Continuation of filming of alien craft Saturday August 21, 2k10, NW England

Hi editor,

If you missed part one it is here:

I have managed to move to another computer. I tried filming the orange balls with Canon, stationary to east, but could not see in view-finder. When trans. to VHS AT 9-42 pm. an orange ball can be seen near by doing 500 mph+, and at 11-49 pm. an alien craft appears from nowhere and can be seen hovering, moving slowly up and down and side to side for 2 minutes.

The saucer was jet-black and had a variety of sensors around middle edge, and an arm pointing up wards from which the orange cloak emits, silent by the way even though 100 yds.away,100 ft. alt.

A few minutes. later and several times craft reappear nearby having a look at me, and indeed on other nights with lights dimmed, and I am sure no military on this planet can claim these craft since the initial one dematerialized after 2 minutes.

I am trying to sell these films to media but your welcome to visit me and see for yourself.

Thanks Robert Newton,
NW England, nr. St.Helens.

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One thought on “Continuation of filming of alien craft Saturday August 21, 2k10, NW England

  1. 2 alien lightships & fiery,large,orange sphere,Olympic open nigh
    Walking on footpath through fields,from Haydock to N Earlestown,about 10-55pm.,saw two very large orange lights stationary to S,of town,2mls.Returned to fields with cam-corder,and filmed 2 alien lightships,to NW,and NE.Then a fiery sphere came down,going SE,1,000ft.alt.,35-40mph.,900yds.N,AND SILENT.The on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,SDV_0032.MP4,,or try,Robert [email protected],on Twitter,with 122 more vid’s.,uncensored,or Google.19mls.E,of Liverpool.

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