Another Recovered Alien Body?

I was looking at the headlines from Yahoo’s news service last week just prior to checking my email. One of the items was that a dead body of an alien was discovered by two hikers in the frozen wastelands of Siberia. The area around Irkustsk, Russia is supposed to be known as a UFO hotspot where the body of the alien was closest to, lying half buried in snow. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to see the video in which the alien body was displayed but the corpse was to have part of its right leg missing, deep holes for eyes and a mouth in a skull like head.
Believers think that the body could have been left behind by the other occupants of the alien spacecraft. Could the alien died of natural causes or an accident of some kind? There was to be reports of a UFO hurtling towards Earth in the area about a month ago. I can’t see how the aliens companions could just leave their comrade behind but may have tried to give the best proper burial possible considering the frozen terrain involved. It was also mentioned the Russian military missed the alien body while clearing up after the alleged crash. But how could this be? One would think the Russian army would be doing a thorough job and not miss a body of any kind, which I would think would be obvious to trained eyes scouring the immediate area. Yet hikers spotted it on a casual walk about.
Some “claim the video shows a carefully staged model for the alien’s body.” Others may take for granted, without question, the alien body is the real thing. It wouldn’t surprise me that authourities would do such a thing to keep believers at it. I like what an honest autospy report would have to say but then it would be hushed up anyway. While it is wise to not dismiss all alien tales as fake or false, it’s just as smart to not accept all these stories at face value.We need to look at the evidence in the cold white light of dawn to find out what is real and what is not.
Ron Murdock
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