East China Sea’s 6.9 Quake Destroys Undersea Reptilian Base

By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD. MEd

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In an ExopoliticsTV news interview and a statement dated Nov. 8, 2011, a human representative of the reported Andromeda Council confirmed a communication from a reported commander of the Andromeda Council biosphere spaceship deployed around Earth that a specific reported Draco and Hydra reptilian undersea base on the ocean floor in the East China sea has been destroyed.

In his statement, Tolec, the human Andromeda Council representative stated “The result of the final, crippling sonic energy beam strike the people from Procyon used today destroyed this undersea complex, and created an amazing decompression resulting in a 6.9 quake on the ocean floor. Resulting in the total collapse & destruction of this base.”

The location of the reportedly destroyed Draco & Hydra reptilian undersea base was revealed to this reporter in a Nov. 2, 2011 email from Tolec (reproduced below), with time-stamped maps.  The location of the reported reptilian base is identical to that of a Nov. 8 – 6.9 undersea quake in the East China Sea reported by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Watch ExopoliticsTV news interview

Readers can watch the ExopoliticsTV interview with Tolec, the human representative of the Andromeda Council at the URL below:



6.9 Earthquake in East China Sea on Nov. 8, 2011

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in fact reported a 6.9 earthquake in the East China Sea on Tuesday Nov. 8, 2011 at 02:59:06 AM UTC, location 27.291°N, 125.868°E at a depth of 209.5 km (130.2 miles).


Location of Nov. 8 East China Sea 6.9 earthquake is identical to Nov. 2 map by Tolec pinpointing location of reptilian base in East China Sea

On Nov. 2, 2011, six days prior to the Nov. 8, 2011 6.9 East China quake, Tolec sent this reporter an email in which he set out the reported location of the reptilian base as being in the East China Sea and attached a map that pinpointed the location of the reptilian base.

The Nov. 2, 2011 maps reportedly showing the location of the reptilian undersea bases together with the Nov. 8, 2011 map of the Nov. 8, 2011 6.9 East China Sea earthquake are set out in the slide show embedded in this article. As stated, the location of the reptilian base is identical to that of a Nov. 8, 2011 – 6.9 undersea quake reported by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

USGS live internet Seismic Server records energy pulse accompanying 6.9 East China Sea quake as “planet-wide”

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) live internet Seismic Server recorded the Nov. 8, 2011 6.9 East China Sea quake as “planet-wide”.

Readers can access an 11-page PDF readout of the USGS live internet Seismic Server recording of the planet-wide “pings” of the Nov. 8, 2011 6.9 East China Sea by clicking on the URL below.



One knowledgeable observer stated, “Whatever happened on the afternoon of Tuesday 08 Nov 2011 (Aust EST) was big.  It put a massive energy pulse through the entire crust of the planet.  Every continent “shook” – scroll through the attached PDF from the USGS Live server on Tuesday afternoon.
“The timing coincides roughly with the earthquake off Taiwan yesterday [Nov. 8, 2011] – 6.9 quake north east of Taiwan. Whether it was caused by the actions of the Andromeda Council or was a totally natural event, it was a significant energy dump that affected the whole planet. The USGS Live Internet Seismic Server shows raw live data from all over the world on one page with updates every thirty minutes. If you drop into this server regularly you see glitches that affect large areas quite regularly but it is rare to see the whole planet “pinged” like this.
Live Internet Seismic Server
“It was enough to ring through the whole crust.”

Experiment: Nov. 2, 2011 email from Tolec to this reporter

The Nov. 2 email sent by Tolec to this reporter is as follows:

From: Tolec
Date: Wed, November 02, 2011 2:02 pm
To: “EXOPOLITICS.COM” <[email protected]>

“Alfred, as you know, I will not publicly (as in: to the listening public) reveal my specific knowledge of base location, strategic or tactical plans or details… before a planned strike on any Reptilian underground or undersea base.
“However, in seriously reconsidering this matter – as a matter of strategic reporting – I will TELL YOU the location of the China undersea base.  This way, you can confirm your prior knowledge of this base, if you want to, in writing the next story… which in many ways will be similar to the Gulf of Aden story.  BTW, I expect this next story, about the destruction of the China base, to be coming to you… in the very near future.
“Therefore:  here is the location of the China undersea base:
  * take a look at this map [ED: IN SLIDE SHOW]
  * look at the middle part of China (relative to North/South)… and follow this far off to the east
  * you will see the words in the ocean off of the China coast – “East China Sea”
  * the location of this specific undersea base is just above, or just north of, the word “East”… between the “a” and the “s”
  * one could also describe this location, based on this map, as being in the East China Sea, on the ocean floor,
     just under the ridge of an undersea butte, due east of the city of Hangzhou.
“Alfred, in closing, so now you have prior knowledge of where this specific base is located.
“Again, I was thinking, in order that you can add further credibility to your reported Andromeda Council news stories… the prior knowledge of this base location by you might significantly help in the evidentiary support of this continued police action… the strikes to take out the strategically most important underground/undersea bases… as you write your next story on the China undersea base being taken-out.”


Draco & Hydra reptilians

In his statement, Tolec also emphasized the targeted nature of this attack was against one faction of Draco & Hydra reptilians, not against reptilian extraterrestrials as a whole.

Tolec states, “As to these specific reptilians, these undersea bases have been operated by Reptilians from the Draco & Hydra constellations… for thousands of years. I’ve learned over time they are ruthless, vicious, cruel & literally ‘cold blooded’ in their actions. With no remorse.”

Tolec continues, “I have no personal criticism of all reptilian races. I actually enjoy very much learning about the cultural diversity of many, many races. More over, I am also personally aware of one very intelligent, kind & noble reptilian race. They are vegetarians. They do not eat meat. And more important, they do not prey on humans, nor do they consume human negative emotional energy.”
Tolec concludes, “The reporting of this story, and the one prior, is only relative to the Draco & Hydra Reptilians in the underground & undersea bases. These are the ones every human on planet Earth should have a real problem with!”

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