Astronauts Kept Experiences Secret for Fear of Losing Jobs

Publisher’s Note: Received an email from Dave Haith with this interesting story. Dirk
There’s a programme on BBC Radio called The Life Scientific with presenter Jim Al Khalili in which the latest episode featured his interview with Professor Alan Watson who has spent 40 years trying to unravel the mysteries of cosmic rays.

Click here to listen to Prof Alan Watson interviewed by Jim Al Khalili cosmic rays astronauts.mp3

Somewhere half way through the Professor revealed a little snippet which says something about the taboo that exists in reporting extraordinary experiences for fear of being thought unstable.

Professor Watson said that during the disastrous Apollo 13 flight, because they were thrown into complete darkness, the crew witnessed flashes of light which are now known to be the result of cosmic ray bombardment.
But the Professor revealed that he had had a conversation with an astronaut who revealed that previously all the astronauts had experienced the weird lights but had not reported them because they feared being taken off the space program.
If individuals were scared to speak up about a few flashes of light then one can maybe understand their reluctance to report UFOs.

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