Comets, Asteroids, Planet X, Poleshift, Economic Chaos

Hello dear friends,

Elenin is nothing, a small dirty snowball which is not on the path of Planet X. First of all Planet X is already here, 30 million miles from earth in the direction of the sun, lower left at sunrise, upper right at sunset as seen from the northern hemisphere. Planet X is stopped in its movement because the earth is stopped in its movement. Gravity pushes, it does not pull, so your theories are wrong from step 1. Planet X is trying to evade earth and get by so it can resume its trip out of the solar system. Backed up behind the earth is the Dark Twin of Earth, and off to the side is Venus, both stopped in their orbits. Because Planet X is laying on its side with its north pole facing earth’s equator, it is making earth wobble, hence the giant north south loops to the jet stream instead of the smooth west to east in the northern hemisphere. Planet X trails hundreds of moons, trillions of rocks and planets worth of iron ore dust. As it finally gets to escape, it will suddenly loom as large as the full moon and then leave. At the closest approach of 14 million miles, it will grab magnetically the earth’s crust and rip it from the core which will continue spinning undisturbed.

As PX leaves, the crust will reattach, and pole shift will be over, total 1 hour. THEN comes the fall of rocks and gravel and boulders for up to 3 days, then it is over and we are in the aftertime. All the volcanoes on earth will be erupting, and survivors of the 600 foot tidal surge will be picking through the debris. Sixty percent of the population of earth will be dead. The new north pole will be offshore of Recife Brazil. There are no comets or asteroids which will endanger earth. None of the moons of PX will hit the earth or the moon.

Regardless of the people who think that this will all happen on October 28th, it will happen when it wants to happen, but it will be after the economy and banks have crashed and people have to barter to survive. It seems that will happen soon, but pole shift does not occur until after. First Japan has to be shattered, then the New Madrid fault has to erupt, then the Atlantic Rift has to widen and send a 300 ft tidal wave over the UK, Denmark and all the Baltic lowlands. And that is not poleshift. So poleshift will come at a time the earth is already rioting, looting, raping and robbing. You may not have believed what so many were trying to tell the public, but this time is coming soon and then you will not be able to move to freedom without difficulty. If I could offer the most meaningful suggestion, it is that you get your spiritual house in order and if you live only 5 minutes more, make sure it is spend helping others.

The rich and the powerful elite have taken all your extra income and resources for they plan to be kings of the earth in the aftertime. But they will have a surprise as the aftertime may last 40 years, and selfishness, no matter how adroit, will not take care of needs, even for the wealthy, for 40 years. So don’t worry about the elite, they have not worried about you. It is sad that I have to use these words, but RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.

Everything going on now is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Using the Mayan calendar or any other prophecy is like being blindfolded and throwing darts at a calendar. The date is something no man knows. What we do know is a event calendar is unfolding right now and when we look for the key events I mentioned, we will have the certainty looming after that.




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