Learning to live an ET life worth advancing once we leave earth is Clue 6.
We are all part of a living experiment on earth. How we choose to perceive life on earth as either being a part of the positive or negative impact is up to each individual. I choose to be a part of the positive solution and not the negative problems. I personally took on the way of living with the extraterrestrials in this universe based on there are no problems only solutions. This means maintaining a healthy way of being.
Extraterrestrial monitoring will affect future lives on earth. The new paradigm for being, doing, having, and basic living on earth will change. We are going through another transition in space. We will be sharing some rather deep subjects that may be hard to grasp by many who choose to live in the past. The future will be about our forward thinkers and our futurists.
Living longer has a lot to do with the way we think and act on earth.
If one desires to live longer then one might want to understand more about themselves and all that exists on earth. We are all connected and there are ways in cohesion that are responsible for our very existence on earth.
If one wants to understand more about life on earth then one must research. For instance, using the Internet is only one facet of a being’s life in the future one earth but a substantial one. Try this as an experiment for the mind expansion experiment of how one presently thinks about self and life on earth. Go to the search box on Google and type in the words, “ET HARVESTING”. Choose to peruse the pages and topics that all have to do with life on earth. This word “HARVESTING” is going to play a major role in the future in all aspects of the sciences and all of our existence on earth.
One thing about being controlled on earth is that those who want to be controlled will be with the way that the electronic data is distributed, controlled and by whom.
Part of the future of the ascension process will be to finally register in our own minds that we have scatomas and blind spots that are used to hypnotize the world population into believing that the world and all the inhabitants are behaving a certain way as in the cultures and traditions based on the present.
The future for all beings on earth is an experiment. There is not getting around the “Experiment World Are WE”. 
The healthy way of being on earth requires a forward effort approach to life and living on earth. One has to explore all possibilities of truth while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I learned early in life as a child to do without that, which will harm the physical body such as tobacco and alcohol products and no testing of the chemical drugs sold on the open mass market such as LSD, Meth, and other such harmful deterrents from thinking with a clear mind. Nor do I believe in using any type of hallucinogens or ways to reach another level of the mind. The best practices are learning how to control the breathing, the out of body experiences, and the dream state.
There is the advancement-taking place now for all of us to learn to use all our mental capacity over time on earth as it is in space. This means that we should all try to learn to live as healthy and for as long as we can together on earth. There are the right reasons to exist to be found on earth and the right reasons are the treasures of truth found to be among those who share in the Akashic realms above earth in the energy that is not just intelligence but telepathic. 
The future will teach us where to journey in our body-mind-spirits to absorb and glean more than we presently are in space. This is a challenge for the spirit and the soul. We are all about to accept that although we are sent to earth to be encased in a unit/vessel we call a body-mind-spirit, that there is more to us than simply a body-mind-spirit. While learning about the duration and the future of us, we will be advancing our spirits.
By advancing our spirits, we are able to learn to access other spaces and dimensions. The lessons that we learn on earth are part of our ascension.
For those who truly want to be awarded for living on earth, the plan to assist others while here on earth is a major victory for the soul. Learn to share in the process of life while here on earth and inform others of your own truth and findings while here. This includes learning about the processes to encounter extraterrestrials directly while here on earth. There is a part of all beings on earth that has a seed that is implanted to allow one to encounter extraterrestrials when they are prepared and ready to accept the truth of whom they are and why they are here one earth. One can only create a path and leave a trail as many have done for others who have visited earth in the past. 
Note: If you keep the clues and begin piecing them together in life, there may be a treasure from the ET’s in the future for each being that has been sharing this journey on the path of life while on earth. 
Be about the future and learning all there is to know about being a better being to join in the ascension center enlightenment process. This is the way to heaven – See Clue 7. (More later. TJ)

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