Conspiracies: Oil, Power, and War.. a look behind the scenes…

Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man

A man named John Perkins has written two books – “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, and and “The Secret History of the American Empire”, in which he tells of his experiences as a blackmailer of world leaders. Trained by the American security organization – the NSA and subsequently employed by big business, his job was to persuade resource rich, mostly third world countries to accept enormous loans from the World Bank or the IMF to enable them to exploit their natural resources such as oil. Only the country’s President and a handful of the privileged benefited, most of the money went to the corporation/s contracted to build the infrastructure. These loans were so large, countries would be unable to repay, forcing them to do things like vote a certain way at UN Security Council meetings, or to send “Coalition” troops to back U.S. military incursions such as Iraq. The everyday inhabitants of the country got nothing and frequently lost out further, having their land taken, environment polluted, and other bad things.

John is now actively lobbying the real leaders of the world whom he calls – “the corporataucracy” – the people who own the largest corporations on Earth to become “good citizens of the world”, by making sure their corporate policies benefit the people that they should, and leave a positive legacy for their’ and our descendants. He and the organizations he supports are having surprising success in changing the “profit only” mentality of these corporations.

See John talk about these things here: Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man.


The Energy Non-Crisis

Another man named Pastor Lindsay Williams who became privy to the board meetings of the biggest oil men in the world whilst the Baptist Pastor to the Alaskan Oil Fields, has published some astounding information about the world’s economic workings. In his book “The Energy Non-Crisis” he blows the lid on the lie that the world is running out of oil. Both the U.S., and Russia have discovered enough oil in the Northern regions to easily last another 200 years and bring down the cost of petrol to $1.50 per gallon. He tells of deals between the powers that be, that effectively made oil into the world currency from the early 1960s.

Henry Kissinger made a deal with the Saudi Royal Family that binds America into buying oil from the area in exchange for the Saudi’s buying the American National Debt.
Saddam Hussein – a former CIA mole, was tricked into invading Kuwait by the US Government in order to give them an excuse to attack him when he refused to sign deals with multi-national oil giants, and they were unable to assassinate him.

Iran is threatening to flood the world with cheap oil which it will denominate in Euros, thereby destroying the US economy.

Click here to watch the video: The Energy Non Crisis.


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