Facebook at 517 million users suppresses ET/UFO disclosure with cointelpro spying, censorship

by Alfred Lambremont Webre

With the premiere of a blockbuster movie The Social Network (Tagline: “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies”), social network website Facebook.com – whose approximately 517,760,460 current members now total 7.6 % of the human race – has become the online emblem of virtual society in first decade of the 21st century.

Facebook.com has, by publicly reported evidence, become a covert data mine of Facebook users personal data and habits, at a time when Facebook’s 517 million members now number nearly 30% of all 1.9 billion Internet users on the planet.

Facebook.com is more than a covert data mine. 

Facebook.com is, by the evidence, an instrument of information warfare and attack against Facebook users whose actions fall within specific clandestine surveillance guidelines established by DARPA and the U.S. Department of Defense Information Awareness Office. 

Facebook.com has, by the evidence, also been used in furtherance of black budget operations such as the April 20, 2010 BP Gulf oil spill.

Investigation has revealed that Facebook.com has denied its users access to critical extraterrestrial disclosure information, and has sabotaged Facebook groups intended for organizing a boycott against BP, the oil giant responsible for the April 20, 2010 BP Gulf oil spill false flag operation, through the use of sophisticated spying and cointelpro Facebook.com software attack techniques.

One of the cointelpro-type attacks carried out by Facebook.com and documented by mainstream media newspaper Politico was against Facebook members who attempted to organize a boycott on Facebook.com against BP, one of the corporate perpetrators of the April 20, 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill that has devastated the ecology, economy, and population of the Gulf area.

These sophisticated spying and cointelpro Facebook.com software attack techniques could only be employed with the explicit approval of an upper management executive and venture capital level at Facebook.com.    This Facebook.com upper level advertises its easy, open access to U.S. President Barack Obama, one of the largest recipients of campaign contributions from BP, and whose Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, received a $500 million grant from BP prior to joining the Obama cabinet.

Researchers such as Vishar Agarwal have demonstrated the deep interconnection between venture capitalists behind Facebook.com and the Central Intelligence Agency investment front company InQTel, whose Board member Dr. Anita Jones was a former high-ranking official of DARPA and of the U.S. Department of Defense Information Awareness Office. 

Facebook.com is the de-facto controlled Internet asset of the CIA and Department of Defense Information Awareness Office (IAO), “The IAO was established after Admiral John Poindexter, former United States National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan and SAIC executive Brian Hicks approached the US Department of Defense with the idea for an information awareness program after the [false flag operation] of September 11, 2001.”

Facebook.com, the clandestine manifestation of SAIC and Admiral John Poindexter’s brainchild Information Awareness Office (IAO) that has now infiltrated 77.4% of all 266 million Internet users in North America (all of whom are now Facebook.com members), and has transformed the Internet into a velvet-gloved virtual form of Friendly Fascism, and conditional virtual citizenship.

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