Curiosity has photographed the city Martians August 23, 2012


Open the link below and see the new additions of photos, including the photo of the scale of the shooting of 23 August 2012. The site of the city on Mars is located at the bottom of the photo 5.5 km from ground robot Curiosity. See enlarged view above. It is not so small rocks or pebbles.  Click here to see enlargement of photo!

More information in the link below …

I circled in red all this, and made these additions.

The site also provides wide shot of the same photo. The Martians are here.

See photos above of my findings … :  

Open links below, and see pictures taken by strange Curiosity:

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4 thoughts on “Curiosity has photographed the city Martians August 23, 2012

  1. Look at the picture and wish really hard!
    No sorry I still don’t see anything……perhaps some hallucinogenics will help!
    Oh wait is that the king of the potato people waving on the on the ridge?
    OOps nah that was my mouse pointer.

    Sorry I jest but there is no evidence of anything other than landscape here.
    A city is hard to miss, this one is just not there! I say this as a believer in the Face on Mars so I am a little bit disappointed in a skeptical way.

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