Are We Viewing UFO Occupants Objectively?

The question as to whether the visitors in our skies are good guys, bad guys, or just aliens who are passing by, is certainly at the center of every debate. If we just knew which they are, we humans would be mostly united, especially if disclosure and UFO landings are in our future. It is astounding that on what well may be the biggest issue humankind has ever faced, we have been left to figure it out and deal with it on our own. There is no education, no preparation, no careful explanation from the powers-that-be; in fact, quite the contrary.

I have had fascinating input from readers following my article, "UFO Occupants: More Than Just Cold Observers" and some of the thoughts herein are based on questions readers have raised.

Question: Isn’t the fear reaction on the part of human beings natural and justified?

Yes, rightful fear of course is natural and justified.

If you meet a bear in the forest, you are frightened. This is rightful, instinctive fear. However, even then, you have a better chance of survival if your intelligent reasoning ability takes over quickly. Fear says to run but it seems you are better off with a bear if you stand perfectly still.

We would all have rightful fear if a saucer set down suddenly in our back yard and the portal opened. And we all feel very humble, if not fearful, that apparently there are beings overhead who are superior to us; we hope beyond hope that they believe our lives are of equal value to theirs.

However, then there is mindless fear which usually lingers for years, even for a lifetime. Out of this mindless fear arises stereotypes which induce hatred of others who are "different." Children learn racial bigotry because their parents display fear of another race. If we don’t deal intelligently with mindless fear, it metastasizes like a cancer.

In my article "UFO Occupants: More Than Just Cold Observers," I refer to the harm which mindless fear can do, from lynching black men to stoning Moslem women, to burning Pagan people, to murdering native peoples, to constantly dishing out and/or believing undocumented, unproved horror stories about aliens. Stereotypes abound, little is thought-through with reasoning and logic, asking, "Does this really make sense at all?"

Might we be hurting the human future to promote this mindless fear of life from outside Earth’s boundaries?

If we as a species are to be so frightened of new things and beings, we might be at the end of our evolutionary line. It was frightening to sail past the horizon when we perceived the world to be flat, but we sailed. It was frightening to meet naked Aztec wearing feathers and gold (and yes, that ended badly thanks to a lack of non-interference directive), but onward our species sailed.

We live in a world which tells us to wear a helmet to ride the bike down the block and to buy the latest diet fad lest we will be over the weight limit of acceptability. Corporations make huge money off us as we worry incessantly about ourselves, our feet, our toenails, our weight, our heartburn, our graying hair, and our flat chest. Is this the species we want to be, utterly self-involved and afraid to venture outward?

Sure, we should employ common sense to take care of our safety and health. However, we are brainwashed to buy, buy, and buy some more – so badly, we cannot even perceive that we are brain-washed, by corporations and conglomerates who own our governments. Our entire society tells us now, "Be afraid, be very afraid of everything, and thus we must buy the protection they offer. Our biggest fear should be our stagnation as a vibrant species.

Maybe the English language should come up with two different words for "fear;" one word would be for rightful fear and the other word would be for mindless fear.

Another response I received: The reasons you provide (that there is a non-interference directive) are, I am afraid, right out of "Star Trek."

Yes, "Star Trek," has the non-interference directive but the non-interference concept is not illegitimate just because it is on "Star Trek."

If Britain, Spain, and other conquer-the-natives, colonizing countries had subscribed to a non-interference directive, the world would be different today. These countries committed genocide on a long list of native peoples, murdering their culture and right to govern selves, as well as just plain wiping out huge numbers of human beings and plundering the resources of their lands. It could be said that colonizing countries made many of our political global crisis areas today.

If there is even one space-going species in all the cosmos, I can guarantee you it has run up against the question, "Do we aliens plant our flag on every planet and declare it belongs to us? After all, we are more powerful than the natives. Or do we respect the native species, leaving their world to them?"

"Do we interfere with bad, selfish leadership of the world we are exploring, or do we let it run its course from within the timeline, carefully not interfering?"

In other words, when the writers of "Star Trek" begin to outline the adventures of a starship exploring unknown worlds, they immediately ran into this "non-interference" question, it couldn’t be avoided! They did not invent the concept, they merely had to deal with it; it may well be the dominant question for a group of explorers, on Earth and far beyond, or at least it should be.

Just because it was on "Star Trek" does not invalidate the larger concept! If a fictional television series deals with famine, does it disprove that famine exists?

To say, "When you refer to good guy aliens, you are just brainwashed by ‘Star Trek’ and science fiction," is absurd. To be honest, it is time to lay this silly argument to rest. Science fiction explores concepts which are legitimate, real problems, situations, and philosophies. To insinuate that anyone who likes science fiction is a brainwashed vegetable or tool of the bad aliens, is ridiculous.

Another emailed question: "Why would the aliens possibly stick to a non-interference agreement?"

Well, because at least some of them are good guys, maybe?

To assume they are all bad guys, and thus "disprove" their apparent integrity, is the crux of this entire problem. You haven’t disproved or proved anything, you have given your opinion that they lack integrity. However, they have kept that non-interference promise as far as we know.

Look around, it is 2012 and there are no alien cities, the farmers in the heartland are still human, and you are not in a human enslavement camp, it seems they have stuck to their non-interference agreement. Any microbe in the universe would be disgusted at this point with

Earth’s leaders, so, if the aliens are frustrated with our governments and leaders, they are not alone! This might explain why they seem to be pushing the boundaries of non-interference at present. Disclosure is a necessity which is long overdue; the aliens think so too.

If the aliens are good guys, they have stuck to their non-interference agreement because they said they would. Why is this possibility ignored?

A question from me: Is there no perception of a middle ground where aliens are concerned?

In our debate on whether aliens are "new age ascended masters of sheer heavenly perfection" or "evil blood sucking, genetically tampering-aliens," we have lost perception of the middle ground.

I feel that most aliens are actually in this middle ground. They are not perfected heavenly masters and they are not some parasitical cold, dead-eyed race too horrific to contemplate.

As an example, perhaps some aliens are future humans (aliens in time). If future humankind manages to find the key to traveling back in time, some UFO occupants could well be our descendants. Manifesting at points on Earth’s timeline might be different than our perception of "time travel." There is the concept of "time reassignment" which our military is working on even now; it involves quantum engineering.

So, let’s assume some UFO occupants are humans who are 200 years ahead us, or 500, or a mere 2,000 years ahead of us. We of 2012 are curious: Do we still eat meat in the future? Do we still make war? Do we still colonize other countries/planets? Are we still imperfect?

Probably, since the human evolutionary march is usually forward, future humans have improved. Perhaps they don’t eat meat or make war or interfere in the sovereign rights of

others, but I bet future humans are still imperfect. Therefore, they are beings in the middle ground of goodness.

Future humans might have linked up with other space-going explorers who also have a code of ethics and who are very intelligent, but who also are not perfect. These aliens, like future humans, are pilots of advanced craft but those craft must also have a janitor aboard, a nurse, and a cook.

Yes, there may be sheer energy beings flying around too who don’t require a janitor, a nurse or a cook. My point, we common people who are kept in the dark by our governments, should at least consider UFO occupants in the middle ground; I believe most of them are living, breathing, fairly good guys, but not perfect, not heavenly. If we can identify just a little with them, and they with us, we are safer. It is harder to conquer when real connections are made.

Advanced technology dawns on a planet, does the dominant species keep its soul?

I maintain that to go to space/time, an alien race has to have encountered a pivotal crisis caused by advanced technology as it begins to take them over, thus conflicting with positive spiritual and ethical behavior. Earth is just now undergoing this challenge which comes to every sentient race.

Obviously the aliens have survived this point in their history and gone off into space/time to explore. To have gotten where they are, aliens have looked into themselves as a species, and by virtue of having achieved the huge accomplishment of star-travel, we know they channeled their resources into going outward, not making war with each other. They have run into one ethical question after another as they visit different worlds, and they have had to confront these questions and challenges and deal with them.

Yet, many of us assign an identity to the aliens which says they are mindless, unscrupulous beings with no integrity or ethics. To me, the evidence shows they do have integrity because we are still here, aren’t we?

Having overcome their own world’s pivotal crisis time, most of the aliens have examined the ethics and ramifications of interfering in another world’s timeline. They have learned how detrimental war is; it wastes the valuable resources which are needed to break the barriers of space/time, so as to explore the stars. Long story short, if they are intelligent enough to overcome the very formidable problems of quantum travel, space travel (however they do it), they are intelligent enough to deal with (and have dealt with), questions of ethics and peaceful non-interference. They are obviously beings with a lot of learnin’ and evolution behind them.

Another email question: What positive good have the aliens done, they might be like the whalers of old who go to port to port, take resources, don’t care, and travel on?

This viewpoint chooses to invalidate the millions of people who have received positive input from aliens. As I said in my previous article, if you are Reverend Jack and hear from Jesus or angels, you are a wise man, but if you are Contactee John and hear from positive aliens, you are a faker or a nut job. Believe me, there is real prejudice here!

Perhaps you do not believe that millions of people receive legitimate communication from aliens; this shows a certain ignorance of quantum entanglement and morphic fields on your part. None of us knows much about these phenomena but I do know, at least, that they exist. When you see what a UFO can do, is it so far-fetched to think that these beings really know about quantum fields?

This "just passing by, don’t care" version of aliens also negates the fact that many of us have had an encounter/abduction and come out of it reasonably wise and enlightened. It can’t be denied, the aliens contributed to "this" within us. We can tell you, they are not uncaring passers-by. Our testimony should have equal value to the very frightened abductee testimony. An encounter is partially what you choose to make of it, just like other traumas in life.

"What good have the aliens done?" This is like saying, "Show me the car accident which did not happen."

"Show me what the aliens might have done that made a bad situation less bad." At this point, I could channel an example but this is an article, not a channeling; long story short, I have no proof.

The aliens do stay hidden but millions of people feel they have done something to help them. There are large possibilities too, like lessening the impact of a storm or quietly helping survivors out at sea, thus a "miracle" happens. Someday, we might be surprised and amazed at what the aliens have done to help us (just a thought).

Are the aliens uncaring, just passing by like whalers of old? Not if you think there is a shred of credibility in the ancient astronaut theory which says that aliens are actually a part of Earth’s history, and perhaps our own ancestors. They might have created our species. Maybe we have no right to resent them being in our skies because our skies are their skies too.

Many people feel, and there is some proof, that Homo sapiens is an alien/earth hybrid, that there are illustrations of UFOs in ancient texts and art work, and that the aliens have always been here, shaping Earth and her history.

If you don’t feel this is valid, and feel they are passing whalers, then at least they have been here since 1947, that’s 65 years in the same port. I don’t think they are cold observers. And to think of them as whalers or other primitive, violent groups, it biased in the first place. Perhaps "sailors passing by" is a better term.

The hard question: What about cattle (and other) mutilations?

There are various groups of aliens in our skies. The craft we see vary a lot, as do descriptions of the occasional alien, from human to humanoid to reptilian to grey.

Are you thinking, "Oh, that’s a convenient excuse! Blaming one bad apple group for the cattle mutilations and exonerating the other alien groups is a cop-out which excuses the horrors of cattle mutilation." However, I feel that there might be a "bad apple group or groups," it is a real possibility.

To explain: Would you rather be put in jail in Denmark or Iran? On Earth, we have a variety of groups but nearly all belong to the central United Nations "group." Would you prefer the human rights of Syria or the Netherlands? Groups do vary, even in our small space on Earth. Are the aliens who are probably from many distant worlds and dimensions, not allowed this diversity? Groups do vary.

Would humans a mere 200 years in the future, ever kill a cow? 200 years ago, we were hunters, and in 2012, we are still hunters; we kill animals and each other, every day. In 200 years, who knows?

Cattle would have to be euthanized or at least given anesthesia in order to cleanly, surgically take certain parts from them to perhaps test for contaminants or to do something genetically. Maybe aliens want to start a herd of Earth cows on Omicron Ceti 6, who knows? How many cattle have been mutilated? Hundreds, maybe thousands? This is wrong, no excuses.

How much beef did you eat last year? We have inhumane slaughter houses which "stun" and kill millions, perhaps billions, of cows every year which/who could not even turn around in their tiny stall when they were alive, existing only to be fattened up, killed, and eaten by humans. We shoot a mother doe as she stands in front of her fawn. We kill pigs and chickens by the truckloads (well, inhumane factory farms do). Are you better than a factory farm operation because you bought your dead pig in a sanitized supermarket? Yes, this is an extreme "PETA view."

To what standards are we holding the aliens regarding cattle mutilations? Are we hypocrites?

Obviously they are not perfect ascended god-beings if they euthanize a cow which/who was just standing in a pasture. Or perhaps some aliens have achieved near-perfection, but not the ones who mutilate cattle.

As for other mutilations, from cats to humans, I see no proof, no hint of proof, that the aliens had anything to do with these. I think many, especially the supposed human mutilations, are disinformation by those who do not want the common people to ever know aliens. Just because it is on YouTube does not make it fact. Mutilation is unfortunately an interesting subject for sick minds also, so of course it is on the Internet; this does not make it fact either.

Disinformation and misinformation are huge factors in our perceptions of the aliens; please at least consider this:

Misinformation: The vet says the dead cow was cut precisely, then the game of gossip takes over, especially on the Internet and soon enough it was a pure laser cut of the kind never seen before.

Disinformation: Where do we begin on this huge iceberg of a subject? Feed the people fear of the unknown to protect your power, whether religious, governmental, or corporational, selling stuff to the masses who passionately believe they need your latest product and therefore make for yourself trillions of dollars. Yes, just the tip of said iceberg. "Keep those consumers needy, wanting sheep!"

If the aliens are some manifestation of ourselves or our future, what a shame if we listened to all that disinformation!

If the aliens are mostly good guys from distant places (not gods nor evil parasites), what a shame we didn’t consider the middle ground in perceiving who they really are.

We are middle ground beings too, not good, not bad, but most of us try. I feel that there is plenty of evidence that the aliens do have ethics and I have offered some of this evidence herein.

What an opportunity to meet our great, great, great, great, great grandchildren or some amazing being from an exotic distant world! What knowledge they must have! It might be knowledge we need to survive as our world enters a crisis stage. Do they have free and abundant energy sources? Do we ever need those!

How sad if we hide in the muck of mindless fear of the unknown and don’t gain the knowledge that there are multiple parallel multiverses, and that perhaps even death itself isn’t real. Perhaps we simply transition to another aspect of reality – a parallel quantum world.

Right, maybe this isn’t true, and I am dreaming. But maybe it is true, and the human race has always, when all is said and done, taken the leap, embraced the chance. Thus we have pushed our evolution along, pushed our learning and development to new heights.

If we ignore the aliens as we cower in fear, will they just go away? Apparently not!

Don’t we have to deal with this phenomenon?

Do we deal with it intelligently, or do we let fear and its stereotypes rule us? Because we still have to deal with it. Caution, rightful fear, common sense? Yes, of course. However, on-going mindless fear, refusing to use our reason and intelligence? That could be fatal, if for no other reason than our vigor as a thriving species will lose its momentum.

Maybe that is why the aliens are concerned about us as they hover 50 feet off the ground in so many sighting reports. Maybe they are yelling out the portals, "Wake up, Grandma and Grandpa, before it is too late!"

If they are our descendants, we did wake up. We still exist. An odd thought which gives hope. 

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