Haunted Bissman Building Investigated By ParaHunt

Paranormal investigators from ParaHunt collected evidence in the haunted 1886-constructed Bissman building in Mansfield, OH, according to a YouTube video uploaded May 8, 2011.

The building’s Brewer Hotel portion was used as a set in the 1994 film, “Shawshank Redemtion,” where character Brooks went to after his parole, but ultimately committed suicide.

Local legend says a little girl named Ruthie still occupies this site, as well as seven other spirits. The young girl was allegedly raped, murdered, and her body placed in a pickle barrel in the basement area. The investigation kicks off in the garage area where the group uses Maglight-brand flashlights and dowsing rods to capture EVPs. Interesting Spirit Box communications captured on the second floor. 

You can also visit the building’s Web site directly – at this link. The EVPs captured in this building can be heard in this video. There is also a Dr. Lou’s dowsing rod chat video from the same location.

A ParaHunt.com production. Investigators were Claudia and Ted. Music by Kevin MacLeod.


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