ET Eureka Earth Energy Experience (EEEEE 5th Dimension) 12/21/2012-11:11

ET EUREKA EARTH ENERGY EXPERIENCES (EEEEE 5th Dimension) & 12-21-2012-11:11
We are all beginning to feel the change that is taking place in space and in our own body-mind-spirits as ET Eureka Earth ENERGY Experiences or EEEEE.
“Eight (8) sideways is infinity.” TJ – A sample of what can be explored that is hidden in plain sight. This is what we can call a Eureka sign.
Etymology is the historic involvement or history of a word.  The origin and history of a word. 
We will be coming up with some new words in our future ET Eureka Earth Energy Experiences as the 5th Dimension and moments prior to the “Great Date” of December 21, 2012 T. 11:11 in our lives.
There are many around the world in the last few years since I began sharing my mystical experiences that have shared there experiences. Life on earth in the “WE” is contagious.  The sentient intelligent beings that are on earth are becoming aware of each other’s lives. This is an exciting time to be alive and well on planet earth. Why one would want to end their lives is beyond my comprehension. However, there are those who have done just that in this dimension, level, place, space, time, and the new awareness of higher ET conscious living.
We are going to be sharing many future experiences in the now of the “We” here on this playing field in the game of life. Think of life and yourself as multi-leveled. This will be a Tran figurative moment in time that is benchmarked, time-stamped, and recorded in the tree of life and the tree of knowledge.  
We are approaching the discovery of our own 5th dimension in words as communication  also known as a mystical experience. 
Ascension Center Enlightenment (ACE) is about sharing the 5th Dimension etymology and experiences of the future. Our moment in time that we can all relate too is called and labeled as December 21, 2012, T. 11:11. This is an ET Eureka moment! 
This is also when we will all share in the instant of life we presently call a miracle in time as a moment in time when we can all agree! 
We will all agree on this planet with our existence as units that we were alive at this moment in time to experience change. This change for many will be when they will pass over into another life, and way of being. Sentient intelligent beings that we know shall expire. Some are checking out of life now. Some of you may have relatives that seem to be lost and cannot carry on in this world the way it is. They seem lost, dazed, confused, experiencing disease or what is really dis-ease with life in general. We can only comfort them as they do what they can to resolve their own two sides of the spirit in their own minds and hearts.
We who are aware of the extraterrestrials as Ets in this time and space will become the majority at this time on earth. We will be phasing out those of the past who do not desire to open their minds and hearts to the future on earth. Let me explain.
For all time and reason while we are here on this level, plane of existence, there are seasons not just of nature but in sentient intelligent beings who come to the earth plane. 
The future is dealing with the various levels and planes we call dimensions in life on earth. We are going to experience a vast amount of ET Eureka Moments!
These will include the various levels on the playing field. Life on earth as we know it will no longer be a one-dimensional way of thinking in a three dimensional acceptance of the world in which we live.
Life is simple when one understands to use both the intellect of the mind, and the spiritual of the heart. Our ancestors have taught us to learn to live not just with our minds but our spirits. Emotions are a part of our logic and egos. Our lives when it comes to love and procreation will usually deal more with our emotions and feelings than with our minds. 
However, science is now proving that most all of our desires that we thought were emotions all come from the mind. In other words, what we call love is simply endue. Life is endurable.  Some are in the endmost term of life and will be passing. We will learn about our end organs, which are the nerve endings or the expanded functional termination of a sensory nerve or a motor nerve in tissue. This is what many of us regard as our feelings.  
We will not need to learn about how our entire physical and spiritual bodies work for us and how they will be affected in our future on earth. We will need to study now more about Neuro-Sciences and how all creations including the sentient intelligent being species work together.
There are logical reasons we can control with our minds and there are sentient feelings and emotions we can control.  We will are to learn more about endurance. Enduring to the end of what we create while on earth is a large part of who we are and who we shall become in the ET future. For now, concentrate on knowing who is inside the body-mind-spirit of self. We now will include not just our inner and outer experiential self but joining the energy vibrations and rhythms of the mystical experiences that many now see as the vibrational flows of the ET Eureka moments.
The energy that we see that comes in vibrations when joining others in life outside our own selves is where we shall join the ET Eureka moments and find them not just inside ourselves but create them outside ourselves. 
This is what I have mentioned in a clue, as some deep subjects and the future will be; quote: “Extraterrestrial monitoring will affect future lives on earth. The new paradigm for being, doing, having, and basic living on earth will change. We are going through another transition in space. We will be sharing some rather deep subjects that may be hard to grasp by many who choose to live in the past. The future will be about our forward thinkers and our futurists. Living longer has a lot to do with the way we think and act on earth.” 
Know more about the basics we can see such as the pituitary gland, parathyroids, ENDOCRINE GLAND = A. Thyroid B. Adrenal Gland C. Islands of Langerhans in pancreas D. Ovary (in females) E. Testis (in males)  
These alone are separated into five parts. Life is also divided into five parts, layers, planes, dimensions. We can do without these parts but we were born with them the same as the knowledge that is seeded inside our souls.
There may not be work and words on earth to describe the new parts or the parts in our soul and spiritual selves we now regard as the junk DNA but we may learn to grow our own new body parts in the future.
Nevertheless, all of this is a deep subject that many of us will be a part of in the future discoveries that we shall all share as ET Eureka Earth Experiences as EEEE.
There are presently five (5) levels that we use to “BE” in the sentient intelligent being state, dimension, level of life, level of conscious, and we shall learn to utilize our practical minds, as well as, our spiritual minds.
Some say that this is when that which is called human meets that which is called the mystical experiences that some mystics regard as “God” or God particle.
The ET Eureka moment is when the human meets the other side that is inside us all. The potential for human growth inside meets the outer potential of the God or God Particle in all things that exist in this universe, the metaverse, the xenoverse, and the “ALL” as the Omniverse.  Add the soul self of the “ONE” individual of the body-mind-spirit in each soul particle and place it inside the “OMNI” and the “one meets the all.” This is a great Eureka Moment for everyone in all places, spaces, dimensions, levels, time, space-time, and even in quantum entanglement. This is the ultimate eureka moment that some call the traveling the vibrations of the force and source.
I am one who has had mystical experiences all my life.
I have asked for my higher guides and masters to allow me to speak in terms that others may accept.
Others outside of my own source and soul so that they too may share in the acknowledgement and communication of that which is needed on the path of ascension center enlightenment while here on the earth plane as a place.
Like I mentioned, the future is changing and so are we. To others outside of my own source and soul, I shall welcome as friends who desire to share in the future of ascension center enlightenment as I am so instructed to do so by my elders in space that I refer to as Extraterrestrials and supreme beings. 
We will now require more knowledge and information for communication purposes outside of our own selves. We each have a self and a soul. We all are connected to our own version of self that is a combination of two as the “SELF” that includes both the inner source of being and the outer source of being. The combination is what we can feel during a Eureka Moment. Some call this a miracle that happens inside our brains. Some can feel this during procreation when certain synapses fire off our pleasure troves or as some call it our treasure troves in space.
Id and ego are needed to energize the self so that we can exist in this time and place in a body-mind-spirit that we all in this universe refer to as sentient intelligent beings. We are going to be energized and enfranchised at the same time on December 21, 2012 T. 11: 11.
The physical system is capable of changing from the physical state or actual state to a specified reference state.  This total state of being on 12-21-2012-11:11 include the general contributions to the physical state of being to include the spiritual state of being. This will include contributions to the potential energy sources of kinetic energy and rest energy that both states are required in the Omniverse, or in Greek, Energos, active at work.
Those who are enfeebled will not interface. They are to enervate or deprive the strength from as in weaken or lose vitality. This is to remove the sinews from.
We who remain on earth will be endowed with the citizenship in space as freedom as in free from bondage of ignorance of our separation from those in space.
We will learn more about the connection to those in space as the Ets in the future. We are all a part of something greater than ourselves. With the knowledge that happens when we touch the source we learn about the “Something wonderful that happens inside and outside”/ This is going to be a part of the future dimensions of our soul selves learning about the various levels and planes that we call dimensions in space in the universe, metaverse, xenoverse, and Omniverse. 
We must first embrace the “Unknown” of the Xenoverse. The Great “AHA” moment that we have felt when playing one instrument in an orchestra and/or band when the whole group became a song played in unison together is the energy that floats as vibrations into that which is the Omniverse and makes all beings and things better as in well being. We shall all experience more ET Eureka Earth Energy Experiences, which will be combined into the Five (5) E’s of the Energy=MC squared making infinity squared as infinity infinitum. 
For those who desire to know more about the “Omniverse” with those who were chosen in the past such as Einstein, Tesla. Pasteur, Hawkings, and our present TV host Michio Kaku, (born January 24, 1947) is an American theoretical physicist specializing in string field theory, and a futurist. … 
We all can now become more by learning to access more Eureka Moments in this time in space and in the future for all humankind on earth.  Learning to talk with the Gods has it is moments of pure ascension center enlightenment. 
We are all the center of our own universes in space-time that are being created every moment that we exist!
More later to those who have an open mind and heart. The heart has two sides one is for the body and the other is for the lungs which encase the air in order to keep the sinew alive inside the body. We are more than the two parts of the heart and mind. We are so much more than the total sum of our parts. Never stop believing in the unknown and the force as the source of all in the omni which is the ultimate all as the Omniverse. 
Remember, we must first learn of the source inside our own selves as the point of origin to discover our location in the universe, metaverse, xenoverse, and Omniverse. (More later – as allowed by those above as ET’s in my own Eureka moments on earth! TJ)
Learn more 
Michio Kaku. Strings, multiverse, 3 levels of civilization (we humans are not quite yet to level one), black holes and more. Vintage Michio Kaku! 

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