A vessel is a container. What information is sent for a humanoid being of the sentient intelligent being species can be beneficial. Especially to those who desire to learn to survive. To those who prepare to save earth heed this call to save them all.

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Now we are going to make war with those who will use aliens from another planet the target. We must be right about who knows who from this day forward. Now the “SPIN ON HUMANITY” is being hi-jacked by those who will have the majority believe that we are allowing people with no conscience for humanity, antiquities, and earth’s culture to enter through the ascension grid in space and in our time where gravity holds us all to this planet. Clean up humanity first and follow the money to the source of the wars. Corruption breeds contempt for leadership on planet earth when there is no fairness.

Corruption of those in charge due to greed will not be tolerated. It is now time to begin the mission of fighting for souls. We will now insert consciousness into those born on earth with a desire to free humanity from slavery and poverty. Power will not be given to those who share compassion with a willingness to make sure we can all progress in a timely orderly manner.

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We are sitting in a place in space which is one small planet on the outer arm of a galaxy. We guard this side of the galaxy and we will begin communication with those who are ready to receive information and work with those in this universe and others. There is a reason that each being enters the humanity existence on this planet called earth at this time.

Raise consciousness as in communication of information to those who have been in the dark in the past and raise the reason to allow humans as one species to continue to exist on this planet. We have ample personnel in place to reprimand in private both leaders and corrupt minds of citizens on the planet. This is not a thread or a promise but a new way of being. Love and light is still the chosen way to convey information to the broader global critical mass consciousness.

We are in the Ascension Age of spiritual science with the imaginations that we expand by design. Future discoveries with our topics on the Cosmos Connection with our host Theresa J Morris aka TJ Morris.

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