Amazing ships from Redbear

There are many different types of ships that I have seen, these are just a few. The round donut ship with a ring is seen here in a few pictures, the triangle one man ship and a few others. In my experience I have become used to seeing them and look forward to the visits, at first it was a very hard time understanding it all.


All the pictures and visits occur during the day and I am calm and enjoy the visits, the reality that is forced upon us is more scary than anything.

In my ongoing communications called, “Lifting the Veil”

I will explain all that they have brought to my attention and how we can survive it all and live in a real “Heaven on Earth”. What a ride it has been, I thank God for allowing this amazing connection of truth and love.

Stay tuned and feel free to ask questions and I will bring them up during the communications. email me at [email protected]





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