Earth Human Origins and the Beginning of the Path to Enlightment

It would seem that there is and was a confluence of three different factors in early human evolution that started us on the path to individual and collective enlightment.  One factor was the natural evolutionary processes of evolution that lead to the primates and eventually to Homo sapiens on earth.  This would be the standard scientific paradigm as espoused by establishment science.

     A second factor familiar to us well informed about extraterrestrial contact, seems to have been the insertion of already advanced extraterrestrial genetics into our genome along with ET cultural influences.  This seems at least to have begun with the emergence of Homo erectus 500 thousand years ago and seems to be continuing to the present day with Homo sapiens.  

     A third factor seems to have emerged from a greater reality in which the physical universe seems embedded.  We can’t ignore the very large body of evidence that includes OBE, NDE and reincarnation experiences, any more than we can ignore the large body of evidence for extraterrestrial contact.  Interestingly, about one in ten people report seeing a UFO or claim to have had extraterrestrial contact.   We also know that same percentage of the population have claimed an OBE or NDE experience.

     By all indications all three perspectives or impactors have impacted and influenced the past history of the earth human species, perhaps as early as the first hominids and maybe in some primitive manner right back to the beginnings of life on earth.  As early as Homo erectus 500 thousand years ago we begin to see archeological evidence of a more advanced culture and a search for enlightment and meaning though what has become known as shamanism.

      About 40 thousand years ago Homo sapiens perhaps already 60 thousand years in existence, made an incredible evolutionary jump, a sudden flowering of culture and shamanic expression as seen in European cave art.  Anthropologists called this variant of Homo Sapiens Cro-Magnon and are stumped as to what could have caused such rapid evolution.

     Eight to ten thousand years ago there seems to be another great evolutionary jump unexplained by establishment scientists as indicated in descriptions in historic texts from the clay libraries of Sumer and the Vedic literature.  The literature from both the Indus Valley and from Sumer in the Middle East are filled with material on extraterrestrial contact some of it human some not. 

     What once were thought of as myths or stories by archeologists and anthropologists a hundred and fifty years ago can now be seen as real stories involving modern technologies and culture.  These are  stories about space travel, modern weapons, and genetic engineering exhibited by extraterrestrials with advanced technology, but relayed to us by people with little technical knowledge or vocabulary.

     From this point onward seemly stimulated by extraterrestrial contact, very advanced enlightened thinking and culture develop.  Enlightened thought begins with Yoga, Taoism, and Hinduism, then later Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity.  The less morally and ethically advanced human extraterrestrials, the Annunaki and the Mantis-Greys seem to have been the most obvious crude impact on human culture and genetics.  However, we can see from the evidence in the UFO/ET community that there have been and are much more subtle and beneficial interactions by a much broader and wider extraterrestrial community of human and non-human mega-populations.

     I suspect that the Homo erectus shamans were not only being impacted by the broader dimension of the spirit world or dreamtime, but by extraterrestrial contact as well.  While the ordinary Homo erectus and Homo sapiens people were mostly concerned with basic survival and sexual needs the clans’ tribe or shaman would be the one most impacted by spiritual experiences, dreams, OBEs and NDEs and of the most interest to extraterrestrials studying and modifying human culture and genetics. 

      It’s possible from OBE, NDE and reincarnation evidence that earth is just part of a vast universe where there could be individual souls evolving on other worlds, that some way or another make it here to incarnate and mix with the indigenous beings already incarnating on earth.  We could suppose that it’s also possible that some evolving individuals here travel to other worlds to incarnate.  It seems to me that this is the only way to explain there being enough evolving souls to match fluctuations in human and animal populations.

     Food supply, disease, disasters etc. cause these population fluctuations.  About ten thousand years ago there was a dramatic rise in the population of Homo sapiens because of the development of agriculture and other technological advancements such as metallurgy, possibly associated with extraterrestrial colonization in the Middle East at Sumer and in the Indus Valley in India.  Where did these additional souls come from to fill these bodies or as the Mantis-Greys call containers?  My guess is that both human extraterrestrials and non-human extraterrestrials could have filled this void.  This would certainly provide a good reason for increased UFO sightings that could well be increasing along with our skyrocketing population.

     I agree with some researchers that the human Annunaki contentious, deceptive and violent like us, did not give an accurate rendition of their reasons for interfering in earth human evolution.  I agree that this idea that we were bred to work the gold mines for gold to protect the atmosphere of their home planet orbiting far out into this solar system does not make sense.  We know that a planet swinging that far out from the sun would get very cold and the atmosphere freeze and fall to the surface just like other planets way beyond earth. 

     It looks like the scribes of Sumter were given a cover-story to mask the real agendas and intentions of the Annunaki to use genetic engineering to tamper with our genome or even creation of Homo sapiens out of Homo erectus.  The Annunaki do seem to be forthright about when they said that the females of Homo sapiens were beautiful and that some renegades conspired to mate and have offspring with earth human women. 

     It might well be true that this kind of interference in just this particular instance with only one type of ET may have led to repercussions that still have not been remedied to this day.  One can only imagine what interference by other extraterrestrials such as the Mantis-Greys have had on the earth human genome and culture and the repercussions thereof. Ultimately when mistakes and interactions are made between individuals and groups the parties are bound together by the laws of karma that dictate that mistakes will have to be rectified eventually by the offending parties.

     In the case of the Annunaki it seems that the numbers of colonists from time to time on earth were not large enough to leave extensive traces and that they may well have been violent criminal renegades who traveled or escaped from other more civilized worlds to the frontiers of space.  Here they enjoyed the privileges of being the most technological advanced species able to lord over and genetically manipulate the less evolved humans for their own selfish interest.  One wonders that when they died naturally or otherwise, did they begin incarnating into the indigenous earth human populations to become the very few power hungry global elite, still intent on dominating global populations for their own self- centered and selfish interests?

     As one can see this intersection of the three factors, natural evolution, extraterrestrial contact and artificial evolution, and spirit, all make for a very complicated soup leading to our present day search for enlightment and happiness.  This working model a work in progress but it would seem to account for at least some of the increasing number of sightings of extraterrestrial spaceships and their occupants, and why they are so interested in us and other developments in earth space.

     Ed Komarek is the author of the book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder  and maintains the blog: This article will hopefully find its way into a new book Ed has started writing called The Long Hard Road to Enlightment.  


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