Could EVP help us to hear the voices of Spirits or Aliens?

My brother (Nigel Brockwell) has been a Paranormal Investigator for many years and is currently experimenting with some new equipment (that he has designed himself), to see if the voices of Spirits really do exist in EVP.

From a Paranormal point of view, EVP (Electronic voice phenomena) may be as a result of humans imprinting thoughts directly on an electronic medium through psychokinesis, communication by entities such as spirits, beings from other dimensions, nature energies, or even aliens.

The following information on this subject (below) is provided by Nigel and he welcomes your feedback. You can contact him directly on the following email address: [email protected]


Why is it that EVP voices are only heard when an analogue or digital audio recorder is played back?

I believe it’s down to the amplifying circuit in the recorder that’s picking up wideband radio waves and not sound from Spirit voices entering the recorders microphone. Do you remember the good old (illegal) CB days when the transmitters used 27MHz “AM” (amplitude modulation)? I can understand why the AM system was never adapted in the UK, because their transmissions came over many paging and public address systems, including those used by the emergency services, not very good for them! The frequency of 27MHz also gave good communication range, which produced more interference than other frequencies. 

The Spiricom project from the late 70s made good use of 29MHz AM for its communication with the spirit world. It could be true, some people believe that spirits are made-up of pure energy covering our known spectrum from light through to radio waves. I say known, because for all we know, this spectrum might still be incomplete!

It appeared that the Spiricom project worked, or they wouldn’t have spent a lot of time and money on the equipment being used. It’s easy to pick up human voices with a microphone because the sound around us vibrates the air, causing a diaphragm in a typical microphone to resonate and then this signal is converted into a voltage, recreating the sound back in an amplifier, connected to headphones or a loudspeaker. If the Spirit voice is made-up of resonating radio waves, then it would be possible to decode it, so to speak. The designers of the Spiricom project believed by mixing 13 particular (frequencies) tones and then transmitting them through a 29MHz (AM) generator to an antenna, a Spirit would then mix its own energy with the receiving signal. The 29MHz (AM) receiver would now have the original 13 particular tones plus an injected Spirit voice; the 13 tones helped give the Spirit voice a more human characteristic. 

In the early days of EVP white noise had been suggested to modulate a spirits voice, though it did seem to work, white noise is a cluttered mess of frequencies, hiding any chance of hearing an already quiet Spirit voice. As a Paranormal Investigator, experience has shown me that EVPs appear more when background noise is introduced, or even with people talking in the same area!

The Unexplained Explored

What’s the first thing that needs to be tested to capture EVPs?

Take your Digital Audio Recorder and turn off its microphone. This can be done easily if the recorder has an external microphone socket. You will need to buy a mono or stereo jack plug and insert it into the recorders external microphone socket; this will disconnect its internal microphone. The Recorder now becomes just an amplifier, but still with the ability to record, whatever is operating at that time, unfortunately, this will include any stray radio waves as mentioned earlier. The best thing about using this method is you don’t have a microphone to pick up those audible sounds that surround us.

To sum up

Spirits could have the ability to communicate by using radio waves, most likely at a very short range; otherwise we would notice the same interference as made by those old (illegal) CB’s. What about the idea of Spirits speaking foreign languages? I don’t see a problem with this, just like our favourite radio station, it could be in any language that we would understand. Early EVP devices used Germanium Diodes and an amplifier; some use an antenna connected to an amplifier which then feeds into an oscillator and then finally back into another amplifier. The oscillator does a similar job as the 13 tones, to improve the voices. I have tried both of these methods, but with little to no results. The Spiricom system does look like having a genuine possibility of working, but listening to the 13 tones is not going to be very good for the ears, for any length of time.

Please get back to me if you would like more information on recording or making EVP devices




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