Brilliant Discovery: ET Tech Transfer?

The Most Brilliant Discovery

The Tree of Life, found in medieval texts, is a system used in esoteric Judaism (Etz Ha-Chayim). It is a diagrammatic representation of the DNA molecule. But how could philosophers of the Middle Ages view its infinitesimal structure without tools? The Tree of Life is based on four nuclei or worlds. Each rotates at a slightly different orientation to generate three-dimensional sequences of life. The DNA molecule consists of four types of nucleobases. The sequence of the four bases along continuous chains corresponds to the genetic code. The Tree of Life has ten attributes or emanations called sephirot aligned along two opposite pillars divided by a whirling middle vortex. The sephirot vibrate in a zigzag motion called the “lightning flash” around the pillars. This is the double helix of DNA. When the double-stranded building blocks of life stack themselves, they twist into a helical spiral-staircase shape.

The Tree of Life grows like a segmented coil, winding its long strands around a helix axis. The replication of DNA strands (or peptides) is called polymerization. But how could scholars of the Middle Ages analyze a microscopic bio-molecule without using sophisticated apparatus? Modern science did not identify the double helix structure of Deoxyribonucleic acid until 1953. The attention-grabbing answer is that the sephirot are the Ten Commandments – God’s moral principles with a “map of life” to preserve Earth’s DNA from corruption. The Tree of Life’s exactness could not have cropped up randomly from medieval make-believe. It was reportedly “received” and brilliantly discovered by ancient humans with the disclosure of complex data by an intelligence from elsewhere in the heavens.

The Most Useful Invention

In Christianity and Judaism, the Book of Life (Sefer Ha-Chayim) is the book in which God records the names of those in heaven. The Psalms gave serene thought to   the  Book of Life. The deeds of the   morally good are said to be written in Malachi’s Book of Remembrance. The Book of Life is also mentioned in St. John’s Revelation, which describes a book or scroll sealed with seven seals.

In the Apocalypse, the only one worthy to open the book is referred to as both the Lion of Judah and the Lamb. Upon the Lamb opening the seals, solemn judgments are pronounced and apocalyptic events unfold upon the Earth. The Book of Life is sometimes also known as the Akashic Records, and compared to a universal computing cloud. Prized as life’s most useful technological invention, it is the genetic storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived.

What Happens When The Most Useful Invention Meets The Most Brilliant Discovery?

Advocates of the Technological Singularity movement believe that in the near future the Internet “cloud” could attain virtual super personhood. Smarter-than-human computers will develop their own intellect and the Internet computing cloud will become an evolved extension of the human psyche. Humans might become immortal in as little as 20 years through technology capable of replacing our vital organs. The belief that a super computer will become the genetic storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived is now a stated ambition of the Technological Singularity movement.

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