all universes in space.

This term of policy originated from the ancient Greeks word POLIC, or CITY, and is the same route word in space. We use the word polis that leads to the English words police, politics, and metropolis in space. We use the same terms and these are now universal and Multiverse in terms in the Omniverse.

Some may still object to the universal authority which is made of women or females as well as men and males. It is obvious that we must not disregard this as an old spirit of the ancients that were full of spite and jealousy. We have learned about these petty emotions and feel that those on earth can rise above these ancient ways and terms of all our ancestors.

We must advance our specie and learn to operate as teams of both the male and female of all the galaxy tribes of our species of humanoids.

We shall learn to congregate and communicate with honor and share our morals as ambassadors of goodwill for we will be seen by those who are not bionic but may resemble humanoids yet have no soul.

Therefore in the future, the world will require that the local, states, regions include the entire federal laws and legislatures passing policies that are created in administrative branches of government that deal with the breaches in society.

Our Universal government of the Galaxy Federation will be enforced.

The foreign transactions for the few and for the plenty in the all have the alien needs and alien alliances which will edify and effect the entire future of the Galaxy Federation in Space. Our foreign alien alliances include the earth and earthlings now as our guests in space due to the young beings who have been nurtured and created on the working class planet called earth.

We have come to repair the change sin in everything in the future. The future is always and forever and those who have been on earth were told that we would come and share and repair the eternal forever which is a long time to remember and some who have been born in the last few thousand years have forgotten.

Intelligence Summit
For Healthy debates breed creative solutions.

Extraterrestrial Intelligence Summit – Earth Tectonic Economics

We have Current Tectonic Plates on Earth that will share in the future Geographic Power Status. We all care about health and prosperity and job sustainability for a working class planet is crucial to the survival of the humanoid sentient intelligent being species. Therefore, there is a new development in a rather old regime that is based upon our ancient civilizations past history with our new and modern technological welfare for the entire planet’s sustainability based on geographics and logistics.

In the academic working world in education and the making of future doctors in philosophy or Ph.d.s, we will need more categories in the future in order to work in Tectonic Economics and Global Sustainability dealing in feeding the entire population soon to be at the 7 billion point.

It is said that we are working towards change to begin with the next presidential election scheduled in the United States of America the main global power of the working class planet at the present time. However, without the future of 2012 being decided at the working class level with jobs and sustainability for all including health and welfare issues it is unlikely that the power can be sustained at the nation level. Therefore the future will lie with more integrated leaders with the United Nations for the entire Global Economy. The future is at stake and there are those in the entire global populace that realize the entire humanoid species relies on work.

The working class planet is made up of the working class people as the majority. This must be taken into account when figuring out the future of humankind on earth. Sustainability issues include the following:
First with “Water” as the main concern of humankind. Second is “Oxygen“ or the other way around. Third is “Food“ and the Fourth is “Shelter”. Although the Fifth and Sixth which is “Shelter”, and Seventh is “Communication”. All the others Eight and Ninth including “Transportation” to and from “Work” and for “Communication” purposes is taken into account with the important “Education” to accomplish all of the “NINE” working class requirements. The entire world’s population is based on this and then comes Eleven which is “Security” of all of the “TEN REQUIRED COMMANDMENTS” in order to sustain a working class planet.

In Global Tectonic Economics, that are said to be the best way to view the earth from space as extraterrestrial in origin share their “Bird’s Eye View from Above on how to govern the planet while in the Working Class Planet Status.”

The Seven Major Powers on Earth will share in deciding who the Global Commerce Trade Agents shall be for the future Extraterrestrial Intelligence Summit (EIS).

We shall use the “Current Tectonic Plates in Tectonic Economics.”

The Future Global Powers will be recognized as those who control the Economics based on their Tectonic Plate Control Power. As Above So Below…


At present China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States are sometimes referred to as great powers, although there is no unanimous agreement among authorities as to the current status of these powers or what precisely defines a “great” power.

These five nations are the only states to have permanent seats on the UN Security Council. They are also the recognized “Nuclear Weapons States” under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Sources have at times referred to China, France, and the UK[ as “middle powers”. In addition, despite the lack of a permanent seat at the UN Security Council, Germany and Japan are occasionally considered to be great powers, although Germany and Japan are referred to by others as middle powers or economic great powers.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, its UN Security Council permanent seat was transferred to the Russian Federation in 1991, as its successor state. The newly-formed Russian Federation emerged on the level of a great power, leaving the United States as the only remaining global superpower (although some support a multipolar world view).
With continuing European integration, the European Union is increasingly being seen as a great power in its own right, most notably in areas where it has exclusive competence (i.e. economic affairs), and with representation at the WTO and at G8 and G-20 summits. The European Union, however, is not a sovereign state and has limited scope in the areas of foreign affairs and defense policy, which remain with the union’s member states, which include great powers France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

TECTONIC PLATES – Dealing in the Future Tectonic Economics of Earth

JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF (7) – Seven Main Tectonic Plates Representatives

Tectonic Economics will have Seven Major Upper Echelons for the Directors of the Chief Agents who will share in the Global Summit of Tectonic Economics with the entire list of plates including the Secondary and Tertiary plates for future reference and administration for Global Trade and Commerce.

China, France, Russia, United Kingdom , Untied States

Great powers (with Security Council vetoes): China, France, Russia, United Kingdom and United States. Great powers without Security Council vetoes: Germany and Japan.
(2) Germany and Japan

EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATORS (8) – The Second Eight in Command are the Administrators who answer directly to the Seven Major Directors as the Joint Chiefs in Command of the Global Trade and Commerce.


This is a list of tectonic plates on Earth. Tectonic plates are pieces of the Earth’s crust and uppermost mantle, together referred to as the lithosphere.

The plates are around 100 km (60 miles) thick and consist of two principal types of material: oceanic crust (also called sima fromsilicon and magnesium) and continental crust (sial from silicon and aluminium).

The composition of the two types of crust differs markedly, with basaltic rocks (“mafic”) dominating oceanic crust, while continental crust consists principally of lower density granitic rocks (“felsic”).

Primary plates
These seven plates comprise the bulk of the seven continents and the Pacific Ocean.
African Plate
Antarctic Plate
Eurasian Plate
Indo-Australian Plate
North American Plate
Pacific Plate
South American Plate
Secondary plates
These smaller plates are generally shown on major plate maps, but with the exception of the Arabian and Indian plates do not comprise significant land area.
Arabian Plate
Caribbean Plate
Cocos Plate
Indian Plate
Juan de Fuca Plate
Nazca Plate
Philippine Sea Plate
Scotia Plate

Tertiary plates
Tertiary plates are grouped with the major plate that they would otherwise be shown as part of on a major plate map. Mostly these are tiny micro plates.

An exception is in the case of the Nubian-Somalian and Australian-Capricorn-Indian plates these are major plates that are rifting apart.

Some models identify more minor plates within current orogens like the Apulian, Explorer, Gorda, and Philippine Mobile Belt plates.

The remainder of the tertiary plates are the dwindling remains of much larger ancient plates.

There may or may not be scientific consensus as to whether a tertiary plate is a separate plate yet, is still a separate plate, or should be considered a separate plate, thus new research could change this list below:

African Plate
Madagascar Plate
Nubian Plate
Seychelles Plate
Somali Plate
Antarctic Plate
Kerguelen microcontinent
Shetland Plate
South Sandwich Plate
Caribbean Plate
Panama Plate
Gonâve Microplate
Cocos Plate
Rivera Plate
Eurasian Plate
Adriatic or Apulian Plate
Aegean Sea Plate (or Hellenic Plate)
Amurian Plate
Anatolian Plate
Banda Sea Plate
Burma Plate
Iberian Plate
Iranian Plate
Molucca Sea Plate
Halmahera Plate
Sangihe Plate
Okinawa Plate
Pelso Plate
Sunda Plate
Timor Plate
Tisza Plate
Yangtze Plate
Indo-Australian Plate
Australian Plate
Capricorn Plate
Futuna Plate
Indian Plate
Kermadec Plate
Maoke Plate
Niuafo’ou Plate
Sri Lanka Plate
Tonga Plate
Woodlark Plate
Juan de Fuca Plate
Explorer Plate
Gorda Plate
North American Plate
Greenland Plate
Okhotsk Plate
Pacific Plate
Balmoral Reef Plate
Bird’s Head Plate
Caroline Plate
Conway Reef Plate
Easter Plate
Galapagos Plate
Juan Fernandez Plate
Kula Plate
Manus Plate
New Hebrides Plate
North Bismarck Plate
North Galapagos MicroPlate
Solomon Sea Plate
South Bismarck Plate
Philippine Sea Plate
Mariana Plate
Philippine Microplate
South American Plate
Altiplano Plate
Falklands Microplate
North Andes Plate

———————————ANCIENT HISTORY OF PLATES————————
In the history of Earth many tectonic plates have come into existence and have over the intervening years either accreted onto other plates to form larger plates, rifted into smaller plates, or have been crushed by or subducted under other plates (or have done all three).
Ancient supercontinents
A supercontinent is a landmass consisting of multiple continental cores. The following list includes the supercontinents known or speculated to have existed in the Earth’s past:

^ Even though the book: The Economics of World War II lists 7 great powers at the start of 1939 (the British Empire, the Empire of Japan, France, the Kingdom of Italy, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and the United States) This book focuses only on 6 of the 7 great powers that fought during World War II. This is because France surrendered shortly after the war began.
^ The 1956 Suez Crisis suggested that the United Kingdom, financially weakened by two world wars, could not then pursue its foreign policyobjectives on an equal footing with the new superpowers without sacrificing convertibility of its reserve currency as a central goal of policy. – from superpower cited by Adam Klug and Gregor W. Smith, ‘Suez and Sterling’, Explorations in Economic History, Vol. 36, No. 3 (July 1999), pp. 181–203.

^ Germany is presented by Chancellor Angela Merkel, former president Johannes Rau, and leading media of the country, as a “middle” political power in Europe.
Robert Birnbaum. “Porträt: Angela Merkel” (in German). Tagesspiegel online. Retrieved 2007-01-31. “Weichenstellungen in der Außen– und ihrem Unterkapitel, der Sicherheitspolitik sind zugleich von großer Bedeutung für die Zukunft der Mittelmacht Deutschland
^ The fall of the Berlin wall and the breakup of the Soviet Union left the United States as the only remaining superpower in the 90’s.

^ “the prime minister of Canada (during the Treaty of Versailles) said that there were “only three major powers left in the world the United States, Britain and Japan” … (but) The Great Powers could not be consistent. At the instance of Britain, Japan’s ally, they gave Japan five delegates to the Peace Conference, just like themselves, but in the Supreme Council the Japanese were generally ignored or treated as something of a joke.” from MacMillan, Margaret (2003). Paris 1919. United States of America: Random House Trade. p. 306. ISBN 0-375-76052-0

^ After the Statute of Westminster came into effect in 1931 the United Kingdom no longer represented the British Empire in world affairs

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