Assassinated ‘exopolitical’ Governor honored on Exopolitica Mexico’s website

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

Former Colima Governor Silverio Cavazos


Exopolitica Mexico, the organization representing exopolitics – the study of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse – in Mexico has launched its international website –

in memory of assassinated former Governor Silverio Cavazos of the state of Colima.

Governor Cavazos, who publicly supported the activities of Exopolitics Week in Colima, was assassinated by unknown assailants outside his family home in the company the Colima state Secretary of Economic Development Rafael Gutiérrez Villalobos on Nov. 21, 2010, just after the conclusion of Exopolitics Week at the University of Colima, Nov. 15-19, 2010.

Governor Cavazos, known popularly as ‘Silverio’ in this coastal Mexican state, was an enthusiastic student of exopolitics.  Governor Cavazos attended an opening dinner for Exopolitics Week that took place in the historic village of Comala, the setting for author Juan Rulfo’s widely known novel, Pedro Parama.

Silverio attended Alfred Lambremont Webre’s exopolitics lecture at the University of Colima, and hosted the National Council of Exopolitica Mexico at a private dinner at his home at the conclusion of the week. 

Investigators, who have released a composite sketch of the assassin, have not publicly announced any motives or leads in the assassination, and they have ruled out any drug-related connection and any political motivation to the assassination.

At the private dinner at his home on Nov. 18, Governor Cavazos told Alfred Lambremont Webre that he did not plan to retire from politics, that he planned to run for Senator, and if possible, he planned to run for President of Mexico in 2018, or in 2024.  Mexican presidents enjoy 6 years terms of office, without reelection.

Former Governor Cavazos was governor of Colima state during 2005-2009, and it is a political tradition in Colima for the outgoing Governor to function informally as Governor and tutor the incoming Governor for two years after his term of office, according to political observers.

Members of Exopolitica Mexico’s national council, Ruben ‘Tawa’ Martinez, a prominent Colima-based TV host, journalist, and part of the political group ‘Los Tenaces’, Daniel Muñoz , a Cuernavaca-based TV personality and researcher and author on extraterrestrial life, and Exopolitics author Alfred Lambremont Webre issued a statement of condolence on the tragic loss of Governor Cavazos as a political and exopolitical leader in Colima, Mexico and the world. 

Exopolitica Mexico announced the dedication to the memory of ‘Governor Silverio’ of the 1st Latin American Exopolitical Congress, to be held in Mexico City in the fall of 2011.  Invitees will include Exopolitics organizations in Mexico, and Central and South America, and an international panel of experts on relations with intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse.

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