Girl defeats rabies!

Eight-year-old girl Precious Reynolds of Willow Creek, California, is really a survivor. According to authorities at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, Reynolds is only the 3rd known person in the U.S. to make it through rabies without instantly receiving batteries of antiviral shots right after getting the disease. Post resource – Miraculous 8-year-old survives rabies without immediate care by

Feral feline gave rabies

While 97 percent of rabies is spread via dog bites, Reynolds is believed to have contracted rabies from the bite of a feral cat in or near her rural Humboldt County elementary school in April 2011. The animal could not be found, and the exact date of the incident is unclear.

Many people are told to get vaccination right away, or at least in the first 24 hours. This is for anybody who may have been exposed to rabies. With the virus, usually it will replicate very quickly. The central nervous system is doomed as the target. In nearly 100 percent of cases where symptoms of rabies inflection manifest in humans, the disease is fatal.

Getting encephalitis

Acute encephalitis, or brain inflation, occurs in warm-blooded animals with rabies. It is most commonly spread by animal bite, through as little as a drop of infected saliva. In order to keep the virus from spreading to the brain and nervous system, and to stop the symptoms such as foaming at the mouth, intense pain and violent behavior, it is necessary to get a post-exposure prophylaxis within 24 hours.

Headaches, fever, weakness and discomfort are all early symptoms which make many believe it is the flu. Insomnia, anxiety, paralysis, hydrophobia and other symptoms set in as the disease progresses. Medical experts regularly refer to death by rabies “one of the worst fatalities imaginable,” such is the convulsive pain, panic and utter insanity experienced by the victim.

The tests were done

Right after Precious Reynolds’ grandmother thought symptoms of the flu seemed to be more like polio, she brought her in for tests in May. Once medical officials discovered that Reynolds had rabies, the prognosis they gave for the girl was grim. The girl was given a ton of antivirals while in a drug-induced coma. This helped.


“None of us thought she would leave the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit),” said nurse Krystle Realyvasquez. “When she did, it was unbelievable.”


More to make it through

There have been others to survive rabies miraculously. Then 14-year-old Jeanna Giese of Wisconsin was bitten by a rabid bat in 2004 as she sat in a church pew. She became famous because of her survival. She was the first to do so without instant treatment. Last month, Giese graduated from college, states the Associated Press.

History made with Jeanna Giese

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