Argonauts BUGARACH

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Argonauts BUGARACH

Photo: Bugarach

The writer Guy Friend Tarade just send us this remarkable article, written in collaboration with friend Christopher Mele Villa.

A big thanks to Guy!

Christophe Villa-Mele — Guy Tarade

The dapper little village Bugarach, administered with great intelligence and taste of Mr. Jean-Pierre Delord, rooted to the sources of a distant past.  On several occasions, this name has changed.

In 889: Villa Bugario,

Bugaragium in 1231,

Ecclesia de Burgairagio in 1259

Bugaragium in 1347

Sainte Marie de Bigarach from 1194 to 1500,

Locus Brigaragio in 1377,

 Bugaraich in 1594

Beugarach 1647,

Bugarach in 1781

As in many towns in France, the village church houses well-kept secrets, hidden under a mantle of light!

Our Lady of Bugarach is attested since 1194 after the domination of the abbey dedicated to the martyr St. Polycarp Bishop (889) and before the scrip of the rightful heir of Pierre de Bézu, Pierre de Voisins (1231) which was to head of the Commandery to Campaign Aude.

The only parts of the present church can be dated are the steeple of the sixteenth century and the nave of the nineteenth century.

They have an unusual singularity, because all the saints who are represented are anonymous. They have a body but no face!   The name of the master glassmaker who realized is ignored!  Only two panels were referenced by the archive department of Aude. This is The Virgin Enthroned

Curiously, the angel Raphael is represented as a giant.

There are in this church another window enigmatic wrongly named by investigators of the unknown “The window Jules Verne … Some see the symbolic representation of the ship commanded by Captain Bugarach in Clovis Dardentor famous novel, published in 1896 .

Any fan of symbolism detail representation in great detail, she deserves it.

The main topic is a boat to sail deployed, whose mast is surmounted by a wheel of fortune. Behind the nave, we find a rising sun and at the top and left of the window include a waning Moon. The boat sails and an anchor hanging on his right side. This detail is important, it may mean that the mariners are preparing to drop and hit the ground …

Although abnormalities are evident in this composition.

 It represents a way to move on the wave or waves. Indeed, in the old tradition, the boat of the dead was always allegorical, the sail was bent, without breath! The rising sun, which is behind the nave, is a symbol of rebirth, the light appears.

The latter is not going to hell, but brings the renewal of life and the Argonauts who fly are invisible! The anchor hung on its side, is the image of firmness, durability and fidelity. It illustrates the stable part of every being, one that allows us to keep a calm lucidity is the key to hope.

But do not forget that the anchor is also the emblem of the conflict between the solid and liquid, soil and water. It stops the movement of life, when it becomes stormy.


There is some analogy between the boat and the wheel. The latter refers to the travel, postage conditions of place, and the spiritual state that they are correlative.

Here, the Wheel of Fortune, the tenth major arcana of the Tarot, seems to give us a wink. Maintained by the top of the mast of the boat, we find two characters who grab them. One climbs, the other goes down.

She does not like the game of Thoth, Hermanubis and Typhon, or dogs, or monkeys. However it is quite an education summary. With six rays, the character who is left in the descending portion of the steering wheel activates a crank. Here, there is no fixity, solar symbol, the wheel means on the contrary the continuing instability and the eternal return. And we look back at the quote from Sebastian Brandt, which states:

It is so great empire

On our extensive land

Which finds its end

When its time has come.

From the perspective of the Wheel of Fortune, our freedom depends on our ability to file any burden accumulated by the values passed down from generation to generation, rarely validated by experience and that inhibit the heart by preventing it from acting spontaneously .

The tenth card of the Tarot is a slide transition.

But since we are committed to the path of the strange and mystery, may be should we have a completely different thought process, if we want to discover the enigmatic riddle of Razes.

It is not accidental that this wheel come from the Hermit and precedes the Force, as the Magician, we all must make his initiation without the need of anyone.

As a researcher of the Impossible, before the riddle of glass, which is the window of this church Bugarach, we must know that the path is not complete.

This illustration serves as a visa is a pass showing that we are on track … but this is a way!

A wheel is also a mill that can lead us to the Hermit … Let those who have eyes to see them looking at maps of Staff … They will be the heirs!

The number 10 is also the number of the spiral, that is to say, a circle change plans. The wheel is turning. But it does not turn on itself, each new turn, she stands on a higher plane. In more common at high altitude! Wheel of Fortune leads to a treasure, but which one and where is it?


This little forgotten church retains a special surprise. All characters depicted in stained glass have drawn the outline of the face without eyes, nose and mouth appear.

It will be appreciated, it is impossible to identify these anonymous saints. When you want to learn about this incongruity with the Diocese of Carcassonne the response leaves doubtful:

“The diocesan archives have no documents on the church Bugarach or on the windows of this building …”

Better, Departmental Archives of the Aude, you will be answered: “The paintings of faces have been erased over the years … The” scrub “that attacks only the faces of saints depicted in stained glass, without the rest is degraded by time, to something strange.

Then we must make two proposals to solve this mystery. The first touch to draw donors who made these windows and can be shed not only the amount agreed to complete the work … Often the gentry liked to see their picture displayed on the head of a saint. The glass masters in retaliation would not have fulfilled their wishes.

The second assumption leads us to ask ourselves if these saints céphalophores, who had his head cut off, do not symbolism bequeathed by a local religious brotherhood. The latter intends to teach that it is not by the mind that is gained through the sky but the Way of the Heart. St. Denis is represented on a stained glass window of Saint Francis Xavier, in the sacristy, holding his severed head in his hands at the place of the heart, while the angels put in place his head a radiant sun. It is the same for St. Valerie shown a window in the cathedral of Limoges, holding a towel in his severed head on his chest while a red sun replaces it.

Such representations also exist in the Berry and Brittany.


In October 1967, Marie-Louise Durand was involved in the Society of Scientific Studies of the Aude, discovered she had achieved in the lower room of the last remaining tower of the castle Bugarach. It was a set of drawings dating from the thirteenth and fourteenth century, who were burned slightly recessed on two cornerstones of a door (0.73 x 0.35 and 0.30 X0, 32 ). It is in the ruins of a square tower with four levels, on chaining angle the gateway the second level (ground floor) there is any graffiti that have been drawn up to men.

The design consists of lines and points in which we can recognize four five-pointed stars, two of which are pointed at the center, a swastika, two sets consisting of networks of lines that intersect and cross the branches on a half crosslet circle-decorated cross with equal arms: it is a representation of world domination. It is found on the pre-Romanesque chapel of “quintillion de las Vinas” in the province of Burgos in Spain.

From the analysis we have made of these graffiti, on the copy of the statement to the original scale that was Jean-Pierre Sarret in 1967, leaves us thinking that we are facing a kind of map that would materialize on the ground, the projection of constellations and astronomical references.

The scanning of this document has revealed that it contains an identical set on a symbolic level, the window of the boat and the Wheel of Fortune Bugarach church.

In this case, we can assume that a treasure associated with a different knowledge, has been brought to the area by sea. After being landed on the shores of the Mediterranean or Atlantic, he now rests in the area of Rennes le Chateau.


Stock Editeur-1974– In “Crusade against the Grail” – Publisher Stock-1974 – (Chapter 3-The son of Bélissena) Otto Rahn wrote:

“The son of Bélissena had not only set in the county of Foix. We met them as vassals and relatives of the counts of Toulouse and the Viscounts of Carcassonne in the Languedoc: The castles of the lords of Saissac Cab-Aret Hautpoul and were hiding in impenetrable forests of the Black Mountain, the top of which they could see the fifty laps of the city of Carcassonne.


Graffiti found in the lower room of the dungeon Bugarach our attention, including a composition of lines and points in which it is possible to identify four five-pointed stars, two of which pointed to the center of a swastika. Two sets of lines intersect and cross the branch crossed again on a semi-circle decorated cross with equal arms: it is a representation of world domination. It is found on the pre-Romanesque chapel of “quintillion de las Vinas” in the province of Burgos in Spain.

From the analysis we have made of these graffiti, on the copy of the statement to the original scale, made in 1967 by Jean-Pierre Sarret, we are almost certain to find ourselves before a card that would materialize on the ground The projection of constellations and astronomical markers evidenced by the presence of the Crux, the famous Southern Cross, which can be observed only in the southern hemisphere.

The scanning of this document has revealed that it contains an identical set on a symbolic level, the window of the boat and the Wheel of Fortune Bugarach church.

Here, while remaining very cautious, we can imagine, a treasure-related knowledge “different”, was taken from a region located between “Tanezrouft (territory located near the Hoggar and Tassili Hoggar is ie between Mali and Niger), by sea.

A five-pointed star, that is to say, a pentagram was carved into the church Bugarach at the entrance of the church, inside above the door of the shrine.

This star has five points of those companions whose mission is precisely to travel from site to site. This symbol Pythagorean veil in its path many secrets. But as William Shakespeare wrote: “Remember that there is between heaven and earth more mysteries than your philosophy can not conceive ….”


The latter was published in the Bulletin of the Society for Scientific Study of Aude. —T67. -T67. Page 30—1970 Page 30-1970

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