Charles Manson: Evil Incarnate

It’s well known that the previous tenant of 10050 Cielo Drive was Terry Melcher where Sharon Tate and four others were murdered in 1969. Melcher had listened to a recording of Charles Manson’s music. Melcher wasn’t impressed with and reportedly “not enthused” by the performance of Manson and his girls. So how much Manson and his minions did what they did to get even with or scare the hell out of Melcher is a moot point. Dennis Wilson destroyed the musical tapes he made of Manson’s music in the late 60’s, saying “the vibrations connected with them don’t belong to this earth.” This is an eerie of a remark I’ve ever heard. It makes me wonder just how evil or horrid Manson’s music was.

It was after a raid on the Barker Ranch that the high strangeness involving Charles Manson and his “family” started to see the light of day. While in custody Susan Atkins started telling other inmates of “a man, this Charlie” who in her mind was the strongest man alive and was never broken despite spending a good chunk of his life in prison. Atkins went on to say that Charlie was going to take them some hole in Death Valley, from there they would be led to a civilization at or near the center of the Earth.

From David Icke’s book, Childred of the Matrix , I read that a number of underground supermen or “hidden masters” are living at an enormous civilization and will eventually emerge on Earth’s surface to take control of our world. From another Icke book, Global Conspiracy, Reptilian hybrids live in underground bases, cities or tunnel networks. Entrances to these underground locations are supposed to be at various sites around our planet. Is there a connection between what Icke wrote and what Manson had to preach? How Manson got mixed in with this is open to debate but rumour has it that he was programmed at China Lake, becoming a slave of CIA personal there. Is it a mere co-incidence that China Lake is only a 45 minute drive from the Myers and Barker ranches where Manson and his family made camp?

While it may be just innuendo about the connection between Manson and China Lake, there are things about Manson that are clear. Manson’s eyes must have intimidated many people over the years. A person could conclude that Manson had a demonic entity inside him that could sway the most innocent and gullible of people. Pictures of his “family members” showed faces that were either vacant or hostile. Many who cast their lot with Manson were young adults who were angry at the world or running from home or wanted to drop out of mainstream society. Along with this and the aid of drugs and a liberal dose of religious gobbledygook, Manson was able to keep his mental dominance over others.

Vincent Bugliosi, lawyer and author of Helter Skelter, took the opportunity to speak to Squeaky Fromme and Sandra Goode. Bugliosi was shocked on how both radiated inner contentment and how they were much like true believers or fanatics. Only it involved the Gospel of Charlie. Fromme and Goode felt they didn’t need to search for the truth and longer as they found it and it was “Charlie is love.” Apparently the two young women smiled continuously as they talked to Bugliosi. All I can say is that they should have looked harder and longer in other places. After interviewing other females under Manson’s influence, Bugliosi noticed a sameness among them that overran their individuality. They reminded him more of Barbie dolls than actual human beings.

Starting early in his life, Manson spent time in various levels of institutions learning the trade of a criminal career from his peers. Manson was quoted as saying “I spent so much time in institutions that I never learned much of what real life on the outside was all about.” In 1967, after spending 17 of his first 32 years in some kind of institution Manson was paroled. He had begged authorities to be kept in prison but was denied. Just think on how history would have been if Manson was kept in prison.

While in jail Manson would have had plenty of time to develop his powers of concentration and the ability to cold read people. Several young women under Manson’s hypnotic spell said he “gave off a lot of magic”, sort of a changeling”, and “heard him sing…like an angel” wrote Vincent Bugliosi in his book Helter Skelter.

I do believe that the eyes are the windows to a persons soul. A look at Manson showed that his gaze was just so intense and I can see how easy it would be for him to gain control over a person’s facilities. His followers, male or female, looked like automatons or the walking dead ready to do anything that Manson commanded, An example was when Dean Moorehouse, father of Ruth Ann, went after Manson in order to kill him for stealing his daughter. Instead Moorehouse wound up on his knees worshipping Manson. If this is true, just where did Manson get this kind of power?

When Manson was putting together his original family, many people had the good sense to walk away from him. Others were scared of Manson or thought his preaching was just too weird. I’m glad that most of Manson’s first followers have renounced him and gone on to lead normal productive lives. Yet 40 years after the fact, Manson still has followers, some of whom weren’t even born when Manson and his team went on their murder spree. I don’t see the appeal that Manson has. Are some people so in need of a hero figure or substitute god they will settle for a Charles Manson? And what has kept Squeaky Fromme and Sandra Goode from recanting their loyalty to Manson?

To finish off I find Manson is a perfect example of having capital punishment as an option to choose from. Another choice is to have Manson sit in isolation and spend his time things of what he has done if he can show any remorse.

If you would like more information or to purchase this book simply click on its title: Childred of the Matrix


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