Andrew Thursby Pelham


Andrew Thursby-Pelham is a musician, composer and sound engineer who lives in Perth Western Australia.

During his formative years he was lucky enough to live and go to school in several countries including Wales, where he was born; Canada, Malaysia, and of course Australia where he now lives. Brought up mainly on farms he spent hours roaming the countryside deep in thought, and reveling in nature’s freshness and complexity.

Andrew has a deep interest in extraterrestrial visitation, and along with his daughters has witnessed a classic silver disk UFO over Perth, Western Australia in 2001.

Apart from his constant research into the UFO phenomena, much of his spare time is spent refining his theory of “Voidal Symmetry” which describes the template and mechanisms that give all things existence. A deep thinker and philosopher, he considers it a privilege to be able to contribute his ideas and knowledge to others.

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