Downloading the Infinite – A Fresh Look at Channeling


Too often in UFO circles, we hear the word “channeling”, which may be immediately accompanied by images of some new age “light worker” sitting in a dark room in full lotus position, surrounded by crystals and candles, speaking in dulcet tones about the arrival of the space brothers from Antares IV, or the impending doom coming our way because Planet Earth is in the high traffic zone between two warring solar systems, and our only hope of salvation is to recycle those bottles and cans, and think positive thoughts for our guardian angels.

That’s one version of channeling – and unfortunately it’s what most tend to visualize, largely because so much channeling really isn’t “channeling” at all.With that said, I’d like to take it one step further, and say that “channeling” is a reality – but it is definitely not what most people think it is, and 99.9% of all channels have absolutely no clue what they are really accessing when they sit down to bring forth the latest saga of the space brothers.

There is another word for this art that had become all but obscure until a recent resurgence of shamanism and interest in quantum consciousness brought the word back into somewhat common usage.The word is, simply, gnosis.

What is gnosis?  In essence, it is channeling, and it’s been going on since Man first reared up on his hind legs, looked up at the stars, and wondered who or what might be looking back at him.It is believed that a lot of Biblical prophecy may have been derived through gnosis – but before I go any further, allow me to clarify my own position with regard to religious doctrine and dogma.Where the Bible is concerned, I would say that it has a lot of wisdom within, but so do most pagan religions, eastern religions and every serious branch of philosophy throughout the scope of human experience.Put another way – when you strip away the machinations of Man, which have contaminated and disfigured the original texts, what remains is what amounts to gnosis – also known as “silent knowing.”

With that said, I am neither Christian nor Buddhist, neither Muslim nor Taoist.To have any religious leaning is to have automatically pre-conceived belief systems, and to have pre-conceived belief systems is to invalidate the voice of gnosis.By the same logic, to have the beliefthat alien interaction with the human race is to create a hybrid species is no different than believing the moon is made of green cheese.Of course, we can all believe what we want.But when we are dealing with the art of gnosis, we must possess the ability to separate what we believe from what simply is.We must learn to separate Knowledge from Belief – and as trite as that sounds, it is often no easy task.

When you take the voice of the politicians and the translators and the megalomaniacal kings out of the picture, what you’re left with are the teachings at their core – the pure and true essence of what was originally communicated.

Now this is where it gets interesting.”The pure and true essence of what was originally communicated.”Communicated?  From where?By whom?

From ancient man up through modern times, we may hear the voice of gnosis, but unless we are highly aware, it is human nature to misconstrue the nature of that voice, mistaking it for gods or demons, angels or aliens. when the quantum reality may be quite a different matter altogether. 

In my own journey, which is outlined in detail on my website, Quantum Shaman, I have found that gnosis may be closely related to whatever process is at work in the condition known as savantism, which was mentioned in a recent article by Diane Tessman here on this site.

When I accessed the accompanying link, I was delighted to discover that science is now beginning to sanction what gnostic seers have known for centuries.In particular:

“One of the most explicit endorsements of a collective domain of information accessible to humans is from the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory. For more than three decades, Robert G. Jahn, former dean of engineering at Princeton University, psychologist Brenda Dunne, and an exceptional team of scientists have explored ways in which subjects can acquire information remotely in space-time, as in precognitive remote viewing, as well as mentally influence the function of an array of electronic, mechanical, optical, fluid dynamic, and nuclear random-event generators at a distance and outside the present. These abilities require subjects to skirt the limitations imposed by the brain, which Jahn and Dunne call the “neurological grid and control center” that reduces incoming stimuli to the measly trickle of information we ordinarily perceive. The experiments at PEAR have led Jahn and Dunne to assert, “[T]here exists a much deeper and more extensive source of reality, which is largely insulated from direct human experience, representation, or even comprehension.” They call this domain the “Source.” As they put it:

[W]e reject the popular presumption that all modes of human information processing are completely executed within the physiological brain, and that all experiential sensations are epiphenomena of the biophysical and biochemical states thereof. Rather, we . . . regard the brain as a neurologically localized utility that serves a much more extended “mind,” or “psyche,” or “consciousness” that far transcends the brain in its capacity, range, endurance, and subtlety of operation, and that is far more sophisticated than a mere antenna for information acquisition or a silo for its storage. In fact, we . . . contend that it [extended mind/psyche,/consciousness] is the ultimate organizing principle of the universe, creating reality through its ongoing dialogue with the unstructured potentiality of the Source. In short, we subscribe to the assertion of [astrophysicist] Arthur Eddington nearly a century ago: “Not once in the dim past, but continuously, by conscious mind is the miracle of the Creation wrought.”

To read the full article:

As I was contemplating the root of gnosis and the nature of savantism, it occurred to me that genuine channeling may be part of that same general range of human abilities, which has still to be even marginally understood by science.Much attention has been given in recent years to the idea of morphic fields – essentially energetic fields which may surround people or places or even bodies of information, and it doesn’t take much of a stretch to allow for the possibility that those fields may be accessed through gnosis in the same way a computer pulls up information from its hard drive.The difference is that now the human brain/mind has become the vessel into which the information from the infinite is being downloaded.

And as we all know, the words “human error” exist for a good reason.

But what or where is the universal hard drive?It may very well be these morphic fields and their interconnectedness.The mind of god may be a vast and virtually incomprehensible holographic storage system where – literally – everything that has ever happened or ever will is stored in 3-D living color, but also in a universal “language” which might simply be called the language of gnosis.A man in Spain will hear the voice of gnosis in Spanish.  A woman in Estonia might hear the voice in Russian.I hear the voice in English.Whatever language the voice of gnosis speaks, the information is always the same.

The holographic, universal hard drive appears to hold all information – whether it pertains to matters of spirit or the collected works of William Shakespeare, or the collected sonatas of Beethoven.  And it’s why someone who can connect to these morphic fields might have the ability to sit down at a piano and play one of Beethoven’s sonatas without ever having studied music, or recite the entirety of Hamlet without ever having heard of Shakespeare.We call those people savants, but what if they are, ultimately, clear channels who perceive Knowledge directly, without the distortions and distractions most “normal” humans carry with them?

When we take a step back from our preconceived beliefs, we start to realize that what once seemed weird or even frightening may be just another part of our human ability set, which has been shoved aside out of fear.What some people might perceive as angels or demons might simply be reflections of our own mind, stored infinitely and eternally on the holographic hard drive of the sentient universe.

Gnosis is available to every human being – but very few seem to have the ability to access it directly.Why this is… I can only speculate, but my personal suspicion is that most people can’t access gnosis for the same reason most people don’t know who they are when push comes to shove.I also suspect that most people get glimmers of gnosis from time to time, though they usually pass it off as a hunch or don’t acknowledge it at all, because to do so is to instantly admit that the world is nothing like we have been taught to believe.In the US, with the predominant religion being Christianity, most folks have been conditioned culturally and socially (even if not religiously) to think that “hearing voices” automatically means one is fodder for some dark asylum, or worse.As a child, I was told that my ability to perceive Knowledge directly was “of the devil” – a typical extension of the programming used to scare children into towing some imagined party line within the consensus agreement.

As a society, we have been conditioned not to acknowledge our connection to the infinite in the same way we have been programmed to think of UFOs as something only seen by crazy folk.Whether through religious or social methods, I think we can agree that we are programmed from an early age, far more than we might realize until we begin stripping away the layers of the program itself.

It was during the process of stripping away those programs that I began to have my own experiences with gnosis – essentially “channeling” the information stored in the morphic field where my particular interests lay at the time.I see it like rooms in a library – if we go to the section on engineering, we may channel (or download, as I prefer to call it) vast amounts of information and knowledge about the structure of everything from an atom to an ant farm.If we go to the section on spiritual evolution, we may download the tools for undoing the social and cultural programs that hold us in stasis, or we may download a series of diagrams showing the difference between an organic human and the inorganic higher self or Other.

What we download is usually a matter of choice, but more accurately, I now believe it to be a matter of focus.If we are focused on spiritual matters, we will download spiritual Knowledge.If we are focused on UFOs, we may download data pertaining to the nature of these craft, where they come from, who or what is piloting them, and what their ultimate agenda might be.

With that said… herein lies the danger of channeling as it is commonly practiced.The person doing the channeling (downloading) must be honest with herself.In my own practice, I have adopted the mantra: “It.Has.To.Be.Real.”I do not have the luxury of attaching my own conclusions to what I download – just as I wouldn’t have the luxury of editing Shakespeare or re-writing Beethoven.If I download something, I must make a pact with myself to allow the information to download as it is presented, and not as I might choose to interpret it.Meaning:if I download knowledge about a UFOs propulsion system, I don’t have the luxury of then going on to say, “And the ship is run by Commander M’butu of the Intergalactic Empire, whose agenda is to destroy all life on Earth because he is really a member of The Dark Alliance which has been in cahoots with the US and Russian governments since the 1960s.”The knowledge about the propulsion system might be accurate, but the conclusions about the personnel and their agenda would be my own fictions.Knowing the difference is crucial.

Many times in the field of UFOs, I suspect that well-meaning channels may download something real, only to distort it with their own beliefs and conclusions.This may not be intentional on their part – at least not at first – but as someone who has had extensive experience with the art of gnosis, I can say with impunity that one knows when one is downloading something genuine, and when one then starts to imbed the download with their own interpretations which are 99.9% of the time, not only incorrect, but dangerously misleading.


At one time, I downloaded a entire visual of several winged beings flying/floating near the top of a beautiful building with high-arched columns.Looked like something out of a description of Mt. Olympus at the time of the ancient gods.By all rights, these beings looked like what humans have called demons – but the moment I had that thought, I realized I was putting my own conclusions onto what was, simply, another being.I could have gone rushing off to the computer to jot down my conclusion that I had just witnessed demons circling the citadel of heaven – when the reality was that I had simply witnessed a winged being flying around a building.We can download the information without judging it, and it is only when we do so that we may get anywhere near to the vast amounts of Knowledge stored on that universal hard drive.As long as we are busy assigning our beliefs and conclusions to the data, we are no longer learning, we are speculating, which is great for fiction writers, but not so great for those purporting to be a clear channel for gnosis.

In the big picture, the message I would like to convey is that some information that comes from so-called channeling may indeed be accurate.It depends on the channel’s integrity, but even moreso, it depends on her awareness and her commitment to keeping it real. The moment it starts turning into fanciful fictions is the moment the channel has abdicated her responsibility to the Knowledge itself.

The answers are out there.Every single answer we have ever wanted or needed.Within the energetic structure of the holographic universe, all Knowledge is already stored, already recorded.Time is not linear.Space is not finite.The mind is not limited.If we are willing to be honest with ourselves, we can go to that limitless library and download anything we are capable of grasping.

The trick is keeping it real.


One thought on “Downloading the Infinite – A Fresh Look at Channeling

  1. The Gnosis of Gnosis
    The content of this article is in tune with what I have experienced regarding my own channeling, which should perhaps not be called “channeling.” I never was comfortable with applying that term to what I do, or more specifically, to what mystically comes to me. For example, if someone asks me to give them a message, it might come to me as gnosis. I might say, “You have always felt different, alienated, but remember, it is what is right with you which alienates you, not what is wrong with you!” I can feel this soul-level truth for this other person, and we might go on from there (or might not), exploring their suspected contact with alien beings.

    However, if they then demand, “Oh, tell me the name of my planet! Oh, tell me the name of my alien!” it becomes a different situation. I am not omniscient, never said I was, and I feel no gnosis about the answer they want. I had felt gnosis about the energy I originally “read” from them. I believe help which comes through gnosis is usually REAL help for an individual, or at least REAL insight.

    I can help them more if we can slowly allow my gift of “savant perception” in a few areas, than if we charge ahead with dreamed up planet names. If they say, “Oh, do I come from the Andromeda Galaxy, do I come from Zeta Reticuli?” I honestly have always replied, “I don’t know.”

    Is that name, which is after all the name we humans give to planets and galaxies, really important in your search? Do you think the aliens’ name for their planet is really “Pluto?”

    It is the same with predictions. I have written that a good prediction is logical and intelligent, and does not pull a rabbit out of the hat. Therefore, it is a prediction that our planet’s climate imbalance will sadly become even worse. That is based on scientific fact. Yes, the climate could go back into balance tomorrow, but my mystical gnostic feeling about the sad situation with Nature, is that it will get worse. So I have blended gnosis and science to create the prediction.

    However, if I predict that Mars will fly out of orbit in January, 2013, and knock the Moon into North America, that is pulling a rabbit out of the hat. There is no scientific or gnostic information to form this prediction. I get no chills when I think of it, it is .99999 likely not true!

    So prophecies and predictions should have both logical (scientific) and savant (gnostic) in-put, before being predicted. Otherwise, you have misinformation, disinformation, and perhaps panic.

    I have also found that the gift of gnosis does not motivate one to cover the planet in words. One usually does not babble when there is savant-like, gut- level, soul-deep KNOWING. Gnosis is the sound of silence.

    I often wish that the term “channneling” had not caught on and that everyone would realize they have the ability to KNOW. Occasional gnosis comes to all. It does hook into the collective (mass) consciousness, which hooks into the morphic field and its resonance, which hooks into subconscious mystical knowledge…I am not sure the exact order or structure to put those terms in, at this point.

    I do know that gnosis is a precious phenomenon, one to be treasured, not squandered, not babbled. It is misunderstood and I probably have added to that misunderstanding in my career,inadvertently. Actually, it has taken me years to understand it myself – to have gnosis of gnosis. It existed for me but I am perceiving more and more. The mind-boggling wonder of it all, grows and grows!

    Thanks for this great article, Ms van Hise! May our gnosis create the outcome we seek!

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