Belief, Knowledge and UFOs

The problem with arguments based solely on Biblical texts (or any other quasi-religious text) is that the argument itself is almost invariably rooted within an existing belief system that has nothing to do with the subject at hand. From a Biblical standpoint, for example, UFOs are usually categorized as being of the demonic or the angelic realm, and the reader is essentially being asked to choose sides. If you’re not FOR the angels, then you MUST be for the demons, and vice versa. It sets up a dualistic model which assumes the reader automatically agrees with the paradigm in which the article is written. In other words, the reader isn’t being encouraged to THINK, but only asked to BELIEVE. And there is no “right” answer at that point – rather like… “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”

On my own website, I often get religious believers wanting to debate me on one subject or another. And what always seems to happen is that when common sense or logic is invoked, suddenly I am accused of attacking the person or trying to “steal their faith”. I always have to laugh at that, because religion is the greatest theft of common sense, logic, and personal power that has ever existed. When someone makes the decision to look at the world solely through the eyes of their religion, they have abdicated their own power and turned it over to “the church”, and in doing so, the church has become the very devil it preaches against. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Just accept on our word that everything is under control.

Question everything. Question reality. Question authority. But most of all, stop at least once a day and question your own beliefs. Do you believe God exists? If so, WHY do you believe it? Is it something you read in a book? Is it something someone told you? Really ask yourself: WHY do you believe something? Do you believe UFOs come from outer space? Inner space? What do you believe…? Why do you believe it…? This kind of questioning may seem on the surface to be annoying but it is the ONLY way we may be able to confront the fact that MOST of what we believe has nothing to do with reality itself. Man once believed the earth was flat and the earth was at the center of the universe, remember?

My own work focuses on the relationship between the mortal self and what might be called “the immortal Other” – the aspect of our being that is commonly called the higher self, the totality of oneself, or a variety of other names. What I’ve learned with regard to the UFO dilemma and most other mysteries, is that we need to look at them for what they ARE, examine them as truly awe-insping mysteries, rather than trying to assign easy conclusions and meaning to these incidents, because all too often, the incident itself might NOT be willing to fall in line with our human conclusions and meanings, at which point we run the high risk of finding ourselves at odds with the thing itself, and setting up an adversarial position, wherein we say UFOs are “evil” because they didn’t agree to agree with our conclusions.

Finally, because the UFO mystery remains a mystery and a controversy, attempting to shove it into a Biblical context is not only pointless, but potentially self-limiting. If we already BELIEVE UFOs are “of god” or “of the devil”, then we cannot see it in any other light than what our pre-existing belief dictates. The moment we do that, we have abandoned all hope of Knowledge and entered into a pact with blind faith and superstitious belief. Might as well believe the Easter Bunny is at the helm and Santa Claus is driving the saucer-shaped sleigh at that point.

The destruction of faith is the beginning of evolution.

Thanks for listening,
Della Van Hise

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