Do UFOs really exist?

If someone asks me if I believe UFOs are real — do they really exist —- I usually respond like this:

Well, first of all it doesn’t really matter whether I believe or don’t believe UFOs exist, and here’s why. Today, so many people, highly credible people (including military and government officials, doctors, etc.), and groups of people, sometimes hundreds of people, have seen things, craft in the sky, things that defy what we know of as possible by our current aerodynamic and physical capabilities, and they’ve documented all of this in tens-of-thousands of reported cases, so that there is now an overwhelming preponderance of evidence that things, or craft, unexplained, or unidentified, are up in the skies around our planet. It is a fact.

By saying that, I do not mean to imply that there are ETs, or extraterrestrials, only that there are craft, performing the impossible, that which cannot be explained or identified, UFOs. So, whether or not I believe there are UFOs doesn’t really matter. They do exist, even though we may not understand what they are, or why they are here. The fact remains that they are here, like it or not.

The question should be, can we make some sense of all this? Can we explain what’s happening, or come to some understanding of what exactly is going on here? And then there are other considerations. It seems rather certain that we are witnessing technology far beyond what we can comprehend. If these craft are able to hover motionless while making no noise, it seems probable they are using some sort of anti-gravity device, and that they may well be using an energy source similar to what Nikola Tesla was developing around 1900, which taps into the ambient energy field that exists around us throughout all space, producing unlimited energy.

Scientists today admit they do not understand gravity, what it is or how it works.  It’s probably good that we don’t because if we did it would make it that much easier to take our destructive warlike ways out into space. Better that we are confined here with our childish, death technologies.

It seems likely that gravity, or a gravitational field, can be artificially created and that this is what the UFOs are incorporating within the craft. Once that artificial gravitational field is in operation, it would seem that it only need be directed in the desired direction to lift a craft up, by opposing planetary gravity, or to make a craft move forward while keeping it up in the air.

Now, if we were able to develop and use these same technologies here on Earth, it would immediately and completely revolutionize all life processes on the planet, with essentially free energy for everyone, with quiet pollution-free anti-gravity transportation systems, and no more need for using dirty polluting oil, or nuclear power, which is equally dirty and polluting.  Every man, woman, and child on Earth would at once be relieved of the great burden it is just to survive.  Desalinization plants, operating on free energy, could produce all the fresh water we could ever need. Food in abundance could then be grown anywhere in the world, even in the vast deserts!  We’re talking about the greening of the entire planet.

Now, to go even further with this thought, for us to see how this could become a reality as soon as possible, we must eventually realize that UFOs do not exist and fly by themselves, they do have occupants, and that those occupants have come from somewhere else, likely another planet or planets, where they have whole civilizations, and factories where these UFOs are built. That seems obvious enough.

As much as our governments, and media, and movie producers would like us to believe it, these visitors from afar do not appear to have evil intentions, although we certainly have no shortage of our own already here on Earth. These friendly visitors might well wish to share their technology with us if we were able to befriend them. The greatest obstacle to achieving that is actually our own government (or those who control the world governments, usually from behind the scenes), who possess all their military might.

If we can see this obstacle as the opportunity and challenge it really is, then we can all work together to get our government to welcome these cosmic galactic friends. Who knows, they might even invite us to take a ride with them in a flying saucer, and go visit their world, and see just what is possible for us to produce here on Earth!

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