Clear image of UFO near the Sun

By Ian Brockwell

There have been quite a few reports of objects flying close to the Sun, but this latest one has provided an image that clearly rules out solar flares, or any other “natural” object. 

There are two videos available on UFO Digest that give more detail on this object (Video 1) and a second that shows several objects (Video 2). 

I have provided an image of the first (below) and the shape would certainly confirm that this was not made by accident, as it really does look like a craft that was designed for flying. 

I noticed that there appears to be a reflection from the Sun on the top of the craft, indicating that it is at the side, or slightly behind the Sun. This would mean that the craft is enormous and at least the size of our own planet. 

Naturally, I am a little skeptical of images like this, especially when they provide as much detail as this one does (considering the distance), and my first reaction is that it is a fake. However, I could be wrong. 

Whilst we might find it hard to believe a craft of this size could exist, especially so close to the Sun, who can say what technology exists in other parts of the universe? 

It is also puzzling why aliens would find the Sun so interesting. Are they taking energy from it, or trying to keep it burning at a constant level? 

I feel certain that those who see the videos will have their own opinions and perhaps offer some suggestions (sensible ones hopefully), 

The Unexplained Explored

The person who created the video feels that this might be the beginning of something potentially catastrophic for our planet very soon. Whilst I am not sure whether this is some sort of warning, I too believe that we may be facing a serious threat in the very near future (from a number of potential threats). 

This could be the rumoured Planet X, the collapse of the red super giant Betelgeuse, an Asteroid collision, 2012, or even the eruption of the supervolcano at Yellowstone (very possible). 

Whatever fate lies ahead, there is probably very little we can do about it. With that thought in mind, don’t worry too much and enjoy life as much as possible (just in case it is shorter than you hoped it would be).

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