Arizona Desert UFO Conference Wrap Up

21st Annual UFO Conference Closing

February 26, 2012

As usual the day always starts out with Yvonne Smith, psychotherapist, with her relatively small group of 20-30 experiencers…but it grew in numbers as one experiencer told me to reach around 70 people. There were other psychotherapists and spiritual workers trying to help calm the new experiencers and/or get new clients for their ‘”healing arts business”.

Read Johanne Robichaud’s Saturday report: Contact is Imminent – It Could Happen Tomorrow

From 9:00 until Noon was the film festival screenings of the winning films from the week.

The first day of the conference, the judges had to look at ALL of the submissions and this was the paring down of  all the submissions to a small handful.

Of course the films of note were: “It Could Happen Tomorrow,”Director Ron James and          Christopher O’Brien, “Craft of Unknown Orgin”, Director Mike Fisher, and “The Truth is Out There” by Director Phil Leriness and starring Dean Haglund previously from the X-files.

This last film had a lot of interesting characters that put their two cents in and many points of view.  The film’s approach was very loose and had a “home movie” look to it; camera shaking, camera going in and out of focus, and disjointed edits.  Overall an interesting film that needs a lot of technical work.

Other films that got screened were Presence and the Ummo Files”, Director, D.R.Denocla, and the “Legends of the Flatwood Monsters”, Director, Barry Conrad and The Montauk Chronicles by Director Christopher Garetano.

From 1–3 pm was a panel discussion on UFO’s and Mass Media

Featuring Bryce Zabel, Ben Hansen and Lee Speigel.

Bryce has recently scripted a film based on the paranormal stories of the Roswell case investigators, called “Majic Men”.  He also is working on  “Shades of Gray”, the original missing time story of Barney and Betty Hill.  A former CNN correspondent turned screenwriter, Bryce has embraced the UFO field in many of his recent filmings.  In 2008 he received the Writers’ Guild of America award for the writing of “Pandemic”.  He also wrote “Official Denial” which was on the SYFY channel.  He understands the responsibility and implications of what he presents to the public about paranormal and UFO incidences.

Lee Speigel is also in the media reporting on the UFO phenomenon and he writes that the “media just doesn’t get it right”. Speigel is writer and host of nearly 1,500 programs about UFOs and other unexplained phenomenon.  In one of the first attempts at disclosure, he was the only person in history to produce a milestone presentation to the UN in 1978.

Ben Hansen is the lead investigator and host of SYFYs current hit show, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.  After getting degrees in Sociology and Criminology, Hansen went on to pursue a career in criminal investigation.  He has a life-long interest in UFOs and investigating methods. 

Conference Closing at 3 pm both in English and then in Spanish.

There was also a special Spanish session featuring Jaime Maussan, General Ricardo Bermudez and Antonio Huneeus that completed this years’ UFO Conference 2012 from 4 –6pm.

I sat outside during this time to join a roundtable of UFO enthusiasts all listening to Colonel Donald Ware.  A very interesting man indeed.  So interesting that I think you will want to read my upcoming article with Colonel Ware.  His interview touches on his early childhood experiences, to joining the Armed Forces as an engineer to flying the supersonic planes, to being a MUFON member of ten years to being a Light Worker.  Yes, and all in one lifetime at that! Stay tuned to read about one of America’s most interesting individuals.



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