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The creatures had humanlike features – the faces of adult humans on childish bodies – but their oval heads had eyes set so close together as to make them resemble the legendary Cyclops. Terrified by the sight, Juan and Héctor broke into a mad dash for the imaginary safety of Zaragoza Street, and the prospect of reaching their home. Héctor tumbled to the ground a few times, weighed down by the contents of his book bag.

There are contradicting sources as to what happened next. In one version, the beings took to the air, flying up and away , enveloped in a white light, as if though having been spotted by the young humans marked the end of their escapade. In another, the boys ran to their home, only to find their mother standing outside, gazing skyward at a strange light in the sky that “looked like the sun” due to its brightness, thinking that “strange birds” were flying in the air toward the light, unaware that they had taken flight precisely from the field that her two children were running home from. 

“They frightened us,” said one of the boys, “sent us into a panic. My mother was able to see them from the entrance to our house.”

The mother contacted the authorities and law enforcement agents questioned the boys, asking if they had slept well the night before the incident and if they “knew anything about UFOs or extraterrestrials”, questions to which the youths replied yes and no, respectively. Pressed by the uniformed grown-ups as to what they had seen, one of the brothers piped up: “Some children, but they weren’t like us.”

There was no follow-up to the astonishing account and the percipients were never heard from again, despite the inquiries made by two separate Mexican UFO research groups. For some reason, an alternate date of March 30, 1979 appears as the date of the event in some sources, questioning the veracity of the whole ordeal. The truth of the matter lies with two boys – now men in their Forties – who are probably still trying to put the nightmare behind them.

A Quiet Evening Stroll

The warm temperature and spectacular starry skies on the evening of June 15, 1974 were enough of an enticement to prompt to neighbors – Dolores and Marisa – to go for a nocturnal stroll in their town of Manzalvos, in the Galician province of Ourense (Spain). The two friends had no idea that their spur-of-the-moment constitutional would land them in the pages of the chronicles of the unknown. Veteran ufologist Marcelino Requejo, who had relatives in that community, included the experience in his book OVNIS: Alto Secreto (Ediciones Cydonia, 2009). He was able to pay a visit to the community and interview the experiencers in person.

Inspired by the warm night, the friends decided to walk beyond the outskirts of Manzalvos and enjoy the breathtaking firmament above. As they walked, Dolores and Marisa became aware of two intensely bright red lights descending from the dark sky in complete silence, eventually landing at the foot of a hill a few hundred meters from where they walked. The lights went dark, and the friends were startled to see the appearance of a bright yellow horizontal light in the middle of the darkness. “The light,” writes Requejo, “expanded until it formed a perfect triangle of enormous size.”

The friends were further shocked to see two humanlike silhouettes, perfectly black, emerging from either end of the oblong light, walking slowly toward each other, their paths crossing in the middle of the light and each heading in the opposite direction from which it had first emerged. What astounded Dolores was that the silhouettes walked with the precision of “soldiers standing guard in front of a building.” This maneuver repeated itself for a few minutes while both friends, now patently terrified by the enigma playing out before their eyes, sought shelter behind the corner wall of a village alleyway. Even more astonishing to them was the fact that the luminous oblong shape began to collapse inward on itself, becoming once more a thin, bright light that vanished into the dark. The two powerful red lights reappeared at the either end of what had been the rectangle and slowly rose into the air, before lurching suddenly into the starry night, vanishing out of sight. Both women ran home to tell their relatives about the unsettling and outright bizarre event.

“Two entities,” writes Requejo as a result of his interview with the witnesses, “were walking along the screen in a regular manner. No arms were visible. Their silhouette was entirely dark and their height, estimated at a little more than two meters, was shorter than half the height of the luminous oblong.”

Ufologist Requejo mentions, by way of comparison, other cases similar to the 1974 experience in Galicia, sometimes involving larger groups of witnesses, but featuring the “projection screen” feature witnessed by Dolores and Marisa. While clearly a display of some sort, one wonders if it was aimed at the witnesses, as the humanoid “actors” were oblivious to the presence of witnesses in these cases. It could be another example of the ‘pointless’ activities that UFO occupants have been seen engaging in since the early days of the phenomenon, ranging from collecting useless specimens of soil to asking terrified humans for the time of day.

Hit the Road, Jack

Up until to the abduction paradigm of the 1990s, it could be argued that a nocturnal road trip through a desolate area in any part of the world was the likeliest location to have a UFO experience – any of the three CE-types – and some researchers of the ‘70s even cautioned their readers to have care when driving alone under such conditions.

This was clearly the case in Chile in 1965, when medics aboard an ambulance on an emergency call became the unwilling witnesses to a brilliant light descending from the night sky, surrounded by a host of lesser, attendant lights, that eventually came to rest upon a plain. As the wary ambulance driver drove on, given the urgency of his mission, he was shocked to find one of the smaller objects intercepting his vehicle on one of the curves on the road. One of the medics would later report seeing – lost amid the glare – what appeared to be “figures moving behind portholes”. Even more disturbing was another medic’s recollection of seeing a creature’s face looking at him through one of the side windows, “being dominated by its eyes”.

Chilean researcher Rodrigo Fuenzalida has looked into his share of these cases, which have made Chile one of the world’s foremost locations for encounters with the unknown for well over fifty years. During a radio interview on the “De La Noche a la Mañana Radio Show” on Radio Cooperativa, the researcher brought up the eerie case of Mr. and Mrs. Juan Munizaga, who were traveling to the coastal city of Viña del Mar in 1983. In their Forties, highly respected and both occupying important jobs, the last thing the Munizagas expected at two thirty a.m. as they drove down Route 68 was to be inducted into the annals of humanoid contact experiences.

At some point along the dark road – the vicinity of Casa Blanca being mentioned – the couple saw figures ahead on the asphalt that they first took to be “horsemen on their respective mounts” riding on the paved surface. As the figures did not make way for the motor vehicle, Mr. Munizaga slowed down, turned on the high beams, and cast light upon creatures standing two and a half meters tall (8.2 ft.) with white hair, enormous eyes and “celestial” tunics “like something out of a Hollywood production”, as they would later describe them.

Even more perplexing was the description of “shoulder pads with electronic circuits that came out of their necks” and the emotionless features of both giants, one of whom the Munizaga’s distinguished as possibly being female by its sharper features and somewhat ruddier complexion. Fuenzalida uses the term “feminoid” to describe the possible giantess, who made her way to the car and looked into the passenger side window, casting her enormous eyes on a terrified Mrs. Munizaga, who curled into a fetal position on the seat in a vain effort to shut herself off from the unknown; Mr. Munizaga is reported to have cursed out loud “why didn’t I bring my revolver with me”.

The encounter with the towering humanoids in their glowing raiment reportedly lasted three minutes, after which one of the beings stood aside and the driver was able to accelerate past them. Mrs. Munizaga looked back and reportedly saw one of the creatures making mechanical gestures with its arm, beckoning them to return. 

“These entities,” notes the researcher, “belong to the classification of tall beings in luminous outfits that give off some form of unknown luminous energy. Their morphology is generally human, but their eyes were twice as large as normal human eyes.” Another couple had a similar experience in the same area in 1986, but in this instance, one of the entities raised a hand and caused the automobile to lose all power while its companion performed an “inspection” of the vehicle, walking around it. Once the first creature lowered its hand, the car was restored to normal and able to leave.

But why the absurd behavior of circumambulating a car? “With UFO entities,” writes Hillary Evans in Visions-Apparitions-Alien Vistors, it is not possible to give them the benefit of such a doubt. Their conduct is almost always bafflingly meaningless to our eyes,” despite the fact that the behavior is clearly endowed of some sort of significance. Other authors suggest that these behaviors serve the purpose of misleading the witness, but why?

With the Northern Hemisphere awash in sightings and bedroom invasions of “Grey” entities in the Nineties, it is notable that more traditional – but no less bizarre – events were occurring elsewhere with other non-human types. A 1998 case in Chile involved a family enjoying a day outdoors when they witnessed what they first took to be parachutists coming out of the sky, capturing the event on their camcorder. But no parachutes were ever deployed. The humanoid figures plummeting out of the sky suddenly stopped in mid-air, flying in formation toward the Pacific Coast.

As if this detail wasn’t enough to move the case into the highest ranks of high strangeness, the family remarked that the erstwhile parachutists were gigantic – estimating them to be at least three meters tall and clearly visible in broad daylight. They seemed to be surrounded by a swarm of lesser lights (much like the object seen by the ambulance crew in 1965). Skeptics dismissed the incident saying the figures were “large trash bags sent aloft by local children.” (The video can be seen at YouTube URL We see in this case a repetition of the “flying humanoids” that terrified the two boys in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, a decade earlier.

Another significant Chilean case from the late Nineties – also from Rodrigo Fuenzalida’s files – includes a “bedroom visitor” that once again, was not one of the multitudinous Greys. 

On the evening of February 13, 1997, an unnamed young housewife was getting ready to put her baby daughter to bed before going to bed herself, as her husband worked nights. At one point, the woman heard a “buzzing” sound that came out of nowhere, electrical in nature, and when she glanced over to the bedroom wall, was alarmed to see a humanoid figure with a backpack and helmet materializing on the wall. The witness went to pick up her daughter in terror, as the unearthly figure seemed interested in the child. A curious detail is added: the helmeted non-human appeared to be “confused” – had it materialized in the wrong apartment or time, or the wrong dimension?

The witness heard the buzzing noise again and the bedroom visitor disappeared, leaving behind a strange glow on the wall that remained visible moments alter. The outcome of this experience was hardly a positive one, as the woman refused to return to her apartment: she returned home to her mother and father, suffered a nervous breakdown, and could not be dissuaded from sleeping at the foot of her parents’ bed.



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