First 2011 Crop Circles In Holland Appears


by Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc. 


As has frequently occurred in the past, the first crop circles of the year in The Netherlands have appeared around Easter. In 2011 Robbert v/d Broeke began having strong intuitions that a formation would soon appear and on Thursday, April 21st, he went out on his motor-bike looking in fields where circles have appeared in the past. He reports that he was thinking about the meaning of Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus and feeling “very strong” sensations of a loving presence. But he found no circle that night.

On Good Friday (April 22nd) Robbert again sensed a very clear presence — but this time he felt it was the energy of the Catholic friar Saint Francis of Assisi, generally known as the Patron Saint of Animals (and also of the environment). That night Robbert and his mother (who is also quite intuitive) both felt an urgent need to go to the fields and Mrs. v/d Broeke decided to bring Robbert’s camera with them as they drove to Robbert’s “special” field. They found no new crop circles and the photos that Robbert took while at the “special” field were all completely normal.

But later that night, after Robbert and Mrs. v/d Broeke had returned home, Robbert continued to sense the “energy” of St. Francis and began taking photos again. Immediately a clear image of a man’s face appeared in one photo, followed by several faint images of what looks like a figure in a monk’s habit. Then multiple images of various small “animals” began to appear. Robbert feels strongly that the “energy” he sensed while taking these photos was that of St. Francis of Assisi.

The photos that follow of the “monk” and various “animals” were all taken by Robbert v/d Broeke. To view the amazing photos click here.



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