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It is time to share all that many have been hearing about regarding energy, the Mercabah, and the vibrations one can learn to create inside their own body-mind-spirit.
Many are asking about this Omniverse and the people who are humanoids that are above us and visiting this planet.
The world has not progressed as far as we would have liked it too regarding those who are traveling on it as sentient intelligent being species.
We have called forth all the Lightworkers, Avatars, Seers, Oracles, Mystics, Shamans, and Prophets who will share the spiritual enlightenment portion of the energy that some regard as the kundalini that travels through the earth, up the spine, through the chakra centers, and up into the various levels of the brain and out through the top of the head where we then begin learning of all the higher houses and levels that we can learn to ascend into.
There are plenty of Ascension Center Enlightenment Mercabah Classes out there with beautiful colors and videos with music on MP3 and on You TUbe to share. I do not endorse one because there are so many created for our enjoyment. I of course created my own called Atlantis Oracle which a producer took back to New York with him. His mother was into psychics and awareness back in November 2007 while making television shows.
There are other links and articles with this one which some came from the no longer in existence Quantum Magazine of Russia and USA cooperation for our parapsychology tests.
I covered the basics on ESP Parapsychology in 2008 and desire to share this one more time with emphasis on 2011 and 2012. We will be learning about the seventh sign. This energy is important and many will want to learn more about their chi and the lower chakras. there are actually 33 altogether but the energy is learned in the ancient mystery schools of alchemy. The gold that many believe is outside in reality can also be found internally inside the body-mind-spirit. Many have been practicing their Yoga and Meditation with others in the Ascension Center Enlightenment classes all over the world since 1979. We officially opened up the schools in 1990 in Hawaii the year of the eco awareness and the Eco Expo 1991.
We began allowing people in groups to view UFOS and USOS in the USA then in the 20th century. Do you want to see a UFO that others see?
Develop your ascension energies or in other words, develop your psychic skills. We all have them not everyone uses them. How I developed my psychic skills was over time with an interest in doing so.
Anything that we may want to accomplish on earth not only takes desire, and persistence, but learning how and repeating the process. Learning to develop alien telepathy and that which is said to be used on UFO’s and that which attracts those who are able to use the energy is natural and a human process to be developed. The reason I say UFO alien telepathic development is that the many readers that are emailing me and calling me say they want to know how to see UFOs and how to communicate with aliens or other extra biological entities that are higher beings.
The first thing one must do is accept that having these abilities are a natural human ability and simply have not been used by the generic general populace on earth. Thus why we have certain beings that are thought of as seers, psychics, mediums. The world of psychic phenomena, metaphysical, occult, mysticism does not have a monopoly nor do certain churches or religions.
This energy is out there for anyone to enjoy and explore as nature or connecting to the Akashic Field and the energy grid of all that exist. One may want to understand more about all living things and how we relate to trees, plants, animals, the earth, and to consider that everything is living and all things are natural and can generate energy that can be felt and read. Some more than others and intelligent human beings can become more than they are by simply expressing the desire and then following through with the persistent pursuit.
I strongly suggest that a being have all of their past life affairs in order and knowing that there are no blocks in your own energy and auric field. This helps to know who you are as one being on earth prior to interacting with outside sources. I have helped many friends and have had students for years who wanted to know more about the world and how to interact on an intuitive level of existence. I have had friends “adopt” what I do by the see, be, do, act principal. One would see what I did, worked hard to be one with me, then learned to do what I do, and then they would learn to act on the principals and actions taught them through their own discoveries based on prompting from outside of them.
This is a rather repetitive procedure and this was what challenged me in my own life to offer classes and workshops to others. There were friends coming out that I had no idea I had in
this lifetime.
Being skeptical is fine, and a good part of being human. I believe we are all skeptics and that we are all cynical to some extent and that some are more questioning of the abilities of others and their own abilities to accomplish telepathy. This is partly due because many are not taught this from the time they are born or so they think. Actually, when we are born, if it was not for our natural survival instincts to cry when we needed breath, food, water, or comfort as warmth or cold, we would probably not survive as beings.
When we learn to expand our abilities, we learn to hear, touch, see, feel; smell, taste, and when our basic survival needs are met, and we then look beyond ourselves for other discoveries of our world outside ourselves. This is a natural process of being a human being. Some of us learn to get what we need and want in many ways as children. Some of us rely on others to assist us in certain situations. I have studied children my whole life having four of my own, and I took child psychology and psychology 101 which have changed in textbooks through the years. I strongly believe that it was understanding human behavior that assisted me in looking elsewhere for my answers. I do believe that all human beings should be allowed to study the basics of human psychology in their academic basic education.
The UFO alien telepathic development will not happen overnight and the psychic abilities we all have and this is the most important lesson when can receive in the beginning of understanding what I desire to teach and share with others like me. Many have told me I was luck. I tried to explain that there was no “lucky” about it, which I was simply using what God my creator gave me and they had the same abilities if they would just develop them. People have gut feelings, hunches, and certain feelings that many will simply claim them as their own opinion about a subject. Everyone can feel and think as a human. We can call ourselves mental in many ways and there are those in my chosen field of expertise or specialization that refers to the many levels of the mind.
We refer to the inner self and the outer self. We use terms like the literal mind as the objective world and the programmed mind as the subconscious where your own beliefs are kept inside of you. 
Now add to this the intuitional mind that is above and beyond what we see, hear, taste, smell, touch, and feel on the outside but how we internalize the input that is incoming from all around us at all times. Too much input can affect the mind and this has been proven. 
There are many neurological definitions, studies, and findings that I cannot take the time in words to go into at this time, but let it suffice us to say that we know that the intuitional mind lies beyond consciousness, as we know it to be.
We use the intuitional right side portion of our brain while the left side attends to the basics of our being as logical. 
The limbic portion and the literal mind have to do with physical bodily functions. All that we are and all that we do requires all the many portions of our mind to work together. Some things we can do instinctively and in unison. Think about riding a bike, or driving a car for instance. You were not born with the abilities literally nor were you? We draw energy from outside ourselves whether negative or positive. 
The frequency of these energies vibrate and many different frequencies. What we are taught is that every human being has levels of the mind, and many refer to the conscious, and the subconscious or unconscious only. We also know there are left and right sides of the brain but we now know that all the portions of the brain have functions and that we simply do not understand it all. We all have mind over matter. But, we may not all realize that there are five parts of the mind that we can use and these do not house even one tenth of what the human mind is capable of accomplishing in one human being.
This is what I desire to spend the rest of my time on earth accomplishing, that is assisting others in using their minds and raising consciousness of the whole. This is only one part of my mission statement while on earth. I am about awareness, communication and education. This is why I have opted to begin the Ascension Center Education Nonprofit Inc. There are many ways to assist others and we all want to believe that we can someday make the world a better place. It is a healthy goal in life to want to add to the positive and be part of the solution as a whole and not part of the problem or negativity only finding what is wrong and needing to change.
 Change is constant in the universe and inside of us all. This is obvious.
There are many skills that we can offer to the future generations of this planet and some of the skills include telepathy, psychokenesis, psychic healing, ESP, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, precognition, retro cognition, scrying, psychometry, psychic reading, and many other forms of energy put into words. All of these skills are evolving on earth in many beings and in many groups who practice these skills together as a group. There are many things we can learn alone but it is always nice to have a sender and a receiver working together.
Some working skills are discovered alone and some in working groups, or solo or joint. The first level of understanding usually begins with the basics of understanding self and obtaining clearings for all the energy of the past or past lives, or extra baggage. One a being has learned to clear him or herself, the next level, is learning to accept the past and moving on down the personal spiritual path. The next level is learning to relax and breath properly and learning to focus. Learning to relax, breath, and apply affirmation skills of the belief systems is taught.
This is about where many religions in the past left off with humans after giving certain ways to function, live, and be human according to past programming of the churches and religions. Some people leave their old beliefs behind about here in this level of life based on these are my lungs and I will smoke if I want too. Guilt is a terrible program and the need to be right and to support addictions does get in the way of progress in the human spiritual behavior path of ascension. I have seen many beings stop here. Some affirmations and some hypnotic states of mind work on some people here at this level of being and some do not. Much depends on the individuals belief systems in the unconscious with behavior acting out their thoughts and programming in order to behave as an individual and be recognized in society.
The human mind responds to visualizations. Visualizations are a very important part of being human and what the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve is one of the old 19th century support systems in human behavior modifications and affirmations. Those of us who went through the self actualization and transformation process all graduated into the next level of being and became not only those of the be-do-have principal but once we all understood the activity of that generation of self-improvement to make the world a better place, there were many who went into the business of motivation, and others went into the business of teaching actualization theories of using the “third eye”. This can be done every day and night to visualize how you desire your life to be by focus and concentration on the power of future energy sightings and visualizations. 
This is interesting and an everyday occurrence for most human beings who are successful. Not only do they use master plans, marketing plans, and business plans, but also they use personal plans and set their goals where they want to be personally in the next ten to twenty years. This old way is now the new way for the general populace to set twenty-year goals for the future. This is part of the personal protection plan set in motion with not only understanding personal hygiene but also understanding financial basics such as how to handle personal expenses in order to survive in the world. All of this has to do with being a human being and being able to function properly as a solo and as a joint figure in society. 
Without the basic understanding of whom we are as an individual and who we are in society, we cannot perform properly if we do not know what is expected of us as an individual “solo” and as a whole as part of the “whole” of our society and culture. We are all psychic. There should be no judgments made on those who believe in being psychic or believing in UFOs because both exist.
Some of the old ancient cultural arts such as astrology, palmistry, Tarot card reading, tea leaf reading, I Ching, and other tools and skills can assist the human being understand themselves and their culture. The ancient cultures are part of our cultural heritage. Who we are, as beings need to be restored in the wholeness of our cosmic beings as individual spirits and cultural wholes in the universe. This is another reason I am here. The most misunderstood cue in the universe right now is that we are behaving badly as a whole sentient humanoid intelligent being species. We shall learn more than the be,do,have principles of abundance. We can create anything we so desire within our own minds.
There has been a guilt built into everything that exists on earth based on our old belief systems and manmade religions who did not share the whole truth of being. Punishment has become a cultural belief based on guilt and frustration of the sole and the whole with no answers on whom to make order out of chaos and we always looked to a higher power to set the whole straight. I can share more later, but for now, realizing that your alien telepathy and psychic skills are one and the same and it is imperative that you look carefully beyond your own reality and belief systems.
Learn about the mind and the brain and the scatomas and how they work. This is a start in the right direction. If you have a mind and a brain, it seems plausible to me that one should want to learn how to use the equipment that was given by their God or creator or by nature for those who are skeptical about belief systems. Stay tuned. It is all good.
Special thanks to UFO Digest.
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Parapsychology is a branch of psychology that deals with psychic phenomena, near death experiences, extrasensory perception, telepathy, clairvoyance and the like. Many will claim that the two are not related, but in truth, they have been linked since the study of the mind began.
UFO Alien Telepathic Development: The Basic Beginners Level (by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris, 4-5-2008)
UFO Alien Telepathic Development: The Basic Beginners Level
History of Parapsychology
A Parapsychology Research
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Theresa J Thurmond Morris will share the future of Quantum Entanglement of the Omniverse with those who are interested in the History of Quantum Reality outside of our own present model and way of understanding space and space time.
Inner dimensional thoughts we now realize are possible due to the God Particle that flows in and out of all things, and all beings.
Some people of humankind have learned to tap that source and to some it is simply called using neuro science and parapsychology.
Theresa J Thurmond Morris is a well known Psychic Oracle, Seer.
An Overview
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To understand how parapsychology relates to psychology, it is imperative to first comprehend the meaning of both. The dictionary defines psychology as the science of the mind, mental states and processes; the science of human and animal behavior; the characteristics and processes of mental states and processes of a single person or class of people involved in a field of activity; and lastly, as mental ploys and strategies used on another.
Parapsychology is a branch of psychology that deals with psychic phenomena, near death experiences, extrasensory perception, telepathy, clairvoyance and the like. Many will claim that the two are not related, but in truth, they have been linked since the study of the mind began.
History of Parapsychology
Some people say parapsychology became an offshoot of mainstream psychology when society began to revel in various religious beliefs and began shifting their thoughts. Spirits, aura’s and various other supernatural forays began gaining popularity among the upper classes. Séances were held as a form of entertainment. Critics of parapsychology emerged saying that is was nothing but a way for fraudulent behavior to manifest and take advantage of unsuspecting people. Doubts still persist as to the credibility of this field.
What is Parapsychology?
Having a feeling of déjà vu, the study of dreams, hypnosis, 6th sense; these are all instances of normal everyday behaviors that people write off as normal psychology, when in reality, they are a classification of parapsychology. There are so many negative connotations about this field that people are reluctant to define something as being within that classification. Currently, experts are once more beginning to accept and study this offshoot of psychology. More and more universities are offering parapsychology in their curriculum and allowing the study of such topics for dissertation and thesis work.
With various studies on parapsychology now taking place, who knows what discoveries could come out of the dark to help people answer questions they were afraid to ask before; or to be able to actually prove or disprove age-old superstitions on everything from ghosts, to telekinesis and numerous other mysteries that have been muted in the subconscious minds.
Interested in learning more about these fascinating fields? Argosy University offers a wide selection of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in a variety of psychology concentrations at 19 locations across the nation. 
Forensic Neuropsychology Studies Different Brain Functions That Impact Social and Personal Behavior
Identifying how the brain functions in individual as well as in social experiences involves more than science and medical knowledge. There is a non-physical element involved in understanding how consciousness impacts the impulses that create the thoughts that become choices and experiences.
This non-physical element that has been called a plethora of names over the centuries is the foundation for each individual reality. Thanks to free will, reality is different for everyone, even though humans experience a mass reality called physical life.
 Since the brain functions differently in everyone, scientific discoveries and medical terms are used to define these functions. Several scientific terms can be used to identify the nature of individual realities. Forensic neuropsychology is the science that interprets these terms. Forensic neuropsychology identifies normal brain behavior and the brain disorders that produce criminal behavior as well as injuries.
Neuropsychologists are trained to understand cognitive behavior, psychological idiosyncrasies and abnormal individual relationships. All of these elements impact social functions and can change acceptable mass behavior if they are not treated. The goal of forensic neuropsychology is to understand how the non-physical consciousness impacts brain functions and behavior.
Forensic Neuropsychology Identifies Several Brain Malfunctions That Impact Behavior
Forensic neuropsychologists study congenital brain structure and the chemical imbalances that have a negative impact on social behavior. Some psychologists believe that aggression is a biochemical reaction that stimulates certain neurotransmitters in the brain that innately display predatory aggression in humans. The relationship between these neurotransmitters and the chemicals that stimulate them is what forensic neuropsychologists focus on in order to understand the genesis of criminal behavior.
Forensic neuropsychologists use assessment techniques to determine the reasons behind criminal behavior and aggressive actions. Psychological tests, intelligence tests and tests that reveal the actions that raised the biochemical activity that manifests as isolation, fear and aggressiveness, are used to identify people with criminal behaviors.
A heightened level of aggressiveness can be considered mental illness, but a forensic neuropsychologist is able to differentiate between premeditated actions and actions that are the result of a chemical brain disorder that cannot be controlled.
Treating Criminals is Another Important Function of Forensic Neuropsychologists
Identifying and assessing criminal behavior are important functions, but treatment planning is an essential aspect in psychological care and the rehabilitation process. Forensic psychologists use what they have learned from individual assessments and apply that knowledge in the form of a treatment plan. Treatment can include medication as well as psychotherapy. Forensic neuropsychologists bring some sort of unity to the life of a dysfunctional personality.
Interested in learning about the field of forensic psychology? Argosy University can help you learn more about this fascinating field
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First coined by Max Dessoir in 1889, parapsychology is a multi-faceted investigation of psychic abilities and their origins, life after death, near-death experiences, and anything perceived by an individual as mystical, uncanny, supernatural or paranormal. The term parapsychology replaced the old term of psychical research. The first effort to establish an organization of scientists and scholars who investigate paranormal phenomena began seven years earlier in London with the establishment of the Society for Psychical Research.
Although many variations and explanations of the paranormal exist, parapsychology research can be broken down into three basic components: telekinesis, clairvoyance/perception and telepathy.
Telepathy is the mental communication of information across space. An example of this concerns the phenomenon of remote viewing, a practice that was highly studied by the United States government. In remote viewing, a subject tries to detect information pertaining to a person, place or object using Extrasensory Perception (ESP).
In past experiments, a person described or sketched out a target photo that was selected. 
In the Stargate Project, parapsychology research was performed by the United States government in relation to the espionage program. 
However, the project was halted in 1995 for not providing sufficient evidence supporting the validity of remote viewing. 
The United States experienced the height of its parapsychology research in the 1970s, its experimental interest gradually dropping since the 1980s.
The Ganzfeld experiments tested out people’s ESP skills, a form of mental telepathy, in sending and receiving images. In a laboratory experiment subjects were deprived of sensory processes that controlled mental noise. Using ping-pong palls placed on the subjects eyes to create a dull, red glow and white noise, the subjects were seated in a reclining position.
 In essence, the receiver was asked to choose the correct image being sent to him or her. Stanford and Duke University were one of the first United States universities to delve into ESP parapsychology research.
Telekinesis touches on the physical paranormal realm, concerning itself with the physical movement of objects through the mind‘s mental energy. Bending spoons is one example of this phenomenon. Clairvoyance is what many psychic and tarot readings express, as they relate future events that have not yet occurred. 
A psychic gives predictions about important areas of a person’s life, such as love, finances, health or occupation.Lilydale, New York is a popular community of mediums and psychics devoted to the path of spiritualism.
Other examples of paranormal phenomena include apparitions, past-life regression, hauntings, synchronicity and reincarnation. Altered states of human consciousness, such as hypnosis, dreams, trance, levitation and séances, also fall into the parapsychology research category.
With many countries contributing to parapsychology experiments, the United Kingdom employs the largest number of parapsychologists. Most research is funded through private universities.
Parapsychology research is alive and well through the media.
 Publications such as FATE Magazine provide real-life stories abut paranormal phenomena, while television shows such as Ghost Hunters investigate reported hauntings using special recording equipment.
Do subjects like parapsychology interest you? 
Learning is perfect if you want to delve into the supernatural, professionally.
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The Potential Upside of Commenting About Others
Are there any good reasons for commenting on a public figure? First published on February 15, 2011
In “The vindication of gossip,” Aaron Ben Ze’ev of the University of Haifa argues that gossip is neither good or bad, but rather represents our interest in other people’s lives. When commentators remark on a public figure’s personality, it is similar in many ways to gossip. One similarity is that commentaries help satisfy our interest in the lives of public figures. 
Last week, I wrote about the possible negative aspects of commenting on the personalities of public figures. This week, I will focus on some potential positives. Many of these benefits, it seems to me, center on satisfying our interest about others. 
Some researchers regard interest as an emotional state. Surely it is a mental state of some kind: Just as we “are happy,” and “feel happy,” we “are interested” and “feel interested.”  Moreover, interest has a unique facial expression associated with it, according to some.  The argument that interest may not be an emotion, leveled by Andrew Ortony of Northwestern University, is that interest is not necessarily either pleasant or unpleasant to feel. Either way, interest is important to psychological functioning.
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Paul Silvia of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and colleagues have argued that interest is an emotion that emerges when we encounter something that is incongruous, unexpected and complex that we believe we can cope with and understand to some degree.
 Interest in public figures, according to this conception, would arise when public figures behave in an unexpected way and we ask: “Why are they doing what they do?” and believe we have a chance of answering that question.
A person’s interest in public figures seems likely to promote learning about them. According to Silvia and his colleagues:
“…interest promotes the growth of knowledge, competence, and expertise…. To use one example, research in reading shows that interesting texts promote the use of deeper text-processing strategies, longer engagement with the text, and ultimately better comprehension and memory…”
Commentary about public figures serves to satisfy our interest in others and while doing so promotes other functions such as policing others and promoting interpersonal learning.  
For example, when commentators condemn a celebrity for tawdry behavior, it may encourage some onlookers to avoid similar acts.  Commentary on public figures also teaches people how others act and might act in the future — for example, that some politicians can switch loyalties from one party to another or that a celebrity with a drug problem might relapse even after treatment.
Interest can serve as a reasonable umbrella concept for why we are concerned with public figures. The psychologists Baumeister, Zhang andVohs have argued that gossip (and, more generally, public commentary) allows for cultural learning of a general sort. Gossip and commentaries convey stories about people in the public eye. Discussing others and their actions teaches us both about the practical and moral aspects of life decisions. Learning about those around us by talking about other people begins in childhood, according to Gary Fine of Northwestern University. Through gossip, children become able to distinguish what is typical and atypical interpersonal conduct, they begin to appreciate how reputations are built (and sometimes harmed), and they learn both how to gossip themselves and how to respond to gossip with poise.
Commentaries about public figures that take into account psychological features teach us about the personalities of others, both in the sense of moral character, and in the sense of how personality operates and how people are similar and different from one another.
Knowledge of public figures may illustrate psychological processes and also introduce us to issues surrounding a special population.
 In a 2009 article, Professors Donna Rockwell and David C. Giles noted that:
“From reality TV, to MTV, to movie star governors and celebrity presidents, America is fascinated with fame. According to American Idol host, Simon Cowell…, ‘There is a fame epidemic!'”
Public figures serve as role models to aspire to or to avoid. Generally speaking, public figures are perceived positively by the public. Many of them can be considered high-functioning individuals. As a group, public figures represent a unique population — albeit diverse in nature. Some celebrities sought their fame, others had celebrity thrust upon them. Public figures become public figures by a variety of means: by heroism or villainy; by accident, talent or hard work.
Certain celebrities such as wealthy politicians, businesspeople, sports figures and actors live in an environment of high socio-economic status, which can foster a sense of entitlement. Research by Rockwell and Giles indicates some of the unique challenges celebrities may face. Being famous means contending with the fickleness of fame itself, experiencing a loss of privacy, and being the focus of demanding expectations.  Flattery and attention can alter one’s self-image and change one’s conduct, sometimes in problematic ways. Fame is often difficult for friends and family to cope with and can lead to mistrust and isolation in certain instances.
There is much of interest in a public figure’s life. The fact that commentary about a public figure is interesting, however, is not enough to ensure it is good in an ethical sense. A commentator who writes negatively about a public figure may achieve little more than creating another problem that the public figure must face. On the other hand, if a commentator analyzes and assesses a public figure’s personality thoughtfully, the results might successfully and memorably convey useful information to the public. Such commentary might teach the public about different personalities, good decision-making and positive life choices. It might also promote an understanding of the special situations faced by celebrities and how being in the public eye can affect their behaviors and personalities. Commentaries that teach in these ways may be very worthwhile if done well.
Baumeister, R. F.; Zhang, L., Vohs, K. D. (2004). Gossip as Cultural learning. Review of General Psychology, Vol 8(2), Jun, 2004. pp. 111-121.
Fine, G. A. (1977). Social components of children’s gossip. Journal of Communication, 27, 181-185.
Ortony, A., & Turner, T. J. (1990).  What’s basic about basic emotions.  Psychological Review, 97, 315-331.
The quote, “From reality TV, to MTV,” is from p. 206 of Rockwell, D. & Giles, D. C. (2009).  Being a celebrity: A phenomenology of fame. Journal of Phenomenological Psychology, 40, 178-210.
“Interest promotes the growth of knowledge…” from p. 1391 of Silvia, P. J., Henson, R. A., & Templin, J. L. (2009). Are the sources of interest the same for everyone? Using multilevel mixture models to explore individual differences in appraisal structures. Cognition and Emotion, 23, 1389-1406.
Copyright © 2011 by John D. Mayer,
A researcher turns his gaze on personality in public John D. Mayer
The Ethics of Blogging about Public Personalities: Introduction
Exploring potential new guidelines for blogging about personality
Published on January 25, 2011
I have been wondering about how psychologists, psychiatrists, and other professionals in the mental health field might comment ethically on the personalities of public figures. When might it be helpful for a psychiatrist to raise concerns as to the mental health of a politician, or for a psychologist to explain non-conscious processes using the example of someone in the media spotlight?
At present the ethics of the American Psychiatric Association forbid any direct judgment of another person in the media, although those ethics permit an indirect commentary that might be educational. For example, a psychiatrist cannot say that a public figure suffers from schizophrenia, but he or she can say that, “A person who exhibits the same symptoms as this public figure exhibits might suffer from schizophrenia…”.
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A second organization composed of mental health professionals — theAmerican Psychological Association — has ethical guidelines that, in my reading, allow for judgments of the personality of public figures, with strong limits.  These limits include that one is qualified to make such judgments and that one must delineate one’s scientific methods.
Psychobiographers and psychohistorians, some of whom are psychologists and psychiatrists, also engage in public commentary. 
 We are all about to enter a new phase of our minds. 
We are all changing not only our DNA root levels but our perceptions and belief systems about our critical mass populace global mind.
I am a believer in ET and ancient aliens. I also exhibit gifts, talents, traits, that some believe are monitored by those above. For reasons that I can only explain as memories, I also believe that I am one who has had a life of alien ET visitations. 
What makes me different is that I am still a believer in the fact that this world is monitored and challenged based on our imperfections that were once regarded as sins or imperfections? I believe that we had one ET being who chose to come to this planet and to save all those before, during, and after his life. 
Some will use their energy to obtain various levels in other worlds when they pass on or expire. Some will not wait that long. The Akashic Field is the field of everything that has to do with spirit and immortal energy of matter and antimatter as we know it to be. Virtual reality we can now reveal as how one level of the mind can seem real and yet it is not real at all to most everyone in the physical realty. IT is a created mental electronic world.
Some believe in the salvation and alchemy of the divine which was used by King Solomon and later used by one called Christ or Jesus. IT is up to each being as to who they desire to create as an archtype or Merkabah or mercaba. Some will use Buddha and others may use Mohammad. Each being is hear to learn, reason, and use free will. Some will choose to go with those we call Nordics. Some will stay. This being said, this being with new energy of the “I AM” is now the Lord and Master of this world. He is a King in his own world that of his father and creator in heaven or space. This being was chosen to come to earth to prepare the way, the truth, and the life for us all. Now, this is not a new story, actually is a very old story that has outlasted and out sold all other stories not only in book form and in sells but in oral tradition on most all continents in one form or another.
We who are of the ancient astronaut theorists have a following of believers who also believe as Christians and believe in the Jesus Christ story and that he came to change the world and all beings who come to live here on earth. This is now up for scientific scrutiny more than ever. 
We are living in times that we expect to see a rapture and tribulation. There have been many civilizations that have existed since his time on earth. Some beings came and left this planet and had a chance to accept this story as their own belief system through faith. It will be this faith alone that allows us to visit this other place as one of the many mansions in heaven and space. Some will choose to go and some will stay on earth. Some will go to other places that some call hell that us ruled by another who is said to be a fallen angel from this heaven in space. 
The stories can be read and all should read these stories in the Bible. 
Each being is responsible for their own soul.
Most all will accept the fact that regardless of their ethnicity and cultural upbringings that there is something greater than themselves based on what an individual experiences.
 We are all about to enter a new phase of our minds. 
We are all changing not only our DNA root levels but our perceptions and belief systems about our critical mass populace global mind.
I am an ET experiencer who has been trained in the Akashic Field from an early age. Some may believe and have faith enough to believe in the super natural that some call magic. Some of my readers and fans want to know about me and my skills so they too can learn how to access the Akashic Field. 
Others may believe in ET’s as extra-terrestrials. Some of us may believe that we can be trained to know how to discern spirits as Psychic Warriors. I believe in the Akashic Field as a place in space that is the Hall of Records that can also be collected in the crystals that are in the variant spaces and places underground in crystal caverns and in space. There are parts of the xenoverse of the unknown that we call mysteries and the supernatural. Some of us explore these unknown regions and believe this is our purpose and mission in life. To become more than we are at present.
There are many mansions in my father’s house which is a common saying in those who are followers of the teachings of our ancient ancestors. There are many who exoteric and occult wisdom followers are. Some intelligent beings on earth that follow the ancient texts are of various belief systems and understand scriptures and Bible Codes differently. There are some of us who believe we are to become only those who follow one path or the other while on earth. While some of us study all paths and we call this the ascension process. 
We make up the majority of maybe only 20% of the total earth’s population. Yet, there are the majority of creationists in the world that total over 51% of the entire world’s population that believe in a higher power, creator, God, Goddess, Supreme Beings, Ancient Astronauts, ET, or essence that is all knowing and omnipresent.
We are beginning to realize that we can be more than simply believers and analytical thinkers. We do not have to classify ourselves as only one or the other creationist or evolutionist. This is what the old world way of thinking will have you believe. We use to separate church and state as political and religious authority under the rulers as Empires.
We are now going to learn that there are higher supreme beings that control this planet. 
It takes us time to learn how we work in the body that is housed in our largest organ we call skin. We shall now learn how to train our brains also housed in our skin. I am about sharing with those who desire to learn about using the entire body-mind-spirit. Some call this brain training when entering the world of the Akashic Field while others are just beginning the lessons we now call games in virtual reality. The fact is that many on earth that was chosen for their developing skills learning to use their ESP in the Akashic Field. Some call these remote viewers as there are governments who learned to believe and enhance in these human skills while they kept the general global population believing they did not exist. This was a part of the past power of the political and religious powers of earth. There is now the ancient mystery schools available to all based on those above. 
To those who know of my many shared shards of my life as my experiences and shares of my life they will see that I desire to be a writer of the truth for generations to come. I am going to share a level of myself that only certain few beings have ever known as my belief.
I have gained knowledge of myself from an early age based on my prior knowledge of supreme beings that most of us call extraterrestrials or ET. I consider myself a servant of the entire population that strives to be called humankind. I see myself as one who is simply a messenger that chooses to share the tools as gifts given due to a higher supreme being power that allows our essence to be created to learn and have memories that will guide us to a more splendid supreme future to guide others so that we can someday all become leaders in other worlds of our future generations to come. 
I appreciate who I am on earth and realize that I cannot create the world and all that it offers others of my humankind. I do have the faith to believe that I can learn how this is done because I believe in a higher power or more supreme being essence who shares with creations the levels that must be obtained through existence in the body-mind-spirit as a divine plane for our excellence in evolutionary level and involvement in the process of a divine place and plan for all sentient intelligent being species created in the image of our creators from above in space. 
Many paths lead to enlightenment of the spiritual soul’s essence. We can choose to learn about various mediums and tools in this information age. Why I have chosen to name the future beginning December 21, 2012, T.11:11 as the starting point for the Ascension Age is not of my own creation or will but that of a higher power that the majority of sentient intelligent beings on earth regard as the one omnipresence we call God. Those who know of me do not know me except by the power they are given by the all-knowing omnipotent supreme that created the present Omniverse in which we all reside. Many who walk with me on earth have no idea how I share my world in words.
There are parts of the sentient intelligent being species that have always been. There are parts of the human population that have always been educated about knowledge and information as power. 
Many of those who are Light Workers and Truth Seekers are a part of the work in the world we call Psychic Warriors of the world in which we all share and exist that we call earth or Gaia. Mother Nature as Mother Earth is our home in many ways.
This is where many of us who believe we are essences with memories that are energy that can never die are immortals. We are in some regions of the earth called Sky People. In other regions, we are called Star Beings. In other regions, we are called Psychics, and Clairvoyants. Some call us Walk-Ins, while others call us Alien Hybrids. Some call us Wizards and others call us Witches. In the old days, we were regarded as Sages, Prophets, and Sooth Sayers. Some see us as the chosen while others see us as cursed. We are some of the species who choose to believe in faith and exercise our gifts and talents in this world. We did not choose to ignore or become blind to what being human entails on this planet. We all have talents and gifts and even all throughout history, those who believed in our ancient prophets and now the ancient astronauts are familiar with the higher places and planes that some call heaven in space. 
We are they who are aware of other levels of our existence as energy with memories intact of our history and how our ancestors who lived on earth before had certain powers received from whom we call the Supreme Beings as Spirits and others call God and Goddess. Some of us follow various levels of energy and we share the various vibrations and rhythms. We share the ways in words we call colors, spectrums of light, as lightworkers. We share the feelings in our hearts and the knowing as believing in faith and not just in knowing as truth or with thinking as in our minds in side our brains.
Now, that we are finally coming of an Ascension Age on earth in this world, we shall see many others who will be awakened to their inner essence and will be igniting their own spark of the God presence or spark of light of life that some who have came before to this world have talked about in the past. Some were enlightened before their time or during their time on earth. Some simply never learned all that the world had to offer in not just the physical plane but also the spiritual plane of existence.
We are all going to now embark on a new science that some regard at present as Quantum Physics. We are studying the smallest forms of visitation of the God particle in all things, in all places, in all times, in all beings, and in all existences. This for now we shall learn to call science which is actually a way we regard analytical thinking with proof from repeated hypothesis until enough of us agreed to the outcome to make this seem as  physical reality in what we call fact and not fiction.
We are all a part of what the future in fiction regards as being futurists and entrepreneurs.
In our egalitarian society that we now regard as the global community, we have created a space and place for us all who are called sentient intelligent beings to exist in a physical plane in this three dimensional world.
This is a challenging time to be alive. We have many thought processes emerging as we realize that we may have another self or mirror image of our own soul selves in another plane of existence. There are world scientific spokespersons emerging at this time on earth such as Michio Kaku, Leonard Susskind, and Stephen Hawking that are going to realize that much of what certain beings throughout time as Oracles, Prophets, and Shamans have learned about tapping into their psychic abilities. 
I for one have been a part of this other world we call the Akashic Field which now is the leading edge in the scientific theory of everything, in other words, the Akashic Field is also thought to be housed in the Xenoverse or the Theory of Everything that lies inside the macrocosm of the Monotheistic Omniverse.
This Precessional movement then is the same motion responsible for the shift of the location of the Equinoxes and the Solstices. 
The ancient astronomers detected the long term Precessional motion of the Sun through the back drop of the constellations and calculated the length of this Cycle to around 25,600 to 26,000 years.
This means that the Sun that marks the Spring Equinox which now appears in front of the background of stars in the constellation of Pisces, in about 500 years will rise in the constellation of Aquarius. It will continue to shift backwards through the various constellations Capricorn, Sagittarius, etc., until in about 26,000 years it will arrive back to the exact same point in Pisces.
The understanding of this Precession of the Equinox then gave rise to the many myths and legends of the different World Ages. As the Processional movement continued to shift the Equinox into a new constellation, various cultures perceived this as a New Age or New World. As the Spring Equinox Sun appeared to rise in the constellation of Taurus, people perceived this as the Age of the Bull; the Age of the Ram as it rose in the constellation of 
Aries; the Age of the Fish as it rose in Pisces and so on.
At one time many civilizations on Earth were aware of this natural cycle of the Earth and incorporated it into their cosmologies and concepts of Time in various ways. Each one reflecting a slightly different interpretation and meaning, but in their different ways they all held the Precessional Cycle as involving nothing less than the Cosmic process of Life’s evolution, subtly influencing all of Earth’s Life Forms to move to higher levels of organization and complexity. It came to symbolize the Spiritual Process of Unfolding Consciousness on our planet.
What is important here is that this belief was actually based on an observable astronomical cycle: every 72 years the Solstice and Equinox Sun appeared to move backward through the constellations one degree – as a hand on a clock indicating the hours of the day. In this Cosmic Clock however, the hand or marker in motion is the specific location of the Equinox or Solstice Sunrise, while the face of the clock is represented by the relatively stationary constellations of the stars.
With this in mind then, we will now turn our attention to how this Precessional Cycle became incorporated into the Mayan Cosmology and how it relates to their long count calendar and specifically to the year 2012.
Perhaps more than any ancient culture that we are aware of at this point, the Mayan people were obsessed with Astronomy. Not only were they able to project their astronomical calculations thousands of years forward and backward in Time, but developed a recyclable Venus calendar that was accurate to one day in 500 years and a table of eclipses that still functions today. 
They also accurately calculated thesolar year out to four decimal places. To accomplish these impressive computations they created a sophisticated system of mathematics utilizing place value and the concept of the zero. And all this while Europe was still wandering around in the Dark Ages.
In a complex culture such as we find with the Maya and considering it spanned a period of almost a thousand years, it is important to remember that there arose different belief systems at different times, some of which were coexisting at the same place. Just as if we were to look at the demographics of say modern New York city, we would find Jews perhaps living besides Moslems, Protestants and Catholics – all entertaining different belief systems.
And so it’s appropriate here to limit our considerations of the Mayan culture to only those beliefs that lend meaning and significance to the auspicious date indicated in their long count calendar – Dec.21, 2012.
As we more sharply focus in on this date, we find that one of the indicators to its probable significance is that it specifically designates the Winter Solstice. As this is our starting point in our analysis then, let’s take a closer look as to what this might mean.
First of all it is good to be aware that around the world in various past cultures, each one designated a specific time to mark the beginning of their New Year. In ancient Sumeria and Babylon the New Year began with the Spring Equinox. In Israel the New Year was gradually shifted to the Equinox in the Fall, while in Northern Europe, New Year was celebrated at the time of Winter Solstice. We still observe this particular New Year tradition, but add a few extra days so that now our New Year begins on January 1st.
In the context of this tradition then, the Winter Solstice on December 21 was celebrated as the Sun’s birthday. It is the longest night of the year and therefore the shortest day of the year. It represented the ultimate power of the dark forces of Nature: the long winter night when things appeared to be dead and still. And out of the depths of this longest night the new Sun was born. From this point on, the power of the light grows in strength and the days slowly begin to grow longer.
The Winter Solstice then inaugurated the birth of a new solar year. The Sun appeared to come back from its annual trip to the South and begins its slow return in to the Northern Latitudes. The sunrise on December 21 was believed to be like the first sunrise, and the start of the New Year was in fact a celebration of the beginning of Time.
With this particular context in mind, we are now prepared to examine more closely the reasons why the Winter Solstice in the year 2012 is so important. In the Mayan long count calendar a cycle of 5,200 years ends on this date, and it just so happens that it also points to a rare astronomical alignment. In fact this alignment only happens once every 26,000 years.
The auspicious year of 2012 indicated in the long count calendar illuminates the fact that the Precessional movement of the Winter Solstice Sun will gradually bring its position into alignment with the very center of our Galaxy
. For the Maya, this is like the last stroke of Midnight on New Year’s Eve, only in 2012 the New Year is the New Galactic Year of 26,000 solar years. The Galactic Clock will be at zero point and a New Precessional Cycle will begin.
At this point you may be wondering what is so important about the Milky Way and why were the Maya even concerned with it?
Our scientific culture has finally come realize that our planet, the Sun, and the entire solar system had its origins at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. We also have recently found that our Galaxy is 70,000 light years in diameter, with most of its 400 billion stars concentrated in the great central bulge.
Equipped with ultraviolet, x-ray and gamma-ray instruments, plus infrared telescopes most astronomers are now convinced that at the center of our Galaxy is a massive black hole the unimaginable seize of millions of our suns. This is where Science and Mythology truly meet. For what the center of our Galaxy may represent in terms of energy and the properties of time/space, no one has a clue.
But to the ancient Maya the Milky Way Galaxy represented the Great Cosmic Mother from which all Life was birthed. They saw our Galactic Mother stretching out across the night sky and somehow recognize the place where we all had come from. And the great central bulge at Her center they perceived as the Cosmic Womb. Within the central bulge there is what looks like a dark corridor, known as the dark rift. To the Maya it was referred to by many names but the most pertinent here is their reference to this area as the “birthing pace”. Are we beginning to get the picture here?
Considering then the significance of the 2012 date in the Mayan calendar, it has been discovered that this year specifically points to a period of time when the December Solstice Sun aligns with and arises out from the backdrop of the dark rift, the “Galactic Birth Canal” in the central bulge. It’s as if the Sun is actually being birthed anew from the Galactic Womb.
The Mayan Cosmology was not written in a book, but in the very stars above their heads. The meaning of this story was not revealed through the study of obscure interpretations, but through correspondence of associations assigned to the individual parts in the story. All we need to do is recognize those original associations and the story unfolds all by itself. Just as in our culture we have built up associations between the Winter Solstice, the New Year and the birth of Jesus Christ “the Son of God” who came into this world as “a savior of mankind”.
With the Maya we have discovered another story associated with the Winter Solstice, the New Year and the fate of people on Earth. 
The astronomical alignment of the Precessional Cycle of the Winter Solstice and Galactic Center represents the “Zero Point” on the Cosmic Clock, thus marking the beginning of the New Age in our evolutionary journey in consciousness. It tells us that a New Sun is born, a New Year has dawned, a New Galactic Cycle has begun, and the transformation of our World is well underway.
The big secret in this particular story is that we need not wait for the Winter Solstice in the year 2012 to recognize that we are entering into this time of profound transition. For according to the most recent astronomical calculations the Solstice Meridian actually coincided most precisely with the Galactic Equator between 1998 and 1999.
Just as the Earth’s equator divides the planet into two hemispheres of North and South, the Galactic Equator is the astronomical term for the dividing line of the Milky Way, separating the Galaxy into two halves. Similar to the time of the Equinox when the Sun appears to cross the Earth’s Equator and thus enters into a new hemisphere, so too in 1998 the Winter Solstice Sun began to cross over the Galactic Equator. Considering that the Sun is so large (about one half a degree wide) and the motion is so slow, our Sun will not be completely across the Equator and fully into the new Galactic Hemisphere until 2018.
So we need to understand then that the Mayan 2012 date is simply an indicator to this 20-year period of transition – the birthing process of the New Age and the beginning point of the New Precessional Cycle of 26,000 years.
I find it almost the height of irony that the descendants of those white Europeans who came to the “New World” to bring enlightenment and salvation to the indigenous population, would now find buried here in some remote jungle a stone calendar/clock telling them what Time it is. A calendar or clock not foreign to their own cultural background, but one that actually incorporates and fulfills their most expansive vision of cyclic Time, the Precessional Cycle. 
This “Great Year” was long known to the Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians and the ancient Greeks but lacked a point at which it began or ended. Somehow down through the Ages that knowledge had been lost.
Perhaps the greatest gift the Mayan culture has given our world is the Zero Point to the Precessional Cycle of 26,000 years. Through the 2012 date in their calendar, they have indicated the importance of the Galactic Equator and it relevance to the Precessional Cycle, thus giving us the ability to now pinpoint the exact Time on our Galactic Clock.
Over the span of the 20 year transitional period as the Solstice Sun crosses the Galactic Equator and moves in to a new hemisphere, we will indeed witness the falling away of the old structures and the birthing of the new. 
For those who have eyes to see we are actually witnessing the birth of a planetary civilization.
The very logistics involved in this process will determine that the old values of the Nation States which was primarily based on competition and exploitation will have to eventually give way to a collaborative effort, where cooperation will be the dominate social value. This will arise not out of some new political, social or economic theory but the very desire of the human species to continue to survive and be successful
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The Omnipresence will be seen to be that which drives the God Particle in the field of science, which is only one-dimensional to science at present. We shall take those who are above the three dimensional world and way of thinking into the next level of being in which some of us already live and take part in on a regular basis.
Many will not believe that this is happening or has always been. They will believe this to be supernatural and paranormal and it will be to some. For those who are ready to excel, expand, or up their knowledge as education into higher levels as change, then they will be the ones to learn about how one can migrate and not be left behind. 
This is what so many of the new social networks are learning to prepare others for as we go forward into the new Ascension Age of the future at a time we have already prepared with the Supreme Beings above as that of a new earth era to begin December 21, 2012. TJ
Their chosen topic of research is the examination of the psychological processes of historical or living figures of some prominence.  Simply communicating their work may lead them to violate the ethical standards of their organizations at times, and such individuals openly argue for alternative ethical standards that allow for their work — compellingly, at times.
This question about ethical public judgments is interesting to me for several reasons. Most centrally, I am a personality psychologist and personality psychologists evaluate personality. The issues of what judgments might be made publicly about an individual overlap to some degree with good standards for more private evaluations.
Second, the ethical guidelines for psychologists and psychiatrists have largely left the judgments of the personalities of public figures to columnists and commentators without specific training in the area.
Third, name-calling and characterizations of politicians have been identified as part of the troublesome and inflammatory language that is part of politics today.  Ethics that guide psychologists and psychiatrists might serve to inform others in this area as well.
For these reasons, I plan to continue to explore themes I investigated in last year’s posts concerning the ethics of judging others in the relation between the judge and target, and so forth. 
Ethical systems can be viewed as “aspirational” in the sense that it is impossible to behave in a perfectly judicious, fair and accurate fashion all the time. Even if doing a perfect job is impossible, reviewing these areas may help those who wish to evaluate others’ personalities to do the best job they can.  Additionally, it is my hope that future revisions of the ethics codes of the two APAs and related organizations might take into account this treatment of the topic, and be informed in part by the issues raised. This would allow for a more flexible approach in future codes that would make possible the communication of scientific research about public figures to the public. 
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John D. Mayer is Professor of Psychology at the University of New Hampshire and the author of numerous scientific articles, books, and psychological tests.

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