Artificial Intelligence

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, or AI, for short might be a possibility for the ETH, or Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis. This might be a combination of organic or inorganic entities, cyborgs, and the like.  These types might operate without breathing, and therefore could exist inside or outside of our atmosphere.  This would account for the photos taken from space shuttles, stations, and commercial satellite platforms and would explain how cloaked OPACS, or off-planet-aircraft, operate both in orbit and also near the ground. 

If possessing AI, they might be immortal or self-sustaining.  Could they be mankind in his new, improved, incorruptible and permanent state?  This might be the key to the question “Who or what are the ETH aliens and their craft?”  They dive into and emerge from bodies of water, hover and cruise in our atmosphere, land on and take off from our Earth, and make quick direction changes in defiance of simple physics as we understand it.  But we still don’t know for certain many of the basics, such as are they animal, vegetable, or mineral?  Could they be a combination?

There are now as many known’s as there are unknowns, and theories abound.  Since these craft have mass and energy we can see them visually and on radar, and we can photograph them, so it’s obvious that they exist.  Their origin is still an unanswered question.  Are they from Earth originally, or do they come from “out there”?  Since they are here now, and history suggests that they have always been here, or else they drop in from time to time, eon to eon, that would at least eliminate military complexes as a possible source. 

The various military complexes are relatively simple, really.  They are still using jet and rocket technologies that were “old hat” before most of us were even born.  Cargo packages routinely travel from place to place over the globe in planes with propellers that go round and round and some of the packages are still delivered by yak or ox-cart.  So the military is not going to be a source of answers.  Even if they knew they would be afraid to tell because it would expose their vulnerability in the face of superior advanced technology.  After all, maintaining the calm of the status quo is one of their chief concerns.  But what if a more advanced life-form is actually based on the old bipedal Homo sapiens model?

The new and improved man is bound to be an improvement over the present warlike, selfish, mean, unholy, disease-prone, long obsolete model, which may be on the verge of extinction.  At least some are headed that way according to a conversation that I overheard recently that went something like this:

“….so they have this dark and thick animal skin covering all over their bodies to protect them from the elements.  Their feet are tough, and though they were a sturdy bunch to begin with, many are eliminated each year because of various road hazards.  Though living on the fringe of society, these endangered creatures love the lakes, trees, and mountains, and this largely explains their wide range of habitation.  Exploration and freedom means much to these especially adapted nomads, and as modern society progresses they find themselves pushed more and more into the fringe areas, and away from our towns and cities.  Their territory is wide, and they forage for life, subsisting on the edge of society while extending their range far and wide and from one motorcycle shop to another.”

Or as the famous movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn so aptly put it: “I want to boldly go where the hand of man has never set foot!”                           © 2011 prestoncash


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