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Hello – My name is Amanda Prosser and I have been published regularly since last year in an Australian publication titled UFO PRSA.
In brief, I am an Awakened Contactee and Life Long Experiencer and over the last couple of years, in my role as a Casual Secondary Teacher I have had students coming forward about their Contacts. Sometimes the students draw diagrams and living in a rural community I am sometimes able to gain confirmation from a parent because Intergenerational Experiencers are coming forward. I am also in contact with adults and I keep all my connections discrete and am willing, myself, to be public.
In March of this year I gave my first presentation. My belief is that we need to move forward and as a Teacher I want to assist people to study their area of interest and there are so many within the framework of Exopolitics. I can see it is time to acknowledge that we are being engaged by Intergalactic Visitors and many people are regularly contacted instead of just sharing information I can see the need for people to be taken seriously. All topics related to UFOs and all matters Exopolitical need to be considered as Academic as every other applied science. I truly respect and admire the courage and persistence of all the current high profile academics and researchers, as well as every other person who runs and/or attends their local UFO group. In short as  a Teacher I feel that everyone deserves to be able to speak freely and in an informed manner about the topic of their choice.
I will attach a photograph that was given to me by a local from an Intergenerational Contact/Experiencer family.
Not very brief was I. I send my articles and research to the President of the UFU-PRSA Larraine Cilia in Australia as a matter of historical record and because the group have supported me without question or judgement. (Something we need more of from within our Exopolitical Community).
So I know how to write (being an English Teacher) and I love to write. Please enjoy the article and photograph I have attached and even if you don’t require my services – Thank You and keep up the great work. Oh  by the way Steve Bassett knows of my work although I have not contacted him for awhile.

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