Are Aliens Part of God’s Domain?

If you believe in God, you have to ask yourself, “Did God create aliens too?” If you do not believe in God, you have to wonder how life managed to pop up on far distant planets which have environments that seem hostile to life. 
If aliens are from other dimensions, is our God in their dimension too? If aliens are future human time travelers, did God make it to the future?
No one knows the answers to such enormous questions but I would like to share some ideas I’ve encountered recently:  A comment was made to me, “Aliens need religion, they are not created in God’s image, and apparently His covenant is only with the man (humans) He created.”
How do we know aliens need religion? Are we to be missionaries and bring them our religion, then? If God made His covenant only with humans, why would aliens bother? They are excluded before they begin. 
We don’t even know who the aliens are and yet we have already announced that they are not children of God? We don’t know if they are physical life forms, plasma entities or pure energy. They might have their own religion, perhaps worshipping the Great Goddess of their own planet; then they do not “need religion,” they already have it. 
If aliens are our own grandchildren (human time travelers), then are these aliens not in God’s image?  Yet, apparently some people look at UFOs and say, “These UFO occupants are not God’s creations and not in His image. I already know this.” 
Are we to be so egotistical that we think our Earth religion is what extraterrestrials must embrace? And if they do  not want any religion, does this make them negative beings? Intelligent, gentle people with integrity and decency can be (and often are), not religious.
Who has officially discovered that aliens are not created in God’s image? If some aliens are humanoid, then they are created in His image. Of course if God is an omnipotent force, then energy beings are more in His image than we are. Maybe plasma-like angels and UFOs are in his image.
Of course many people do not feel God is in human form at all, nor do we think “he” is male. Many people feel God is indeed an omniscient power, a force of the universe and does not have gender. If “it” does have gender, it is all-creation, thus female/male. 
And what if God’s image is not just that of “man” but also of a three foot tall extraterrestrial?  God’s image would still have a head, two arms, two legs, and a torso. Perhaps this is what the Bible meant when it mentioned “in His image.” 
How do we know that God’s covenant is “apparently only with the man He created?” Is the covenant posted in the Great Hall of the Cosmos for all to see? Perhaps interpretations of the Bible after thousands of years with numerous translations from language to language and having been subject to organized religions’ political pressure throughout this time – cannot be taken literally as we prepare to meet aliens – an enormous event! 
If there is a God or God Force, would it not create all life in the universe? Would it not create the universe itself and not just Planet Earth? 
If God is the property only of humans and Earth, then there must be other gods of the universe. This concept tends to diminish (one God) monotheism which is said to be superior to the many-deities approach; however, maybe this is brain-washing by organized religion.  Perhaps monotheists are wrong and Pagans are right? 
Perhaps even Mother Earth has many gods and there really is Mars God of War, Venus Goddess of Love, and gods and goddess out in the Andromeda Galaxy too.
As I said at the beginning, these are just thoughts which go through my head. I enjoyed an article on UFO Digest recently entitled
This article makes a good case for intelligent design and for God as a universal force. However,  I feel this article leaves out a crucial concept which is the “bridge” between “no god” and “Yes, there is God.” That bridge concept is consciousness.
Consciousness is both a scientific truth and a spiritual truth, so this adds to the possibility that it is extremely important not only in human beliefs but alien beliefs as well. It is a bridge not only between “no god” and “Yes, there is a God,” but is also a bridge between human and alien.
Electromagnetic fields carry intelligence within human brains from which springs human consciousness. This consciousness is not only in one human brain but it spreads across the planet, creating collective human consciousness.
Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic field theory, as well as cutting edge quantum physics tell us that this electromagnetic field might also stretch out into the galaxy and the universe. Indeed, the universe may well be an electric universe, an electromagnetic mass of consciousness. 
Alien consciousness and human consciousness likely both connect to this universal “God Consciousness.” 
But did God Consciousness create the universe though intelligent design? Again, we have the old conundrum: Then who created God Consciousness?
This conundrum might never be answered but if we look at it scientifically: Electromagnetic networks stretch throughout the universe, and within them, Higgs-boson particles somehow manifest a tangible phenomenon called “consciousness,” so then we have “God creating the universe”  and “the universe being (God) consciousness itself” happening all at the same time. 
Consciousness is simultaneous and is the bridge element again. Einstein told us that all time is simultaneous also. This also seems a good pointer to verifying what is almost beyond our ability to grasp.
 If you think this is too far-out, look into your own mind and consider the electromagnetic energy up there which gives you intelligence and thus, consciousness.
 Each of us have neuron receptors in our minds which function through electromagnetic networks, allowing us to feel, think, behave, and be – human. Your individual mind flows like a tributary into the river of human collective consciousness. As the river of the collective human consciousness travels throughout history, it encounters alien electromagnetic rivers of consciousness. There are larger rivers out there and currents go both ways, out of your mind and into your mind.  
So, the article on God in the universe, in my estimation, has left all this out. It mentions the Big Bang and God creating it. I am sure this God is said to be a conscious force, not a man. However, the quantum and spiritual phenomenon of consciousness is missing in this article. It seems we are more objects which got created than we are a part of universal consciousness. It might be time for an expansion of beliefs and knowledge.   
The fact is, we sail in and out of the larger universal river of consciousness all the time; we can behave within the strict confines of social procedure at work every day but then on the way home, we hear Elton John’s “Rocket Man” and we are suddenly “out there” where humans and aliens fly. 
Or we stop to help an injured cat and we are suddenly “of Mother Earth/Father Sky,” no longer the guy or gal from the office wondering if one’s shoes are not in fashion. We connect to God Consciousness all the time. Or if you are scientific, we connect to quantum universal consciousness all the time, but do not realize it. 
Enjoying science fiction books and films is a way of purposely trying to take a look at other species’ intelligence and so is chasing UFOs! We somehow know this “other consciousness” is accessible to us if we try hard enough. We are God’s children but so are aliens; scientifically, we are a part of the universal electromagnetic field.
Consciousness is everywhere, inside and outside Earth’s atmosphere. I believe that some consciousness is of pure energy, having evolved beyond the need to define itself by perceiving a corporeal body. We humans still have need of being corporeal, but I believe the thrust of evolution is toward becoming pure energy.
There is continuity of consciousness, we can go “out there!” There is no real barrier which we cannot overcome just as we always have when we embrace our collective courage and curiosity. It is a challenge but this challenge is what keeps our species viable and invigorated. If no evolution is taking place, stagnation leads to extinction for a species.
Consciousness is everywhere, inside our heads, inside the heads of other Earth life-forms, inside and all around the planet Earth herself, and in outer space. Are we wrong to think that for life itself to spring up, it needs an earth-like environment and a corporeal (physical) form? 
It might well be that all which is needed for extraterrestrial life to begin, is the electromagnetic, universal field. If a planet is hostile to life as we know it, consciousness simply creates itself  something “hospitable” to those circumstances and begins to evolve a life there.  This environment will be natural to it if not to us. Is this an argument for Intelligent Design? 
Perhaps. This concept also simply states that consciousness is everywhere in the electric universe, and consciousness finds a way. Life finds a way.
I wish to end this article with a direct quote from a dear friend of mine. He has an amazing mind and I don’t think I can word his thoughts any better than he has. He is referring to an article I wrote on the possibility of cryogenic sleeper ships to cover the vast distances of space:
“Accepting that life force/spirit is a conscious entity permeating the physical form but not encapsulated by it, and so free to leave the body and wander at will, and accepting that the physical form is simply a biochemical robot optimized for functioning in specific roles on one particular planet, and the logical thesis that all life forms are physically adapted to the environments in which they function, that some life forms even on Earth regenerate lost physical organs or appendages, and assuming that any culture smart enough to travel intergalactic space also knows how to regenerate biochemical robots suitable for functioning on whatever  planet they land, why bother freezing their original bodies?”
“All they need to do is think and thus manifest themselves a new physical form, suitable for a particular planet.”
If we are to solve the UFO puzzle and possibly interact with alien races, we need to expand our religious beliefs!  No, we do not need to get rid of our personal beliefs, not at all! They simply need to grow.
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