Chem-Trails Explained

More people than one would suspect believe in chem-trails these days, where certain governments in the world (mainly the United States) use high altitude aircraft to spread chemicals over the general population. It would surprise no one if this were the case, however, the likelihood of this being true is virtually nil. The chances of the masses being sprayed with chemicals and bio materials for whatever reason is low because in doing so, all government officials as well as everyone else would be infected. Realistically, this would never be allowed.

Many look at the condensation trail left behind that becomes essentially cirrus clouds in the high atmosphere as their proof of something being released from the aircraft. The truth is, what they are viewing is the condensation that forms as the result of exhaust from the plane’s jet engines. If chemicals or bio products were part of the cloud, they would have to have been mixed with the fuel in this reasoning, but to do so would destroy or greatly alter whatever chemical or bio payload intended for distribution. This is so because anything mixed with the fuel would also be burned.

If an intentional spray of chemicals were the mission we would never see the trail from the release, because it would leave no condensation cloud and literally be dispersed without visible proof.

The fact is we can only see contrails when the jet stream is very near or directly overhead, otherwise high flying aircraft will leave no condensation trail. This is why contrails or so called chem-trails are more visible over some areas than others and at certain times of the year. Southern California can be used as an example for viewing such condensation. During the winter months and a good part of the fall and spring seasons, Southern Ca. has the jet stream directly overhead or very near. Thus, jet condensation will litter the sky most of the year. In other locations where the jet stream rarely positions itself above such jet engine condensation will hardly be seen.

If we are truly being sprayed from above, the chances are the chemicals or bio payload would be invisible unless the payload is in powdered form or massively being released in liquid form, akin to farm crop dusters.

Keen observation of the aircraft is necessary for determining a chem-trail. 

(1) If the aircraft is leaving a trail similar to a contrail and the jet stream is hundreds of miles away, it may be a chem-trail.

(2) If the aircraft is flying too low for normal contrail formation and seems to still be leaving a contrail, it more than likely is a chemical trail.

(3) Most military aircraft responsible for leaving contrails have 4 engines. Does the craft leaving the condensation trail have less than 4 engines? If so, it may be a commercial jet.

The truth is what we are viewing is simple contrails from high flying aircraft and the chances of the contrail being a chemical trail is highly unlikely. More contrails are visible today than in years past, simply because there are more planes flying today than in past decades.

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