Almost all Australian Unidentified Flying Object files have disappeared

Many months ago, an Australian news corporation asked to see the Australian government’s UFO documents. Almost all of the files had vanished, according to the public response from the Australian Department of Defense. Resource for this article – Nearly all Australian UFO files have gone missing by

Missing documents on UFOs

An inquiry was done to the Australian government’s official documents on unidentified flying objects. It discovered that all but one of the documents is missing now. A Fairfax newspaper, Sydney Morning Herald, states that Fairfax Media submitted an FOIA request for all documents linked to Unidentified Flying Object experiences to the Australian Department of Defense. Fairfax is the owner of several newspapers and magazines in New Zealand and the U.S. The Royal Australian Air Force tracks UFOs in the land down under. The RAFF could only find one file from the 1950s. The rest were missing.

How the records disappeared

There was a file that was still left. It was called “Report on UFOs/Strange Occurrences and Phenomenon in Woomera.” Weapons testing happened in a remote area called Woomera, reports MSNBC. There are some small towns in the nearby vicinity. The Australian Defense Force stopped accepting any reports on UFOs by 2000 as the business deemed them a waste of resources. The RAAF also has not investigated a UFO sighting in some time. In 1996, the last investigation occurred. Sometimes the Australian government destroys files as part of “housekeeping” efforts. The Unidentified Flying Object files weren’t a part of this, according to the Telegraph. In 2003, eight years of Unidentified Flying Object documents were destroyed to conserve space according to Unidentified Flying Object sightings in Australia book author, Bill Chalker. Conspiracy theorists are abuzz concerning the news.

Australia is different

Australia is breaking with tradition among other core countries, as other nations have made their “X-Files” freely available online. Since 2008, the British government has used the National Archives to release parts of the “British X-Files”. The Royal New Zealand Air Force, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, released its Unidentified Flying Object records in December of 2010, though some documents will be sealed for some time for security purposes. In 2009, Canada made all of its Unidentified Flying Object data public knowledge. They can all be found at the Library and Archives of Canada site. The UFO information is available in the United States through several agencies, although it may take some work to get. Data is accessible through the National Security Agency also as the United States Navy.

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