Alleged Real Extraterrestrials Portrayed in New Light

The inspiration for my debut novel, THE NINTH LEG, came from my great interest in UFOs, extraterrestrials, Bigfoot – all of those fantastic unexplained mysteries many of us wonder about on a daily basis.

For years I’ve been interested in the subject of extraterrestrial visitors. I saw a UFO during a fishing trip back in 1994, and when I was a kid back in the 1970s, I think I might have seen an alien. I wrote about those experiences for UFO Digest more than two years ago. I even sent a letter to President Obama requesting he end the cover-up of the extraterrestrial reality. Of course, that was to no avail because the cover-up is still alive and well.

But most of us already know for a fact something strange is happening. We could talk about it, write about it, jump up and down about it, and scream about it until we’re all blue in the face, but it really doesn’t change anything. Extraterrestrial visitors are here and there’s not much we could do about it except speculate. We could watch interesting television programs about the subject on The History Channel and The Discovery Channel. We could become immersed in highly researched books put out there by some of the UFOlogy greats like Stanton Friedman, Timothy Good, Richard M. Dolan, Jim Marrs, Budd Hopkins, Raymond Fowler, Donald R. Schmitt, David Jacobs, Thomas J. Carey and Jenny Randles. We could go online and share our own thoughts about extraterrestrials and UFOs with millions of other people. But in the end, we are all left to speculate.

One thing that has bothered me throughout the years is the way aliens are portrayed in movies and fiction stories. For the most part, whenever alleged real extraterrestrials are presented in movies or television shows – whether they are fictional or fact-based – the beings are always mysterious. We don’t learn too much about them. We get small glimpses of Greys doing things that we just can’t comprehend. Or, filmmakers will present alleged real extraterrestrials as figures of fun. For instance, just this year a comedy film called “Paul” was released and the title character was a Grey. And when there’s a serious film about aliens where the beings are shown a lot, they are aliens that were created in the mind of the film or television creators. The same phenomenon, for the most part, applies to fiction stories featuring alleged real extraterrestrials. They’re always presented “X Files” mysterious-style.

With THE NINTH LEG, I wanted to change all that. The goal was to create a science fiction adventure story that prominently features alleged real aliens in a setting that they’re not usually placed in. The book features Greys, Nordics, and Reptilians. It answers questions – fictionally, of course – as to what exactly these visitors are up to. It also tackles other questions about Bigfoot, the purpose of alien implants, and Adolf Hitler’s connection with extraterrestrials. I brought all of these things together in a singular story that hopefully people interested in the subject – as well as those with only a passing interest – will find fascinating, humorous, horrifying and thrilling.

For more more information or to purchase the book simply click on its title: THE NINTH LEG.

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