An alternative explanation for the existance of UFOs

There is another explanation for the existence of UFOS, not a popular one, but one which I believe needs to be considered. Please allow me to provide the back drop to my statement.

As a young man in my teens, I began to question why humanity seemed so intent on destroying itself and the planet it lived on. I am now 53 and grew up during the cold war era, often reminded of the way that Western Europe and her allies were outnumbered by the USSR`S conventional forces and how quickly any war would escalate to a potential all out nuclear one.  

When Star Trek hit our screens in the 60`s, I was immediately hooked, wishing that I could have been born in 23rd century and have had the chance to travel at warp speed and visit new worlds and new civilizations.

At school I was taught Geology, that the earth was billions of years old and that humans had evolved from lower life forms, theories that seemed perfectly reasonable to my young mind. I believed, quite logically, that if life had evolved on earth, then it could obviously have evolved elsewhere.

I decided that there must be other civilizations in our galaxy, some less advanced, some more advanced and that if they were out there, then surely they would not allow us to incinerate our planet and if they could cross our galaxy, then they must have the technology to prevent nuclear war. I, like many others, read Chariot of the Gods, I also read about Uri Geller and his communication and encounters with Extra Terrestrials. At one point I found myself shining a torch into the night sky hoping someone up there would see it and respond to my pleadings to stop our insanity.

My belief in ET`S continued until I was 18, when I was confronted with the possibility that God may exist (Not a God who was an advanced ET, but the Creator of all that exists). This was due to a profound change that took place in my elder brother who up until this point had also believed in ET`S and who was now saying that there was a God and that Jesus was real.

I could not deny that something had happened to my Brother and so I went to a couple of church services, but then didn`t really want to hear any more about it and just got on with my life and was not particularly impressed with being “preached too.” However, it was evident that over the next 3 years, that God was more interested in me, than I was in him.

To cut a long story short, at the age of 21 I had my own personal encounter with the living God and a profound change began to occur in my life. Jesus says, amongst numerous others, that “You shall know the truth, because the truth shall set you free”

 The way I perceived the world around me began to change, it was if a veil had been lifted from in front of my eyes and I became acutely aware of the existence of God. Things that I had once believed as “proven by science” began to be questioned i.e the origins of our universe, the age of the world and of course, the origins of the human race.

The origin of UFO`S was also revealed to me, God showed me that yes, they existed, that they were real physical objects and that peoples encounters with Aliens were also real experiences. What UFO`S and Aliens were not, was extra terrestrial beings. They were not travellers from other more advanced worlds, neither were they time travellers from a future human race, or beings from another alternate universe or dimension.

Most human beings, whether they admit it, at some point question their existence and wonder if there is more to life than just their fleeting appearance on planet earth. Is there  life after death?, the question that perhaps most pops up in peoples minds, especially as one ages, but which is perhaps a little too scary to dwell on.

I believe that a great deception is at work, a deception that draws people away from the reality of a creator God and his reaching out to the human race in the person of Jesus Christ, leading them into error. The Originator of this deception is Lucifer, more commonly known as Satan, a fallen Angelic being, still possessing immense power and giving humanity what humanity wants, the belief in the possibility of life on other worlds.

The theory of evolution, now taught as fact and frequently presented to us by the BBC in particular, has provided the fertile ground for the belief in extra terrestrial life to flourish. As I said earlier, if life can occur on earth, even if the chances of all the necessary ingredients being present at exactly the same time to provide a life giving world with all its phenomenal complexity are literally trillions to one, given enough time, it can happen elsewhere.

Analyse the theory of evolution under a microscope and you will find it simply cannot offer a credible explanation for the creation of the Earth with its structure, the origins of life on earth, and particularly the phenomenal complexity of something as wonderful as a living breathing human being. Perhaps we readily believe it, because the alternative is creation, creation means there is a creator, a creator leads to the possibility of a God with the power of creation and God may have expectations of his creation. There is also the possibility that he has made himself known to his creation, if so how etc, etc, the ball begins to role. 

If someone truly seeks the reason for their existence, and wants to know if God really exists and how we can find him, then Jesus stands at the other side of a door, if we open it and invite him into our life, he promises that he will reveal the truth to us.

Yours sincerely





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