Nigel Grogan


As a child and probably in the late 60`s, I remember witnessing what can only be described as a definite and inexplicable UFO event over Birmingham England, but I first remember becoming seriously interested in the UFO phenomena at around the age of 16. I also began looking for answers to explain some of our rather extreme Human behaviour i.e. 2 world wars and the relentless destruction of our planet. I had never believed in God, but decided that there must be many extra terrestrial civilizations out there and hoped that one of them might stop our madness and being a child of the Cold War, what I expected to be an inevitable Nuclear Holocaust. I remember wishing I could have been born several hundred years later and been on board a Star Ship, hence my love of Star Trek which survives to this day.To cut a long story short, my life changed forever, when not long after my 21st Birthday, I finally discovered for myself that God was a reality and that he really had made himself known to Humanity in the person of Jesus Christ. This experience began to slowly reshape my understanding of the world and how it operates, including why Humanity is as it is, and to have an insight into the workings of what I now believe are the very real spiritual powers behind the UFO and Alien abduction phenomena.I have always tried to be level headed and down to earth and am not prone to flights of fancy. I have spent over 25 years in a variety of Social Work roles and have several professional qualifications behind me. I do not have a scientific background, but I always question what we are told by Science is fact or truth, how they know this and more importantly, why we are told.I now have the privilege to have the time to read and research my passion for discovering the truth.

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