Have you grounded your body lately? Over a period of time, due to the extremely stressful lifestyle we live, our bodies can become loaded with negative energies. This is especially so for those who live and/or work in cities. And, of course, some neighborhoods and lines of work are worse than others. Being filled with these negative energies can be a hazard to your health and darken your attitude. Oh sure, there are probably pills for the symptoms but here is a natural and more fun way that can help ease the stress.

Find a place nearby that has some grass or weeds growing. Preferably it would be a location close enough to where you live so you can walk to it and back. Your back yard or a local park is perfect. Try to wear loose clothing…nothing binding.

In order to successfully ground yourself you need to be in direct contact with Mother Earth, so, when you’re ready, remove your shoes and socks. I also suggest that you take off your hat, cap, or any other head covering. Step out onto the grass or dirt with your bare feet. Wiggle your toes in the grass or dirt. Walk around a bit. Enjoy your connection to Earth. While you’re at it take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Feel the tension flow out of your body from head to toe.

That’s it. You have drained all that built up negative energy into Mother Earth and she, in return, has refilled you with light and joy.

Do this as often as you can. Daily if possible. If not, you’ll get to know when you need this by the way you feel.

What about during the winter when there’s snow everywhere? I personally wrap up good and take a regular barefoot tromp in the snow. Admittedly, it’s a pretty quick tromp. Be cautious, however. Don’t chance coming down with a terrible winter cold, or worse, pneumonia. Practice common sense in not only this but in all things that you do.

2 thoughts on “Grounding

    Very good advice. Consistent with the philosophy of Chi’, Ki, Prana, Life-force – what you say is true. I suggest it is good to have no metal on you or in your pockets. Sit your cell phone aside. Concentrate on breathing. Quite the noise in your head. No thought is so important it cannot be set aside for a few minutes. Thank for your thoughts. Now, if people will just do it.

  2. Grounding works!
    Being electrically operated organisms ourselves sometimes our electrical system needs calibrating. When man once lived without synthetics and walked bare footed it was not an issue. Nowadays we insulate ourselves through footwear from the earth.
    Our bodies get out of sync with the changing electric field of the earth.
    Massive headaches can result which can be remedied by a 20min walk barefoot on the grass. More so when thundery weather approaches.

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