I am beginning to think that Switzerland might be a good location for an extraterrestrial cultural center as it is a country that takes neutrality seriously to avoid becoming embroiled in national conflicts. It is also a strong financial center for the Global Elite. I think the Global Elite owe it to humanity to try to ameliorate the damage they have done to humanity. The Elite in protecting their own special interests involving extraterrestrial contact have in the process not only damaged the earth, but the promise made to humanity by the popular movie series Star Trek for peaceful extraterrestrial contact. The funding of a few million dollars toward an extraterrestrial cultural center would go a long way toward redirecting earth human evolution toward a bright galactic future.

(Articles 1 & 2 of this series developing the cultural center can be found here: and

We are considering an all-weather transparent cupola over the central plaza gardens above the toroid building giving the building the look of a saucer. The transparent glass cupola would allow a constant comfortable temperature for a Japanese meditation rock garden with a small pond and waterfall. Maybe we could have a few tame wild animals and birds under the enclosure as well. My thinking is to design the garden in a manner where it can also on occasion host a large group of people for various activities such as playing uplifting music. In addition such a garden sets the tone of peace and tranquility in which to exchange ideas and hold international conferences.

Max Vasher (Masters in Architecture from the University of New Mexico) has agreed to become the extraterrestrial cultural center architect. He is in the process of creating a rendition of the Center for the projects webpage. He is also working on architectural sketches of the building and the grounds upon which it is to be built. We will link from the home page to these sketches. Max has the following to say.

“I agree with you completely about needing a good image of the Galactic Center for the home page. We need to be very cautious and creative about this image. On the one hand, we need an image of a really great and inspirational work of architecture that compliments fully the site in which it is located. Further it should complement the sense of awe and wonder infused into this subject matter. In a word, the facility needs to be magnificent.”

Max and I decided on a tentative site near Geneva Switzerland. On conceptual grounds we need a tentative site for the reasons as described below by Max.

“Now then, there’s the other hand. If we are determined to get this thing actually built in the future we don’t want this preliminary image to restrict the design process later. What I mean is this. Every site will have its own limitations and opportunities and we don’t want to limit ourselves later to a geometric shape that doesn’t altogether fit the site we end up with. As I stated to you earlier, I have been experimenting with the shape of a toroid in my design process recently. I did this most notably in my own house and in a house for Habitat for Humanity in Cambodia.

In both cases I started with the shape of a toroid but that did not stop there and therefore, both look quite different. You see the toroid most particularly in my house design, but in the case of the Cambodian house, I needed the shape from the negative space that a toroid makes up for cultural and functional purposes. As in the case of these two designs the future site of the Galactic Cultural Center Earth will have a profound effect on its resultant design.”

Max suggests his vision of combining the old with the new, and I concur this is a wonderful idea.

“I have good computer graphic skills so the possibilities are open. I am seeing in my mind some rounded polished metal aspects to the building perhaps working in concert with a more ancient and earthen material like stone underneath. Stonehenge crossed with the polished lines of an intergalactic craft if you will. As a designer, I have always been interested in the contrast between ancient and modern. I can’t think of a more appropriate facility or opportunity to engage in that contrast and make it the compliment that it could and should be. The opportunity to bridge the ancient and the modern that a Galactic Cultural Center represents as a building should be exhibited in the material choices that are used to construct it.”

I realize CSETI is controversial within the UFO/ET community, but I agree with Max that we need to partner and reach out to those working to establish contact and relationships with various peaceful and friendly extraterrestrial races. I also am aware of a strong spit in the UFO community as to if the various ET races are friendly or unfriendly. This should not be an issue for the Center because the Center is orientated toward extraterrestrial civilizations and races that respect basic human rights and liberties. I wrote a draft document in this regard years ago that I will reference on the Centers home page.

“As an architect (intern) and a designer I think these questions about what site the Galactic Cultural Center on earth should be in is paramount to a discussion on design. Regarding design, I do believe starting with the toroid as an informative geometry to the building’s design is the best place to start, but maybe not the best place to finish. The site will direct us to what aspects of the toroid are needed. Perhaps a whole toroid, perhaps only a part of a toroid or perhaps a series of interacting toroids will be necessary. Perhaps a CE-5 session where we ask for input from our galactic neighbors would help with a plan for the design. As I understand it, crop circles have been produced by such endeavors as CE-5. I have been impressed by the use of the toroid in various forms in crop circles. Many crop circles suggest three-dimensional forms of all sorts. If we could get a response such as a crop circle from a CE-5 session before we set to planning the building I believe that would be the best way to truly work with those trying to communicate with us.”

What we now need to be considering is how to fill the position of executive director with a CEO capable of raising the millions need for this project, and the handling the business end of this endeavor? I feel comfortable in handling the UFO/ET part of the Galactic Cultural Center, but it’s going to take somebody with advanced business skills to make this happen. I am thinking that somebody in the UFO community might know a retired CEO with time on his hands that would like to make this project real.

If folks would like to consult with Max he can be reached on Facebook. I am the author of book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder that can be read or down loaded from here free: This book provides the basis for my concepts, in regard to the Center. If you are interested in becoming involved in this project message me on Facebook or email me at [email protected]

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