Hacker Group “Anonymous” Plans “Operation UFO” 8 pm May 22 2011

There seems to be a stir on the web in regards to the rogue computer hacker group “Anonymous” and their plan to initiate “Operation UFO”.  

The plan is to simple stage a world wide UFO reporting hoax on May 22 2011 at 8:00 pm to convince the world that UFOs and aliens do exist.

What is said to be the favored UFO sighting to report by this group is a triangle UFO with 8 yellow lights  

Here’s the problem people that are believers won’t need a specific report, sighting or internet blog to convince them that UFOs and Extraterrestrials are real.  Those who don’t believe the UFO story will shrug it off and add this as another layer of misinformation, exaggeration and hoaxing by “crackpots” as they often put it .  

It is interesting though I may add that this stunt is said to take place a day after the May 21 2011 dooms day  prediction interesting to say the least.  

All in all I do not feel that this will in any way take away from those individuals that both have had real experiences , been abducted , or have captured something very unusual on video. Keep watching the skies no matter what.


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