FEMA “dream warfare” captures targeted persons for FEMA camps in U.S., witness claims

By  Alfred Lambremont Webre

Two independent witnesses, one in Sweden and one in the U.S., have confirmed in separate interviews with reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre a new and chilling form of remote electromagnetic warfare undertaken by FEMA (U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency) against civilians for kidnapping targeted civilians’ “minds, psyches and souls” around the world through non-locational technology and imprisoning them against their will in the bodies of U.S. citizen inmates in FEMA camps in the U.S.

Jordan Cansington, an autopsy technician and pop singer from Stockholm, Sweden, has confirmed that a sophisticated FEMA “dream warfare” electromagnetic weapons system captured her mind, psyche and soul during the dream state using non-locational technology and implanted these in the body of a male inmate of a FEMA camp located in the U.S.  

Ms. Cansington’s FEMA capture occurred in March 2011.  The male inmate was a U.S. citizen about her age, in his mid-twenties.

Ms. Cansington stated that the FEMA camp where her mind, psyche and soul was held against her will inside the body of the male inmate was filled with similar inmates, many of whom had been captured through this same method of “mind, psyche and soul” capture.  

Ms. Cansington stated she was not able to obtain the exact physical address of the FEMA camp in the U.S. where she was held during her captivity.  She was, however, able to draw a recreation of the layout of the FEMA camp where she was held during the “dream warfare” non-locational illegal detention of her “mind, psyche and soul” (See video above).  Ms. Cansington states that FEMA camp where she was held is located in Oklahoma, and that the layout of the FEMA camp is somewhat similar to an alleged FEMA camp at El Reno, Oklahoma (See photo above).  Ms. Cansington is currently working ascertain the exact location of the FEMA camp where she was held, using a Googlemap list of FEMA camps.

The targeted FEMA camp population appeared to be highly psychic individuals who have special psychic powers, can be considered “Indigos” and have attitudes against the New World Order.

Ms. Cansington stated that she was able to free her “mind, psyche, and soul” from the body of the FEMA camp inmate after several days because of her strong “mind, psyche, and soul” abilities and focused spiritual energies.

Gustave Reinfeldt, son of Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, informed of FEMA “dream warfare” abduction

Ms. Cansington stated that she has reported the FEMA illegal “dream warfare” abduction to a personal friend, Gustave Reinfeldt, son of Sweden’s sitting Prime Minister Hon. Fredrik Reinfeldt.  Ms. Cansington stated that while Gustave Reinfeldt believed the authenticity of her experience, he was at a loss of any practical action he could take for redress and grievance.

View video of drawing of layout of FEMA camp

Readers can see a drawing by Jordan Cansington of the layout of the FEMA Camp where her “mind, psyche and soul” were abducted using FEMA non-locational  “dream warfare” technology” in a video embedded in the article above or at the URL below:


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